Slutzker Center For International Services Jobs

A total of 85 Slutzker Center For International Services jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $52,398
Salary Range: $19,717

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Research Assistant Professor5$201k
Visiting Professor1$132kNA
Assistant Professor Of Marketing1$125kNA
Assistant Professor Of Finance2$117k
Assistant Professor Information System1$97kNA
Associate Professor3$94k
Law Professor1$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Economics2$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Law1$90kNA
Professor Of Geography1$86kNA
Research Professor1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Elect Engeen Comp Science1$80kNA
Assistant Professor Of Biomed Chem Engineer1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Public Administration1$75kNA
Assistant Professor Physics2$71k
Assistant Professor Mathematics1$69kNA
Assistant Professor Of Physics1$68kNA
Assistant Professor28$68k
Senior Research Associate1$66kNA
Assistant Professor Architecture And Engineering1$63kNA
Assistant Professor Of Mathematics1$61kNA
Research Scientist4$60k
Assistant Professor Of Chemistry2$60kNA
Associate Professor Of Spanish1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Of Rhetoric And Composition1$60kNA
Assistant Professor Architecture3$60k
Associate Head Coach2$59k
Assistant Professor In Sociology1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Geography2$57k
Assistant Professor Social Work1$57kNA
Assistant Professor Of Public Relations2$56kNA
Assistant Professor Of Public Communications2$56kNA
Assistant Professor Lang Literature Linguistics1$56kNA
Research Coordinator High Performance Computing1$55kNA
Assistant Prof Of Instructional Design Development1$55kNA
Assistant Professor Of Reading And La1$55kNA
Senior Assistant Librarian2$54k
Head Of Fine Arts Department1$54kNA
Assistant Professor Of Child And Family Studies1$53kNA
Information Technology Analyst2$53k
Assistant Professor Of Social Work1$52kNA
Conservation Librarian2$50kNA
Functional Business Analyst1$50kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate Of Ee1$50kNA
Visiting Research Scholar1$49kNA
Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow5$49k
Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow In Mathematics1$49kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Of Math1$49kNA
Assistant Professor Of Architecture2$48kNA
Clinical Supervisor1$48kNA
Program Administrator Fellow1$47kNA
Assistant Professor Of French1$46kNA
Associate Director Lgbt Resource Center1$45kNA
Software Engineer Technology Analyst1$45kNA
Software Engineer Information Technology Analyst1$45kNA
Coordinator For Staff Selection And Training1$44kNA
Web Adminstrator1$42kNA
Computer Consultant One2$41k
Postdoctoral Fellow Burton Blatt Institute1$40kNA
Computer Consultant II3$40k
Computer Consultant3$40kNA
Assistant Mens Soccer Coach1$39kNA
Assistant Strength And Conditioning Coach1$39kNA
Research Associate69$37k
Computer Programmer1$36kNA
Assistant Director Of Lbgt Student Affairs1$35kNA
Instructional Technology Consultant1$35kNA
Recruiter Counselor1$35kNA
Postdoctoral Research Associate10$34k
Academic Counselor1$34kNA
Academic Counselor Math Specialist1$33kNA
Computer Consultant I4$31k
Residence Director4$30k
Computer Consultant Trainee1$30kNA
Research Assistant3$29k
Career Consultant1$29kNA
Technical Specialist3$28k
Research Assistant II1$28kNA
Life Scientist2$26kNA
Assistant Women S Tennis Coach1$26kNA
Research Assitant I1$25kNA
Research Assistant I1$25kNA
Assistant Residence Director1$20kNA