Shade Salary, OH

A total of 552 real salary data found within 10 miles of Shade, OH.

Salary Average: $52,760
Salary Range: $13,200

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Head Professional Actor Training ProgramOhio University$50kAthens, OH (01/2003)
Research Assistant ProfessorOhio University$36kAthens, OH (01/2003)
Visiting Assistant ProfessorOhio University$34kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Associate ProfessorOhio University$54kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Research AssociateOhio University$22kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Nmr Spectroscopic SpecialistOhio University$42kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Postdoctoral FellowOhio University$28kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Research EngineerOhio University$60kAthens, OH (02/2003)
Administrative System SpecialistOhio University$34kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Assistant ProfessorOhio University$75kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Assistant ProfessorOhio University$51kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Assistant ProfessorOhio University$70kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Research AssociateOhio University$37kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Assistant ProfessorOhio University$49kAthens, OH (03/2003)
Clinician GeriatricsOhio University$170kAthens, OH (04/2003)
Personal Financial AdvisorRc Whitmore Advisors$35kAthens, OH (04/2003)
Postdoctoral Research FellowOhio University$30kAthens, OH (04/2003)
Personal Financial AdvisorRc Whitmore Advisors$32kAthens, OH (04/2003)
Assistant Volleyball CoachOhio University$34kAthens, OH (04/2003)
Postdoctoral ResearcherOhio University$37kAthens, OH (05/2003)