Tesla Motors Jobs

A total of 301 Tesla Motors jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $97,117
Salary Range: $47,590

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP North American Sales2$250kNA
Director Global Supplier Development And Quality1$200kNA
VP Vehicle Engineering2$185k
VP Vehicle Integration1$180kNA
Dir Of Advanced Vehicle Engineering Projects1$180kNA
Manager Erp System2$180kNA
VP Of Vehicle Integration1$170kNA
Director Body Engineering1$165kNA
Director Of Body Engineering1$165kNA
Technical Fellow Cae1$160kNA
Senior Cae Vehicle Dyanmics Engineer3$160kNA
Principal IT Performance And Scalability Engineer1$160kNA
Senior Technical Specialist Cae2$156k
Manager Body Manufacturing Engineering1$155kNA
Firmware Engineering Manager1$155kNA
Manager Equipment Engineering1$155kNA
Engineering Manager2$153k
Director Of Chassis Engineering2$150kNA
Director Research Development1$150kNA
Senior Technical Specialist4$149k
Senior Sap Fi Co Business Analyst2$147k
VP Of Quality1$146kNA
Director Of Engineering2$146kNA
Manufacturing Engineering Manager Assembly1$145kNA
Senior Manufacturing Manager Press Center1$145kNA
Advanced Driver Assistance Engineer1$145kNA
Director Retail Development1$144kNA
Firmware Manager1$144kNA
Embedded Firmware Engineer1$143kNA
Senior Staff Program Manager1$142kNA
Stamping Program Operations Manager1$142kNA
Director Of Manufacturing2$137k
Stamping Manager1$135kNA
Vehicle Engineering Manager1$135kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer1$135kNA
Manufacture Engineering Manager1$135kNA
Manager Powertrain Materials1$135kNA
Senior Database Administrator1$135kNA
Manager Durability And Reliability Test1$135kNA
Vehicle Engineering Manager Gen III1$130kNA
Manager Of Quality Validation1$130kNA
Manager IT Operations1$130kNA
IT Product Manager Application1$128kNA
Traction Motor System Architect1$128kNA
Technical Specialist Simulation Engineer3$127k
Manager Mechanical Design Engineer1$125kNA
Senior Cae Technical Manager1$125kNA
Senior Engineer Manufacturing Technology1$125kNA
Engineering Manager System Validation1$125kNA
Engineering Manager Vehicle Dynamics1$125kNA
Surfacing Manager Exterior1$125kNA
Supply Chain Manager1$125kNA
Senior Cae Technical Specialist3$123k
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer2$123k
Vehicle Test Engineer2$121kNA
Aerodynamics Engineer2$120kNA
Principal Vehicle Homologation Engineer And Progra1$120kNA
Programmer Analyst1$120kNA
Senior Supplier Industrialization Engineer Interior1$120kNA
Senior System Administrator1$120kNA
Aerodynamicist And Cfd Analyst1$120kNA
Senior Product Engineer Electrical1$120kNA
Manufacturing Engineering Manager1$120kNA
Sap Analyst1$119kNA
Senior Application Developer5$117k
Senior Cae Engineer8$116k
Senior Software Qa Engineer1$116kNA
Studio Specialist Clay Modeling1$116kNA
Senior Project Engineer Seating System1$115kNA
Engineering Supervisor Body In White1$115kNA
Engineer Craftsmanship Lead1$115kNA
Senior Design Modeler1$115kNA
Release Engineer2$115kNA
Staff Test Engineer1$115kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer Stamping1$115kNA
Senior Engineer Closure System1$115kNA
Manufacturing Engineering Lead1$115kNA
Senior Project Engineer Vehicle Dynamics3$113k
Commodity Manager1$112kNA
Senior Integration Engineer System Integration1$111kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineer4$111k
Senior System Design Architecture Engineer1$110kNA
Studio Specialist III Clay Modeling1$110kNA
Design Engineer Surface1$110kNA
Firmware Engineer7$110k
Senior Cad Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Program Manager Npi1$110kNA
Senior Engineer Vehicle Dynamics1$110kNA
Project Manager3$110k
