Silicon Laboratories Jobs

A total of 91 Silicon Laboratories jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $97,769
Salary Range: $47,049

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Design Engineering Manager Mcu Products1$152kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager2$149k
Design Engineering Manager For Broadcast Products1$146kNA
Application Engineeering Manager1$145kNA
Staff System Engineer Timing1$138kNA
Engineering Manager1$137kNA
Design Engineering Manager1$135kNA
Design Manager1$133kNA
Staff System Engineer1$132kNA
Staff Field Application Engineer1$129kNA
Senior Logic And Digital Signal Processing Design1$129kNA
Staff Application Engineer1$127kNA
Wireless Product Manager1$125kNA
Senior Dsp Rtl Design Engineer1$124kNA
Mems Modeling Engineer1$122kNA
Senior Application Engineer Video Broadcast Pro1$122kNA
Senior Design Engineer11$121k
Senior Design Engineer Power And Isolation Produc1$120kNA
Senior Product Manager Broadcast Audio2$119kNA
Senior Dsp Firmware Engineer1$118kNA
Senior Sap Bi Technical Analyst1$115kNA
Senior Circuit Design Engineer1$114kNA
Staff Design Engineer3$114k
Software Developer Application3$114k
15 1133 Software Developer System Software1$112kNA
Application Engineer Timing Division1$111kNA
Analog Ic Design Engineer Mcu Division1$110kNA
Senior Salesforce Com Application Developer1$110kNA
Senior Software Application Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Digital Communications Designer2$106k
Cmos Rf Integrated Circuit Design Engineer1$105kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer13$105k
Senior Field Application Engineer4$104k
Product Engineering Manager1$103kNA
Rf Design Engineer2$103kNA
System Design Engineer2$102k
Rf Mixed Signal Design Engineer12$102k
Computer System Analyst1$101kNA
Software Developer System Software1$101kNA
Sap Business System Analyst Crm High Tech Chann1$101kNA
Baseband Analog Mixed Signal Design Engineer1$101kNA
Product Manager2$101k
Marketing Manager1$101kNA
Senior Analog Mixed Signal Designer Broadcast1$100kNA
Senior Application Engineer Software1$100kNA
Software System Engineer1$100kNA
Broadcast Application Engineer1$100kNA
Analog Mixed Signal Designer1$100kNA
Distribution Marketing Manager1$100kNA
Senior Quality Engineer1$99kNA
Application Engineer Video Broadcast Products1$97kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer1$97kNA
Firmware Design Engineer1$97kNA
Senior Application Engineer4$96k
Failure Analysis Engineer1$96kNA
Senior Product Quality Engineer1$96kNA
Sap Business System Analyst1$96kNA
Broadcast Video Application Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Mixed Signal Circuit Design Engineer1$95kNA
Senior Product Test Engineer1$95kNA
Mixed Signal Design Engineer Wireline Division1$94kNA
Design Engineer80$94k
Product Marketing Manager3$93k
Circuit Design Engineer5$93k
Senior Optical Design Engineer1$91kNA
Firmware Developer1$90kNA
Cad Engineer1$90kNA
Foundry Engineer1$90kNA
Senior Foundry Engineer1$89kNA
Product Marketing Engineer3$88k
Distribution Marketing Mgr Mcu Product Div1$87kNA
Mixed Mode Timing Design Engineer Wireline Div1$87kNA
Quality Engineering Manager1$85kNA
Firmware Engineer1$85kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer1$85kNA
Application Engineer15$84k
Software Engineer3$84k
Application Administrator II3$82k
Mcu Application Engineer3$82k
Senior Mixed Signal Test Product Engineer1$80kNA
Digital Design Engineer1$80kNA
System Engineer2$80kNA
Electronics Application Engineer2$79kNA
Application Engineer Mcu Product Division1$75kNA
Rf Validation Engineer1$74kNA
Product Test Engineer7$73k
Associate Design Engineer3$68k
Application Engineer Mcu Prod Div1$67kNA
Advanced Planning System Analyst1$64kNA
Area Business Manager Asia1$61kNA
Mixed Mode Design Engineer1$58kNA