Stratton Salary, OH

A total of 54 real salary data found within 10 miles of Stratton, OH.

Salary Average: $75,486
Salary Range: $20,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Internal Medicine PhysicianRiverside Medical Of Ohio$111kSteubenville, OH (05/2009)
Business Operations SpecialistSteubenville Catholic Central High School$20kSteubenville, OH (10/2008)
Business Operations SpecialistCatholic Central High School$20kSteubenville, OH (10/2008)
PediatricianTrinity West$165kSteubenville, OH (05/2009)
Assistant ProfessorFranciscan University Of Steubenville$52kSteubenville, OH (05/2009)
PhysicianRiverside Medical Of Ohio$130kSteubenville, OH (05/2009)
Biological Science Teacher PostsecondaryFranciscan University Of Steubenville$43kSteubenville, OH (08/2011)
Emergency PhysicianSteel Valley Emergency Physicians$300kSteubenville, OH (08/2012)
Mechanical EngineerTimet$66kToronto, OH (03/2009)
Product Modeler MetallurgistTitanium Metals$60kToronto, OH (04/2009)
Manager Us Technical SalesTitanium Metals$127kToronto, OH (05/2009)
Product Modeler MetallurgistTitanium Metals$75kToronto, OH (04/2012)
Product Modeler MetallurgistTitanium Metals$79kToronto, OH (06/2012)
EngineerBechtel Power$60kStratton, OH (10/2007)
Construction EngineerBechtel Construction Operations$65kStratton, OH (04/2008)
Manager Of International EngineeringMarsh Bellofram$77kNewell, WV (09/2009)
Senior Electronics Control Design EngineerMarsh Bellofram$64kNewell, WV (12/2008)
Electrical EngineerMarsh Bellofram$64kNewell, WV (11/2009)
Project EngineerMarsh Bellofram$51kNewell, WV (04/2010)
Mechanical EngineerMarsh Bellofram$53kNewell, WV (04/2011)
Project EngineerMarsh Bellofram$48kNewell, WV (02/2012)
Senior Electronic Controls EngineerMarsh Bellofram$49kNewell, WV (11/2010)
Product Metallurgist ModelerTimet$65kToronto, OH (02/2006)
Application Programmer Bw SpecialistTimet$105kToronto, OH (11/2006)
Manager Of International EngineeringMarsh Bellofram$50kNewell, WV (04/2003)
Manager Of International EngineeringMarch Bellofram$50kNewell, WV (04/2003)
Electronics Software EngineerMarsh Bellofram$45kNewell, WV (01/2004)
Project EngineerMarsh Bellofram$41kNewell, WV (02/2004)
Project EngieerMarsh Bellofram$41kNewell, WV (02/2004)
Project EngineerMarsh Bellofram$41kNewell, WV (03/2004)
Manager Of International EngineeringMarsh Bellofram$60kNewell, WV (03/2006)
Project EngineerMarsh Bellofram$40kNewell, WV (03/2007)
Supply Chain Management SpecialistMultitech Industries$34kNewell, WV (03/2008)
Manager Of International EngineeringMarsh Bellofram$57kNewell, WV (09/2008)
Instructor MathematicsKent State University$32kEast Liverpool, OH (09/2004)
PsychiatristEast Liverpool City Hospital$145kEast Liverpool, OH (04/2005)
Ntt Instructor MathematicsKent State University$36kEast Liverpool, OH (08/2005)
Staff PhysicianRiverside Medical Of Ohio$140kEast Liverpool, OH (07/2006)
NephrologistNephrology Associates$160kEast Liverpool, OH (10/2005)
Financial ControllerBajco$52kEast Liverpool, OH (10/2005)
Financial ControllerBajco$62kEast Liverpool, OH (10/2005)
Assistant Professor ChemistryKent State University$52kEast Liverpool, OH (07/2008)
NephrologistRiverside Medical Of Ohio$155kEast Liverpool, OH (09/2008)
Pathology AssistantWeirton Medical Center$41kWeirton, WV (12/2008)
Pathology AssistantWeirton Medical Center$41kWeirton, WV (01/2012)
SurgeonWeirton Medical Center$350kWeirton, WV (06/2012)
Pathology AssistantWeirton Medical Center$29kWeirton, WV (12/2004)
Clinical DieticianWeirton Medical Center$29kWeirton, WV (02/2005)
Field EngineerEastman Kodak$51kWeirton, WV (03/2005)
Telecommunications EngineerAmeriss Service Systems$41kWeirton, WV (06/2005)
Field EngineerCarestream Health$48kWeirton, WV (11/2007)
Field EngineerCarestream Health$48kWeirton, WV (12/2007)
Pathology AssistantWeirton Medical Center$40kWeirton, WV (02/2008)
PhysicianRiverside Medical Of Ohio$114kChester, WV (07/2006)