Class A Surfacing Manager1$108kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer Project Manager1$108kNA
Senior Electronic Engineer2$108k
Senior Design Engineer1$107kNA
Senior Engineer Chassis Control System1$107kNA
Database Administrator2$106k
Mgr Infotainment And Interactive Electronics1$106kNA
Senior Quality Engineer2$106k
Senior Firmware Engineer2$106k
Senior Design Engineer Interior System5$105k
Project Manager Powertrain Production1$105kNA
System Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Quality Engineer Paint1$105kNA
Senior IT Project Manager IT Application1$105kNA
Senior Engineer Steering Dynamics1$105kNA
Senior Engineer Craftsmanship1$105kNA
Senior Engineer Chassis Controls1$105kNA
Welding Engineer2$105kNA
Process Engineer Castings1$105kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Designer Interior1$105kNA
Senior Engineer Biw1$105kNA
Lighting Project Engineer1$105kNA
Electro Mechanical Engineer Vehicle System2$105kNA
Formability Feasibility Engineer Stamping3$105kNA
Digital Modeler Surface Design3$105k
Design Engineer System Packaging1$105kNA
Design Release Engineer2$105kNA
Senior Software Engineer3$105k
Senior Computer Aided Engineering1$104kNA
Visual Ui Designer2$103k
Engineer Exterior Lighting3$102k
Vp Global Supply Chain1$102kNA
Engineer Body Process1$101kNA
Firmware And Electrical System Test Engineer1$100kNA
Mechanical Engineer Body1$100kNA
Mechanical Engineer Exterior1$100kNA
Senior Quality Engineer Ga1$100kNA
Senior Manufacturing Engineering Project Manager1$100kNA
Senior Supplier Quality Engineer2$100k
Engineering Supervisor Press Center1$100kNA
Mechanical Engineer Central Manufacturing1$100kNA
Senior Test Engineer2$99k
Homologation Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Mechanical Engineer Drivetrain2$99k
Senior Manufacturing Test Engineer2$98k
Software Engineer3$98k
Manufacturing Test Software Engineer1$98kNA
Program Manager Plastics Tooling2$98k
Engineer Biw2$98k
Senior Computer System Analyst2$96k
Surface Designer4$96k
Senior Engineer Electrical Controls System1$95kNA
Senior Electronic Design Engineer1$95kNA
Database Administrator Linux1$95kNA
Design Engineer Mirrors And Exteriors1$95kNA
Design Engineer Mirros And Exteriors1$95kNA
Body Engineer Field Quality1$95kNA
Color Materials Designer1$95kNA
Mechanical Engineer Closures1$95kNA
Senior Equipment Engineer Castings1$95kNA
Senior Qa Engineer Manufacturing Quality1$95kNA
Software Qa Engineer1$95kNA
Software Engineer Vehicle Service Tools1$95kNA
Senior Controls Engineer5$95k
Robotics Specialist2$93k
Senior Maintenance Engineer Powertrain Automation3$93k
Environmental Health And Safety2$93kNA
Senior Product Quality Engineer1$92kNA
Senior Project Engineer2$92k
Senior Product Engineer1$92kNA
Lead Product Quality Engineer1$92kNA
Supplier Quality Engineer3$92k
Staff R D Engineer1$92kNA
Senior Cad Designer1$91kNA
Senior Engineer Craftmanship1$91kNA
Application Developer7$90k
Logistics Manager Senior Analyst1$90kNA
Purchasing Specialist2$90k
Engineer Supplier Quality1$90kNA
Senior Environmental Health Safety Engineer1$90kNA
Product Engineer Oem1$90kNA
Quality System Manager1$90kNA
Senior Process Engineer Plastics1$90kNA
Pcba Manufacturing Engineer1$90kNA
Cell Engineer1$90kNA
Project Engineer Packaging Interior System1$90kNA
Senior Process Engineer Biw1$90kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Npi1$90kNA
Senior Product Engineer System Integration1$90kNA
Performance And Scalability Test Engineer1$90kNA
Vehicle Sustaining Engineer1$90kNA
Electrical Engineer5$89k
Trim Design Engineer2$88k
Energy Storage Engineer1$88kNA
Design And Release Engineer1$88kNA
Mechanical Engineer Product Engineering1$88kNA
Design Release Engineer Hvac System2$88kNA
Manufacturing Engineer Robotics1$87kNA
Tooling Engineer1$87kNA
