Sony Pictures Imageworks Jobs

A total of 74 Sony Pictures Imageworks jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $100,929
Salary Range: $45,760

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Technical Animator Supervisor1$185kNA
Art Director1$185kNA
Technical Lead2$164kNA
Senior Technical Director Character Animation1$160kNA
Computer Graphics Supervisor1$158kNA
Computer Graphic Supervisor1$158kNA
Pipeline Supervisor1$140kNA
Software Engineer I1$140kNA
Modeling Supervisor3$139k
Digital Character Animation Supervisor1$137kNA
Senior Fx Technical Director3$130k
Animation Supervisor1$130kNA
Technial Director Senior1$129kNA
Manager Software Engineering1$126kNA
Cg Supervisor For Technical Environments1$125kNA
Senior Character Animator3$122k
Senior Digital Character Animator2$122k
Technical Director Senior27$118k
Digital Character Animator Senior2$117k
Technical Animator Senior1$117kNA
Computer Graphic Designer3$117k
Senior Technical Director17$116k
Character Animator Senior1$114kNA
Senior Digital Compositor2$112k
Senior Technical Animator4$110k
Senior Software Engineer1$107kNA
Software Engineering1$106kNA
Technical Director27$105k
Technical Director Fx1$104kNA
Lighting Compositing Technical Director1$104kNA
Fx Technical Director Senior1$104kNA
Senior Compositor5$102k
Texture Painter1$102kNA
Digital Character Designer5$101k
Software Engineer18$100k
Digital Artist Senior1$100kNA
Lighter Compositor1$100kNA
Character Animator1$99kNA
Senior Computer Graphic Designer1$99kNA
Digital Artist Intermediate2$97k
Software Engineer II4$96k
Software Developer System Software1$94kNA
Production Engineer1$94kNA
Senior Animator1$94kNA
Senior Modeler4$93k
Technical Director Intermediate25$91k
Software Engineer III1$90kNA
Modeler Intermediate3$89k
Intermediate Technical Director9$89k
Digital Character Animator Intermediate1$87kNA
Software Engineer Intermediate3$87k
Software Developer1$85kNA
Technical Animator Intermediate1$83kNA
Fx Technical Director1$83kNA
Digital Character Animator4$77k
Associate Software Engineer2$75k
Technical Animator3$74k
Fx Technical Director Intermediate1$73kNA
Intermediate Modeler2$73kNA
Software Engineer Associate1$69kNA
Associate Digital Character Animator1$67kNA
Associate Technical Director2$66k
Digital Artist1$62kNA
Technical Director Associate5$60k
Modeler Associate3$59k
Techncial Director Associate2$57k
Technical Animator Associate3$55k
Digital Character Animator Associate2$52kNA
Computer System Analyst1$50kNA
Associate Hair Cloth Technical Director1$50kNA
Production Services Designer1$50kNA