Shell Exploration And Production Jobs

A total of 102 Shell Exploration And Production jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $110,509
Salary Range: $47,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Subsurface Integration Manager1$202kNA
Staff Production Geophysicist1$190kNA
Surveillance Petroleum Reservoir Engineer1$185kNA
Pore Pressure Expert2$180kNA
Staff Production Technologist1$180kNA
Operations Lead East Research Develop Demonstrat1$172kNA
Project North Subsurface Integration Manager1$158kNA
Senior Reservoir Engineer8$157k
Senior Surveillance Reservoir Engineer1$155kNA
Senior Petrophysical Engineer1$154kNA
Senior Geologist2$154k
Senior Technical Safety Engineer2$153k
Process Development Engineer1$153kNA
Senior Geophysicist1$152kNA
Area Coordinator1$151kNA
Exploration Geoscientist Latin America Onshore Ex1$150kNA
Staff Geologist1$148kNA
Well Construction Equipment Engineer1$147kNA
Staff Drilling Engineer1$146kNA
Seismic Interpreter Geophysicist1$145kNA
Geophysicist Pore Pressure Prediction Specialist1$144kNA
Senior Production Engineer1$142kNA
Geohazards Specialist1$136kNA
Senior Stratigrapher Exploration Evaluation Research1$135kNA
Petrophysical Engineer2$131k
Senior Economist1$131kNA
Regional Geologist2$130k
Programme Manager1$130kNA
Production Geoscientist1$130kNA
Senior Drilling Engineer1$129kNA
Project Manager2$128k
Performance Management Benchmarking Consultant1$126kNA
Structural Geologist1$125kNA
Exploration Geologist10$124k
Thermal Fluid Engineer1$124kNA
Petrophysicist Geochemicist1$124kNA
Senior Geomechanics Specialist3$123k
Production Geologist2$119k
Processing Geophysicist Marine3$119k
Production Seismologist1$116kNA
Senior Petrophysicist1$116kNA
Seismic Processor3$115k
Geophysicist Production Seismologist1$115kNA
Technical Safety Engineer7$114k
Reservoir Engineer39$112k
Gis Specialist1$111kNA
Senior Exploration Seismic Interpreter Geologist1$110kNA
Processing Geophysicist5$109k
Stimulations Research Specialist1$109kNA
Exploration Geophysicist1$108kNA
Exploration Geoscientist1$107kNA
Engineer Geomechanics Specialist1$105kNA
Seismic Processing Geophysicist1$104kNA
Senior Seismic Processing Geophysicist1$103kNA
Development Rservoir Engineer1$103kNA
Thermal Modeling Engineer2$103k
Researcher Unconventional Gas2$102kNA
Research Unconventional Gas1$102kNA
Well Engineer Wms Quality Assurance Supply Chain1$100kNA
Senior Fluid And Thermal Engineer2$100k
Geoscientist 2d 3d Surveys1$99kNA
Geophysicist Seismic Interpreter1$97kNA
Research Physicist1$94kNA
Production Technologist3$92k
Reservoir Geophysicist2$92k
Well Engineer9$91k
Completion Engineer2$90k
Planning Tools Analyst1$90kNA
Geo Information Analyst3$89k
Process Engineer Geomechanics1$89kNA
Chemical Engineer2$88k
Well Servicing Engineer And Coordinator1$88kNA
Well Design Engineer1$88kNA
Project Electrical Engineer1$88kNA
Thermal And Fluid Engineer1$87kNA
Drilling Engineer6$86k
Chemical Engineering Focal Point1$85kNA
Process Engineer1$85kNA
Subsea Surveillance Engineer1$84kNA
Facilities Engineer2$82k
Well Engineer Lead Directional System Developer1$80kNA
Interpretive Geophysicist1$80kNA
Electrical Engineer1$78kNA
Staff Exploration Geologist1$78kNA
Senior Exploration Geologist2$77kNA
Geoscience Information Technologist4$77k
Conversion Analyst1$77kNA
Economist Planner1$76kNA
Geologist Geophysicist1$74kNA
Facilities Surveillance Engineer2$74kNA
Production Engineer5$73k
Revenue Accountant1$56kNA
Accounting Analyst1$47kNA