Program Manager Plastics2$87k
Manufacturing Test Engineer4$86k
Manufacturing Execution System Engineer1$86kNA
Warranty Recovery And Rtv Leader1$85kNA
Engineer Vehicle Dynamics1$85kNA
Application User Interface Software Engineer1$85kNA
Firmware Tools Engineer1$85kNA
Network Engineer1$85kNA
Powertrain Performance Modeling Engineer1$85kNA
Simulation Engineer1$85kNA
Process Engineer General Assembly1$85kNA
Project Engineer Material Flow Engineering1$85kNA
Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Logistics Specialist1$85kNA
Engineer Cae3$85k
Project Engineer6$85k
Design Engineer19$84k
Diagnostic Test Engineer1$84kNA
Battery Cell Engineer2$84k
Quality Engineer Powertrain Manufacturing1$84kNA
Mechanical Engineer22$84k
Designer Interior2$83k
Cae Engineer3$83k
Design Engineer Interior System7$83k
Manufacturing Test Database Engineer1$83kNA
Vehicle Engineer2$83k
Manufacturing Engineer34$82k
Packaging Design Specialist2$82k
IT Project Manager Sqa1$82kNA
Senior Business Logistician1$82kNA
Logistics Engineer Powertrain Project Manager1$82kNA
Engineer Closure System4$82k
Engineer Seating System3$82k
Engineer Vehicle Packaging And Ergonomics1$80kNA
Body And White Engineer1$80kNA
Design Engineer Body Structures1$80kNA
Junior Firmware Engineer1$80kNA
Test Engineer Firmware And Electrical System1$80kNA
System Integration Engineer1$80kNA
Supplier Quality Engineer Body1$80kNA
System Engineer Battery Integration2$80kNA
System Design Architecture Engineer1$80kNA
Purchasing Manager3$80k
Hardware Test Engineer Electrical1$80kNA
Engineer Test2$80k
Engineer Powertrain1$80kNA
Engineer Vehicle Integration1$80kNA
Engineer Npi Project Manager1$80kNA
Process Sustaining Engineer3$80k
Test Engineer2$80k
Mechanical Design Engineer9$79k
System Administrator2$79k
Project Manager Stationary Storage1$78kNA
Engineer Interior System3$78k
Junior Mes Engineer1$77kNA
Electronic Design Engineer3$77k
Quality Assurance Engineer3$77k
Test Engineer Pcba Validation1$77kNA
Engineer Chassis System3$76k
Qa Engineer2$76k
Advanced 3d Visualization Specialist1$75kNA
Materials Engineer Plastics1$75kNA
Studio Specialist I Design Modeling1$75kNA
Vehicle Reliability Engineering Analyst1$75kNA
Engineer Production1$75kNA
Firmware Test Engineer1$75kNA
Integration Engineer1$75kNA
Process Engineer Stamping1$75kNA
Program Manager IT Operations1$75kNA
Industrial Engineer Purchasing1$75kNA
Supply Chain Analyst2$74k
Product Engineer3$73k
Reliability Engineer2$73k
Catia Homologation Design Engineer1$72kNA
Engineer Product Lifecycle Coordinator1$72kNA
Dimensional Engineer3$72kNA
Inventory Analyst1$72kNA
Junior Cae Modeler2$71kNA
Cae Modeler2$71kNA
Interior Designer3$71k
Product Excellence Engineer Powertrain3$71k
Engineer Roofing System1$70kNA
Industrial Engineer Process Analysis1$70kNA
Product Excellence Engineer Dimensional Engineeri1$70kNA
Dimensional Engineer Biw1$70kNA
Logistics Engineer1$70kNA
Engineer Exterior System2$70kNA
Logistics Manager Production Control1$70kNA
Mechanical Engineer Plastics1$70kNA
Supply Chain Engineer1$70kNA
Design Engineer Body1$70kNA
Process Engineer Biw2$70k
Product Excellence Engineer2$69k
Quality Engineer Powertrain4$69k
Global Logistics Engineer1$69kNA
Supply Chains Manager1$69kNA
Dvt Lab Manager1$69kNA
Quality Engineer3$68k
Materials Engineer1$66kNA
Associate Quality Engineer Powertrain Quality1$65kNA
Materials Engineer Production Control1$65kNA
Engineer Fasteners1$65kNA
Designer Color And Materials1$65kNA
Robotics Engineer1$65kNA
Computer System Analyst3$65k
Metrology Quality Engineer1$63kNA
Catia V5 V6 Design Engineer1$63kNA
Mechanical Test Engineer1$58kNA
Junior Manufacturing Execution System Engineer3$58kNA
Automotive Market Research Analyst1$56kNA
Purchasing And Supply Specialist1$48kNA