Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide Jobs

A total of 234 Starwood Hotels Resorts Worldwide jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $93,706
Salary Range: $28,396

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Executive VP And Chief Brand Officer1$520kNA
Executive VP Chief Marketing Officer1$500kNA
Senior VP Le Meridien And W Hotels3$300kNA
Senior VP Brand Management W Le Merid1$300kNA
Senior VP Le Meridien1$250kNA
VP Human Resources Latin America Div1$191kNA
VP Brand Operations2$190kNA
V P Residential Sales Marketing St Regis1$175kNA
VP Human Resources1$161kNA
Director Marketing Partnerships Program2$155k
Senior Director Brand Management1$154kNA
Associate Director Brand Business Services2$141k
Associate Director Brand Business Services Dlp Supp1$140kNA
Director Global Leisure Pricing Strategy2$139kNA
Associate Director Public Relations2$136k
Senior Director Luxury Strategy1$136kNA
Associate Director Data Warehouse Data Architect1$135kNA
Director Select Service Product Development1$135kNA
Associate Director Operations Research1$135kNA
Director Revenue Analytics1$133kNA
Director Element Hotels2$132k
Project Director Design Construction1$131kNA
Senior Corp Dir Acquisitions Development W Hotels1$130kNA
Sen Corp Dir Acquisitions Development1$130kNA
Director Integration System5$127k
Director Of Information Technology5$126k
Associate Director Global Sales Strategy Ops1$125kNA
Director Legal Latin America Division2$125kNA
Hotel Director Of Sales1$121kNA
Associate Director Tech Solutions Crs1$121kNA
Director Marketing Partners Business Develop1$120kNA
Associate Director Enterprise Application Archite1$120kNA
Sap Financials Analyst III3$118kNA
Associate Director Application Architect1$117kNA
Sap Erp Financials Lead3$116k
Director Travel Partner Marketing1$115kNA
Senior Software Developer1$115kNA
Corporate Director Acquisitions Development2$115kNA
Director Infrastructure Integration2$114kNA
Associate Director Global Sales Finance1$114kNA
Director To The President Real Estate Group1$112kNA
Associate Director Business Intelligence1$112kNA
Director W Development1$111kNA
Director Westin Portfolio Management1$110kNA
Manager Customer Relationship Management1$110kNA
Senior Manager Procurement System1$110kNA
Director Brand Operations St Regis Hotels1$110kNA
Manager Operations Support1$110kNA
Director Global Development Group1$110kNA
Design Director New Builds Pip Luxury Brands Gr1$110kNA
Director Real Estate Investment Analysis1$110kNA
Data Analyst Eim Lead1$108kNA
Senior Manager Application Development1$107kNA
Senior Developer Lightspeed Services3$107k
Associate Director Revenue Management Segment Stra1$107kNA
Senior Manager Data Architecture1$107kNA
Cross Platform Programmer1$106kNA
Director W Business Planning Development1$106kNA
Manager Availability Technology1$106kNA
Hotel Associate Director Of Group Sales1$106kNA
Manager Crm Application2$105k
Digital Application Developer3$102k
Corporate Senior Project Manager2$101k
Senior Manager Application Develepor1$101kNA
Manager Corporate Finance3$101k
Multi Seller Account Director1$101kNA
Director Interactive Marketing Aloft Element1$100kNA
Director Of Operations North America Division1$100kNA
Manager Development Strategic Sourcing1$100kNA
Corporate Director Of Operations1$100kNA
Senior Developer2$100k
Senior Manager Application Developer2$100k
Associate Director Revenue Management Segment Str1$99kNA
Manager Infrastructure Project Valhalla1$98kNA
Senior Manager Database Analysis4$98k
Cross Platform Master Programmer Analyst1$98kNA
Senior Manager Software Engineer3$98k
Manager Development Feasibility1$98kNA
Manager Strategic Analytics Modeling1$97kNA
Senior Developer Spg Web Services3$96k
Senior Software Engineer2$96k
Manager Application Solutions1$95kNA
Manager Mobile Apps1$95kNA
Manager Infrastructure Projects Valhalla1$95kNA
Sap A R And Treasury Configuration Manager1$95kNA
Senior System Developer1$95kNA
Manager Operations Research Revenue1$95kNA
Manager Mobile Application1$95kNA
Hotel Executive Chef1$95kNA
Senior Developer Central Reservations1$95kNA
Lodging Manager1$94kNA
Manager Global Sales Reporting Analytics1$94kNA
Manager Application Development4$93k
Senior Programmer Analyst Manager4$93k
Senior Manager Metrics Analysis2$93k
Data Analyst Data Warehouse2$93k
Director Of Real Estate Investments Western Rgn3$92k
Manager Application Developer2$92k
Associate Director Finance Supply Chain1$92kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst5$92k
Senior J2ee Web Services Developer3$91k
Senior Manager Corporate Finance1$91kNA
Application Architect2$90k
Senior Developer Solution Architect Of Rates Inv1$90kNA
Manager Software Engineering1$90kNA
Senior Manager Food Beverage Development Strategy1$90kNA
