Temple University A Commonwealth University Jobs

A total of 84 Temple University A Commonwealth University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $68,331
Salary Range: $31,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Associate Professor Of Clinical Surgery1$327kNA
Associate Professor Of Clinical Medicine1$245kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine2$235kNA
Assistant Professor Of Clinical Medicine5$211k
Assistant Professor Of Opthalmology1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pathology2$172k
Assistant Professor And Staff Dentist1$123kNA
Assistant Professor Periodontology Oral Implant1$118kNA
Assistant Professor Of Restorative Dentistry2$108k
Associate Professor13$104k
Era Project Manager1$102kNA
Associate Vice Dean For Scientific Computation1$100kNA
Assistant Professor146$88k
Instructor Of Medicine1$85kNA
Assistant Professor Of Microbiology And Immunology1$85kNA
Director Disability Resources And Services2$84kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pharmaceutical Sciences1$84kNA
Assistant Director Benchmarking And Analysis1$82kNA
Assistant Director Of Web Media Services1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics1$78kNA
Manager Technical Support3$74k
Assistant Director System2$71k
Technology Commercialization Manager2$70kNA
Assistant Director Information Technology1$68kNA
Licensing Associate1$66kNA
Programmer Analyst1$65kNA
Lead Software Developer1$64kNA
Senior Info System1$62kNA
Assistant Professor Teaching1$61kNA
Assistant Director2$61k
Assistant Professor Of Periodontology Oral Impla1$60kNA
Assistant Process1$58kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor1$58kNA
Assistant Director Individual Gifts1$58kNA
Research Analyst II1$58kNA
Senior IT Training Specialist1$57kNA
Head Coach Women S Basketball1$57kNA
Head Coach Women S Volleyball1$57kNA
Assistant Director Study Abroad1$55kNA
Assistant Professor In Icms1$55kNA
Lab Manager II1$55kNA
Senior Research Associate2$55k
Senior System Administrator1$54kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Research Associate1$54kNA
Head Volleyball Coach1$53kNA
Research Scientist4$52k
Senior Technical Support Specialist3$52k
Lab Manager3$52k
Resident Physician7$51k
Assistant Professor Research1$51kNA
Associate Scientist In Thrombosis Research Center1$50kNA
Associate Scientist44$50k
Assistant Research Professor1$49kNA
Research Associate III2$48k
Senior Web Developer1$48kNA
Senior Health Services Specialist2$46k
Postdoctoral Fellow129$46k
Research Assistant Professor3$46k
Assitant Professor1$45kNA
Assistant Profess1$45kNA
Assistant Professor Teaching Instruction2$45kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow In Environmental Eng Dept2$44k
Research Assistant III9$44k
Laboratory Coordinator1$43kNA
Research Assistant II1$43kNA
Orthopedic Technician1$43kNA
Senior Lab Technician3$43kNA
Payer Credentialing Analyst1$43kNA
Research Specialist1$43kNA
Assistant Scientist17$43k
Assistant Athletic Trainer1$42kNA
Coordinator Of Residential Education1$40kNA
Lab Technician Senior1$40kNA
Research Associate3$38k
Administrative Coordinator1$37kNA
Research And Writing Specialist1$36kNA
Lab Technician I1$36kNA
Assistant Coach2$34k
Research Assistant1$31kNA