Stratford Salary, NJ

A total of 14,127 real salary data found within 10 miles of Stratford, NJ.

Salary Average: $75,060
Salary Range: $12,250

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$40kPhiladelphia, PA (08/2009)
Civil EngineerPennoni Associates$56kPhiladelphia, PA (05/2009)
Biological TechnicianThe Wistar Institute Of Anatomy And Biology$28kPhiladelphia, PA (05/2009)
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$39kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Development AssociateInternational House Of Philadelphia$48kPhiladelphia, PA (03/2009)
Research Pharmacy Specialist DUniversity Of Pennsylvania$52kPhiladelphia, PA (01/2009)
Engineering Teacher PostsecondaryUniversity Of Pennsylvania$42kPhiladelphia, PA (03/2009)
Manager All OtherThe Children S Hospital Of Philadelphia$61kPhiladelphia, PA (01/2009)
Financial AnalystCohen$76kPhiladelphia, PA (03/2009)
Research AssociateUniversity Of Pennsylvania$41kPhiladelphia, PA (03/2009)
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$41kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Environmental Science Teacher PostsecondaryDrexel University$29kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$42kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$36kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
PharmacistThe Children S Hospital Of Philadelphia$71kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Biological TechnicianThe Children S Hospital Of Philadelphia$27kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Health Specialties Teacher PostsecondaryUniversity Of Pennsylvania$49kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Computer Science Teacher PostsecondaryDrexel University$43kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)
Assistant ProfessorUniversity Of Pennsylvania$38kPhiladelphia, PA (05/2009)
Economics Teacher PostsecondaryDrexel University$49kPhiladelphia, PA (04/2009)