Six Continents Hotels Jobs

A total of 138 Six Continents Hotels jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $60,487
Salary Range: $21,540

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Of Sales Marketing1$175kNA
General Manager1$150kNA
VP Global Distribution1$145kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$140kNA
Software Developer Application1$107kNA
Manager Strategy1$100kNA
Senior Epm Administrator1$98kNA
Manager Global Sales Research And Analytics1$96kNA
Manager Business Analysis Research And Strategy1$96kNA
Manager Revenue Optimization1$96kNA
Administrator II Database2$95k
Hotel Development Manager2$93k
Manager Distribution Technology Development2$92k
Technical Advisor Network Engineering2$90k
Project Manager Capital Investement Transaction1$90kNA
Senior Application Consultant1$87kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$86kNA
Financial Analyst3$85k
Computer Software Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Consultant Application2$84kNA
Senior Software Engineer6$83k
Senior Engineer Software3$83k
Senior Engineer IT Security2$82k
Senior System Engineer4$80k
Operations Research Consultant2$80k
Business Intelligence Reporting Specialist1$80kNA
Senior Statistician1$79kNA
Manager Project Finance Analysis1$77kNA
Project Manager Capital Investment Transactions1$77kNA
Lead Analyst Investment Analyst1$77kNA
Senior Engineer IT1$76kNA
Strategic Market Planning Manager1$76kNA
Database Administrator2$76k
Manager Business Support Finance1$76kNA
Manager Distribution Marketing Technology Develop2$75k
Marketing Manager1$75kNA
Key Account Director1$75kNA
Manager Loyalty Program1$75kNA
Computer Security Specialists1$75kNA
Operations Manager Hotel Operations Support1$74kNA
Director Of Rooms1$73kNA
Consultant Product Management Global Operations1$72kNA
Project Manager Investment Analysis3$72k
Lead Analyst Development Opportunities1$72kNA
Consultant Operations Research1$72kNA
Senior Internet Developer2$71k
Security Engineer1$70kNA
Director Food Beverage2$70k
Project Manager1$69kNA
Database Administrator II1$69kNA
Technical Advisor Business Modeling2$69k
Web Analyst1$68kNA
Business Intelligence Report Specialist1$68kNA
Regional Revenue Operations Manager1$68kNA
Executive Chef2$66k
Enterprise Performance Management System Administr1$66kNA
Enterprise Performance Management System Administ1$66kNA
Internet Developer E Commerce2$65k
Development Asset Management Analyst1$65kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$65kNA
Project Manager Of Business Requirements2$65k
Advertising And Promotions Manager1$64kNA
Area Manager1$64kNA
Associate Project Manager Analytics1$64kNA
Dev Opportunity Fesibility Lead Analyst1$64kNA
Internet Developer Revenue And Guest Technology1$63kNA
Manager Financial Analysis Planning1$63kNA
Analysis Research And Strategy Manager1$62kNA
Executive Assistant Manager1$62kNA
Senior Analyst Franchise Operations1$61kNA
Senior Analyst Franchise Performance Management1$61kNA
Operations Research Analyst6$61k
Business Support And Finance Manager1$60kNA
Programmer Analyst II1$60kNA
Consultant Analytics Performance Strategy And Pla1$60kNA
Senior Consultant Analytics1$59kNA
Business Support Manager Latin America Caribbea2$59k
Associate Manager Loyalty Program1$59kNA
Internet Product Manager1$59kNA
Operations Project Manager1$58kNA
Market Research Analyst2$57k
Assistant Restaurant Manager1$56kNA
Director Food And Beverage Outlets1$55kNA
Application Analyst1$55kNA
Consultant Hotel Operations Support1$55kNA
Senior Reservations Statistics Analyst1$53kNA
Senior Sales Manager1$53kNA
Manager Business Planning1$52kNA
Analyst Strategy And Portfolio Marketing1$52kNA
Analyst Business Analytics1$52kNA
Training Manager5$51k
Lead Market Analyst2$51kNA
Sales Manager1$51kNA
Chef Dde Cuisine1$50kNA
Rooms Division Manager1$50kNA
Analyst Financial Planning Analysis1$50kNA
Senior Analyst Analytics1$49kNA
Analyst Application1$49kNA
Business Development Analyst2$48k
Project Analyst Food Beverage2$47kNA
Business Analyst Revenue Management1$46kNA
Food And Beverage Manager2$46k
Analyst Revenue Management1$46kNA
Catering Convention Services Manager1$45kNA
Assistant Director Food Beverage1$44kNA
Assistant Director Of Catering4$43k
Analyst Reservations2$43k
Analyst Business Support Finance2$42k
Manager Promotion Sales1$41kNA
Reservations Analyst1$40kNA
Assistant Food Beverage Manager1$40kNA
Front Office Manager4$39k
Reservations Manager1$39kNA
Hotel Sales Manager1$39kNA
Senior Financial Analyst Business Support1$39kNA
Quality Training Manager1$38kNA
Analytics Analyst1$37kNA
Hotel Finance Manager1$37kNA
Analyst Market Planning2$36k
Assistant Manager Front Office4$35k
Conference Conventions Manager1$35kNA
Food Beverage Manager4$34k
General Accountant Payroll Accounts Receivable1$33kNA
Department Manager2$33k
Conference Services Manager1$33kNA
Assistant Front Office Manager8$32k
Lead Reservations Revenue Analyst2$30k
Director Of Conference Services1$30kNA
Guest Relations Manager4$30k
Department Manager Recreation1$30kNA
Sous Chef1$30kNA
Banquet Manager2$28k
Front Desk Manager1$28kNA
Catering Sales Manager1$27kNA
Assistant Restaurant Services Manager1$26kNA
Hotel Outlets Manager2$26k
Assistant Reservations Manager1$24kNA
Banquet Coordinator1$23kNA