St Jude Childrens Research Hospital Jobs

A total of 76 St Jude Childrens Research Hospital jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $56,062
Salary Range: $19,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Functional Genomic Scientist I1$647kNA
Member Faculty Of Pathology2$339k
Member Neuroimaging1$315kNA
Faculty Member1$189kNA
Staff Physician1$155kNA
Assistant Member Critical Care1$138kNA
Assistant Member Radiological Sciences1$135kNA
Ast Member Of Faculty Dept Hematology Oncology1$126kNA
Assistant Faculty Member1$124kNA
Assistant Member Hematology Oncology1$124kNA
Associate Member1$120kNA
Radiological Physicist1$120kNA
Assistant Member Faculty2$116k
Assistant Member Infectious Diseases2$109k
Mr Physicist1$108kNA
Administrative Director1$94kNA
Assistant Member3$87k
Bioinformatics Associate Research Scientist5$87k
Physicist I1$84kNA
Scientific Manager1$78kNA
Functional Genomic Scientist1$75kNA
Bioinformatics Specialist1$73kNA
System Quality And Compliance Test Engineer I1$70kNA
Physician Scientist2$70k
Coordinator Advanced Spanish Nursing Education Pro1$67kNA
Research Associate3$67k
Software And System Analyst1$67kNA
Senior System Administrator1$67kNA
System And Software Analyst1$66kNA
Functional Genomics Scientist I1$65kNA
Software System Analyst1$60kNA
Data Warehouse Specialist1$60kNA
Software Developer IV1$60kNA
Software Engineer3$60k
Software Developer2$60k
Statistical Analyst2$59k
Associate Scientist1$58kNA
Senior Research Technologist30$58k
Business Analyst1$58kNA
Database Web Developer2$56k
System Engineer1$56kNA
Database Programmer1$56kNA
Programmer Analyst1$55kNA
Molecular Interaction Analysis Section Leader1$55kNA
Proteomics Analyst2$54k
Software Engineer Web Developer I1$54kNA
Staff Scientist6$54k
Software Engineer Web Developer2$54k
Laboratory Group Leader1$53kNA
Statistical Analyst I1$53kNA
Research Lab Specialist4$52k
Software Eng Web Developer1$52kNA
Research Laboratory Specialist2$52k
Cheminformatics Analyst1$50kNA
Database Analyst3$50k
Database Coordinator1$48kNA
Laboratory Supervisor1$48kNA
Cheminformatics Application Analyst1$46kNA
Production Specialist1$45kNA
Proteomics Analyst II1$45kNA
Biocontainment Safety Supervisor1$45kNA
Clinical Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow1$44kNA
Macromolecular Specialist1$43kNA
Senior Research Associate1$43kNA
Medical Technologist1$43kNA
Postdoctoral Resarch Associate3$43k
Postdoctoral Research Associate139$42k
Therapeutic Production Specialist1$42kNA
Biocontain Safety Supervisor1$42kNA
Pediatric Oncology Nurse1$41kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$38kNA
Informatics Analyst1$36kNA
Clinical Research Assistant1$34kNA
Research Technologist22$34k
Research Technician1$32kNA
Research Scholar6$22k