Shell International Exploration And Production Jobs

A total of 117 Shell International Exploration And Production jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $108,323
Salary Range: $48,032

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Principal Development Planner1$290kNA
Senior Well Engineer Brazil1$258kNA
Senior Geologist1$240kNA
Project Hsse Sp Manager1$220kNA
Senior Research Geophysicist1$187kNA
Senior Staff Civil Engineer1$182kNA
Senior Research Engineer1$180kNA
Senior Staff Research Engineer1$174kNA
Staff Flow Assurance Engineer2$173k
Biostratigraphy Team Leader1$165kNA
Senior Staff Research Engineer Subsea1$160kNA
Senior Staff Engineer2$159kNA
Production Chemist1$158kNA
Petrophysical Reservoir Engineer2$150k
Research Geophysicist Imaging1$148kNA
Offshore Engineer1$145kNA
International Oil Company Ioc Relations Owner1$145kNA
Process Development Engineer1$145kNA
Senior Seismic Interpreter1$142kNA
Senior Subsea Engineer2$137k
Facilities Engineer5$135k
Lignocellulosic Fermentation Scientist1$134kNA
Holstein Evaluation Team Leader1$132kNA
Technical Hsse Engineer2$131k
Senior Subsea System Engineer4$131k
Production Technologist3$129k
Senior Staff Engineer Pipelines2$128k
Geophysical Interpreter2$125k
Petrophysics Testing And Sampling Expert1$125kNA
Civil Marine Mechanical Engineer1$121kNA
Project Engineer7$121k
Research Petrophysicist Eor1$119kNA
Associate Geomechanics Specialist1$119kNA
Senior Geomechanics Specialist1$118kNA
Staff Facilities Engineer4$117k
Associate Research Geophysicist1$116kNA
Subsea Engineer2$116k
Processing Geophysicist4$115k
Senior Production Geologist1$115kNA
Technical Safety Engineer1$115kNA
Upstream Commercial Finance Advisor1$114kNA
Research Reservoir Engineer5$113k
Senior Well Engineer3$113k
Integrated Production System Modeling Engineer1$113kNA
Senior Exploration Geoscientist4$113k
Senior Exploration Seismic Interpreter Geologist1$112kNA
Well Engineer Materials And Well Design1$111kNA
Geology Team Lead3$110kNA
Production Engineer1$110kNA
Fluid Flow Research Engineer1$110kNA
Stimulations Research Specialist1$109kNA
Senior Completions Pt Engineer1$109kNA
Process Research Engineer1$109kNA
Development Process Engineer1$108kNA
Research Geophysicist10$108k
Research Petrophysicist5$108k
Research Geoscientist2$107k
Flow Assurance Engineer1$107kNA
Exploration Geoscientist2$106k
Associate Research Engineer1$106kNA
Structural Geologist1$103kNA
Reservoir Engineer Ept Sue1$103kNA
Technical Prof Geomechanics Borehole Stability1$103kNA
Geomechanics Specialist1$103kNA
Exploration Geochemist1$103kNA
Reservoir Engineer42$101k
Senior Geophysicist3$100k
Civil Engineer1$100kNA
Research Engineer8$99k
Commercial Finance Analyst1$99kNA
Subsea Controls Engineer3$98k
Senior Biostratigrapher1$98kNA
Appraisal Geoscientist Seismic Interpreter1$98kNA
Research Physicist4$96k
Senior Technical Hse Advisor1$96kNA
Metocean Engineer1$96kNA
Research Geologist4$95k
Senior Reservoir Engineer1$94kNA
New Business Development Economist1$93kNA
Technical Hse Engineer1$91kNA
Reservoir Geophysicist1$91kNA
Geoscience Information Technologist1$90kNA
Geochemistry Geosciences Data Management Analyst1$89kNA
Research Engineer Floating System1$89kNA
Seismic Interpreter1$88kNA
Exploration Geologist2$88k
Geological Engineer1$87kNA
Subsea Project Engineer1$86kNA
Geochemist Data Analyst1$85kNA
Carbonate Research Geologist1$85kNA
IT Infrastructure Manager1$85kNA
Production Reservoir Geologist1$84kNA
Seismic Application Support Team Member3$83k
Associate Geochemist2$83k
Rock Physicist1$83kNA
Hse Engineer4$83k
Mathematical Modeler1$81kNA
Subsea Control System Engineer1$81kNA
Lead Reservoir Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Technical Professional1$80kNA
Geologist Geohazards Specialist1$76kNA
Seismic Processing Geophysicist2$74k
Production Geologist1$73kNA
Deep Water Geohazard And Drilling Hazard Specialis1$73kNA
Civil Marine Riser Engineer1$71kNA
Geophysicist Quantitative Seismic Interpreter1$70kNA
Geological Intern2$67kNA
Senior Or A Engineer Logistics Infrastructure1$48kNA