Shaw Salary, MS

A total of 23 real salary data found within 10 miles of Shaw, MS.

Salary Average: $45,339
Salary Range: $19,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
College Language TeacherDelta State University$36kCleveland, MS (04/2004)
Advertising Communications ManagerDelta State University$19kCleveland, MS (04/2004)
Process EngineerBaxter Healthcare$45kCleveland, MS (07/2004)
Quality EngineerFaurecia Automotive Seating$52kCleveland, MS (05/2005)
Quality AssociateBaxter Healthcare$38kCleveland, MS (06/2005)
Research Associate IMississippi State University$24kCleveland, MS (06/2005)
Senior Quality EngineerFaurecia Automotive Seating$65kCleveland, MS (07/2005)
Plant BuyerFaurecia Automotive Seating$40kCleveland, MS (06/2006)
Assistant ManagerChawla Padhiar Enterprises$22kCleveland, MS (12/2005)
Electronic Services LibrarianDelta State University$45kCleveland, MS (01/2006)
AttorneyInnocence Project New Orleans$36kCleveland, MS (03/2006)
Director Of Research And DevelopmentIntime$64kCleveland, MS (04/2006)
Senior EngineerBaxter Healthcare$64kCleveland, MS (05/2006)
Patron Services CoordinatorDelta State University$32kCleveland, MS (04/2008)
Quality AssociateBaxter Healthcare$46kCleveland, MS (05/2008)
Coordinator Of InterdisciplainaryDelta State University$68kCleveland, MS (06/2008)
Education Projects CoordinatorDelta State University$32kCleveland, MS (09/2009)
Coordinator Of Aquatic Act Assistant Swim CoachDelta State University$24kCleveland, MS (06/2010)
Assistant Professor Of BiologyDelta State University$47kCleveland, MS (06/2011)
Assistant Professor Of Geospatial TechDelta State University$70kCleveland, MS (07/2011)
Instructor Of ManagementDelta State University$58kCleveland, MS (07/2011)
Education Projects CoordinatorDelta State University$72kCleveland, MS (07/2011)
InstructorDelta State University$44kCleveland, MS (08/2011)