Manager Real Estate Investment Management1$90kNA
Manager Software Engineer1$90kNA
Manager System Development5$90k
Broadband Java Application Developer1$90kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Starlink App Support1$89kNA
Director Of Real Estate Investments Western Reg1$89kNA
Application Developer6$89k
Senior Programmer Analst Manager1$89kNA
Java Developer1$88kNA
Senior Application Developer1$88kNA
Senior Manager Application1$88kNA
Senior Manager Programmer Analyst1$86kNA
Account Director4$86k
Senior Manager Application Architect2$86k
Specialist Mobile Quality Assurance1$85kNA
Software Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Manager Of Design W Hotels2$85kNA
Sap Application Developer1$85kNA
Hotel Sales Manager3$85k
Senior Ips Developer3$84k
Manager Customer Insight Crm Modeling1$83kNA
Manager Strategic Analysis1$83kNA
Senior Manager Revenue Management System4$82k
Programmer Analyst1$81kNA
Manager Project Feasibility3$81k
Database Administrator3$81k
Manager Service Culture1$80kNA
Legal Manager1$80kNA
Manager Crm Modeling1$80kNA
Senior Designer1$80kNA
Manager North America Development1$80kNA
Reg Director Of Marketing Strategic Planning1$80kNA
Associate Manager Data Analytics2$80k
Senior Manager Finance Administration Manager3$79k
Lead Designer5$79k
Senior Infrastructure Analyst1$78kNA
Global Account Manager2$78k
Reg Dir Of Marketing Strategic Planning Asia1$78kNA
Corporate Six Sigma Black Belt Manager1$78kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt Manager2$78k
Assistant VP Operations1$77kNA
Assistant V P Operations Latin America Division1$77kNA
Manager Residential Development2$77k
Manager Database Marketing1$77kNA
IT Project Manager1$76kNA
Senior Internal Auditor Americas1$76kNA
Senior IT Auditor1$76kNA
Business System Analyst1$75kNA
Messaging Analyst2$75kNA
Manager Java Programmer2$75kNA
Strategic Planning Manager1$75kNA
Manager Strategic Sourcing Analyst1$75kNA
Mgr Of Front End Development For Web Technology1$75kNA
Manager IT Finance2$75k
Director Of Catering Convention Services1$74kNA
Director Of Catering And Convention Services2$74k
Project Manager1$73kNA
Senior Technical Support Consultant4$73k
Manager Programmer Analyst3$72k
Manager Westin Design1$72kNA
Global Training Manager Six Sigma1$72kNA
Director Of Asia Sales1$72kNA
Project Manager Global Web Services3$72k
Analyst Strategic Analytics Modeling3$71k
Manager Guest Recognition Implementation Manager1$70kNA
Analyst Customer Insight Crm Modeling1$70kNA
Manager Development1$70kNA
Galaxy Project Manager2$70kNA
Senior Internal Audit Manager Data Analysis1$70kNA
Senior Internal Auditor1$70kNA
Manager Development Planning And Support1$68kNA
Online Wage Library1$68kNA
Corporate Director Of Rooms1$68kNA
Senior Distribution Analyst1$68kNA
Specialist Guest Experience Westin1$65kNA
Manager Meetings Products1$65kNA
Hotel Director Of Style1$65kNA
Manager Interactive Marketing1$65kNA
Senior Designer Interactive Marketing1$65kNA
Finance Administration Manager1$65kNA
System Senior Analyst Key Administrator Abcd1$64kNA
Hotel Welcome Office Manager1$64kNA
Manager Specialty Brand Centralized Revenue Management1$64kNA
Hotel Engineering Manager1$62kNA
Hotel Director Of Rooms2$61k
Hotel Conference Services Manager1$60kNA
Manager Business System Analyst1$60kNA
Hotel Rooms Division Manager2$60kNA
Director Of Revenue Management1$60kNA
Intranet System Analyst Project Manager2$59kNA
Hotel Assistant Food And Beverage Manager1$58kNA
Hotel Housekeeping Manager2$58k
New Business Development Manager3$57k
Hotel Service Express Manager3$57k
Hotel Assistant Restaurant Manager1$57kNA
Hotel Human Resources Manager1$56kNA
Senior Coordinator Brand Marketing1$55kNA
Senior Marketing Coordinator1$55kNA
Hotel Revenue Manager1$55kNA
Hotel Director Of Revenue Management1$55kNA
Business Development Analyst2$55kNA
Hotel Outlet Manager1$55kNA
Designer Aloft Hotels1$55kNA
Hotel Manager Restaurants And Bars1$54kNA
Analyst Acquisitions And Development2$54k
Residential Analyst2$53k
Hotel Housekeeping Talent Coach1$53kNA
Hotel Whatever Whenever Talent Coach Service Expre1$53kNA
Hotel Catering Sales Manager1$52kNA
Interior Designer3$52k
Hotel Rooms Controller Talent Coach1$52kNA
Human Resources Manager International Program1$51kNA
Revenue Management Analyst1$50kNA
Designer Westin1$50kNA
Junior Designer Westin Hotels1$48kNA
Revenue Manager Atlanta Metro Market1$48kNA
Distribution Analyst1$48kNA
Accountant I3$47k
Manager Of Revenue Analytics1$46kNA
Hotel Front Desk Manager1$45kNA
Corporate Hotel System Training Manager1$45kNA
Internal Auditor1$45kNA
One Call Sales Manager1$45kNA
Coordinator Of Field Marketing Luxury Brand Group1$44kNA
Hotel Manager1$42kNA
Hotel Assistant Director Of Housekeeping1$35kNA
Assistant Executive Stewarding Mngr Administrator1$28kNA