St Luke S Roosevelt Hospital Center Jobs

A total of 93 St Luke S Roosevelt Hospital Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $75,550
Salary Range: $19,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Cardiothoracic Surgeon2$280kNA
Endovascular Surgery Interventional Neuro Radiolog1$250kNA
Attending Physician Assistant Professor1$203kNA
Staff Cardiologist Electrophysologist1$200kNA
Staff Cardiologist Electrophysiologist1$200kNA
Attending Physician Intensivist1$196kNA
Pediatrician General1$187kNA
Assistant Attending Physician4$175kNA
Director Of Nursing Perioperative Services1$165kNA
Attending Physician12$161k
Junior Assistant Attending Physician Emergency1$160kNA
Physician Dermatologist1$150kNA
Infectious Disease Physician1$150kNA
Internist General9$145k
Attending Staff Psychiatrist1$145kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other4$134k
Physician Geriatrician1$130kNA
Attending Physician Otolaryngologist1$125kNA
Attending Pediatric Hospitalist3$120kNA
Pharmacy Manager3$105k
Physician Hospitalist1$103kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$95kNA
Clinical Counseling And School Psychologist1$88kNA
Professional Nurse Rn1$82kNA
Research Assistant1$76kNA
Staff Nurse1$75kNA
Clinical Psychologist1$72kNA
Program Coordinator2$71kNA
Clinical Counseling School Psychologist1$71kNA
Fellow In The Minimally Invasive Surgery Division1$66kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$66kNA
Staff Physical Therapist4$65k
Physician In A Post Graduate Training6$65k
Physical Therapist3$62k
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program133$62k
Resident Physician36$62k
Research Fellow6$62k
Occupational Therapist3$61k
Medical Fellow1$60kNA
Fellow In A Cranial Base Surgery Program1$60kNA
Neurophysiologist Eeg Technologist2$60kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Progam1$60kNA
Fellow III1$59kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training Programme1$59kNA
Infectious Diseases Fellow Pgy IV1$55kNA
Anesthesiology Resident1$55kNA
Anesthesia Resident1$55kNA
Medical Scientist Senior Postdoctoral Fellow1$55kNA
Medical Fellow Otolaryngology1$54kNA
Dentisit In A Post Graduate Training Program1$54kNA
Dentist In A Post Graduate Training Program2$53kNA
Staff Psychologist1$51kNA
Research Associate5$51k
Research Coordinator1$50kNA
Medical Scientist Postdoctoral Fellow1$50kNA
Laboratory Technologist4$50k
Clinical Research Fellow1$50kNA
Medical Resident4$50k
Assistant Research Scientist1$49kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$49kNA
Medical Interpreter2$48k
Music Therapist1$48kNA
Trauma Data Analyst2$48kNA
Trauma Coordinator1$48kNA
Nutritionist Clinical Dietician1$48kNA
Physician In Post Graduate Training Program3$47k
First Year Resident1$47kNA
Physician In A Post Graduat E Training Program1$47kNA
Social Worker Assistant2$47k
Fellow Otolaryngology2$46k
Chief Research Assistant1$43kNA
Assistant Research Scientist Molecular Virology D4$42k
Substance Abuse Clinician1$42kNA
Research Assistant Psychiatry1$40kNA
Research Analyst1$40kNA
Life Scientist1$36kNA
Medical Scientist2$36kNA
Fellow Pediatric Neuropsychology1$35kNA
Psychology Fellow Adolescent Substance Abuse Trea1$35kNA
Fellow Psychology1$35kNA
Research Scientist4$34k
Clinical Psychology Counseling Fellow1$31kNA
Mri Analyst1$30kNA