Sg Americas Securities Jobs

A total of 283 Sg Americas Securities jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $110,151
Salary Range: $46,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Project Manager3$443k
Managing Director Global Head Of Securitization1$356kNA
Managing Director1$275kNA
Hedge Fund Real Money Rates Sales2$265k
Director Equity Research Sales1$240kNA
Rmbs Trader1$225kNA
Trader VP1$225kNA
Head Of Special Pricing Trading Desk1$225kNA
Senior Relationship Manager Metals Team1$219kNA
Senior Client Relationship Manager2$215k
Institutional Client Relationship Manager1$214kNA
Senior Trader Volatility Equity Trading1$206kNA
Latin America Flow Salesperson1$200kNA
Director Transaction Management Securitization1$200kNA
Quant Specialist1$200kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department1$196kNA
Senior Trader7$195k
Quantitative Trader2$195kNA
Senior Salesperson4$193k
Trader Emerging Markets1$190kNA
Trade Support Manager2$188k
Managing Director Senior Salesperson2$188k
Computer And Information System Manager1$186kNA
Trader Fixed Income2$185kNA
Senior Financial Engineer Equity Derivatives2$181k
Financial Manager7$178k
Director For The Structured Products Sales Group1$175kNA
VP Financing Manager1$175kNA
Equity Finance Delta One Trader1$175kNA
Senior Salesperson U S Flow Group1$175kNA
VP Trader2$175kNA
Quantitative Specialist1$170kNA
Director Senior Salesperson3$168k
VP Senior Trader2$167k
Senior Quant Developer2$165kNA
Proprietary Trader High Yield Credit Arbitrage2$161kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents3$160k
Senior Trader Volatility Equity Corporate Trad1$160kNA
Investment Banker1$153kNA
Director Project Finance Group4$151k
Trader Flow Rates1$150kNA
VP Project Finance1$150kNA
VP Institutional Derivatives Sales2$150kNA
Senior Technical Ba Programmer Analyst1$150kNA
Sales Trader1$150kNA
Director Financing Specialist3$148k
Sales Manager1$148kNA
Intermediate Salesperson1$147kNA
Salesperson Equity Deriv Struct Prods Dept1$145kNA
Leveraged Finance Specialist2$143kNA
Director Senior Equity Trader1$143kNA
Dir Whole Loan Trader Res Mortg Backed Sec Ass1$140kNA
Sales Agents Financial Services1$140kNA
Trading Risk Analyst1$140kNA
VP Emerging Markets Salesperson1$140kNA
Director Chief Of Staff1$140kNA
Fixed Income Currencies Developer1$140kNA
Director Whole Loan Trader Residential Mortgage B1$140kNA
Trader On The Volatility Trading Desk1$140kNA
Quant Developer1$140kNA
Debt Equities Derivatives Trader1$139kNA
Director Whole Loan Trader2$138k
Market Access Developer1$135kNA
VP Intermediate Salesperson1$135kNA
VP Trader Capital Structure Arbitrage1$135kNA
Equity Market Product Controller1$135kNA
VP Coo1$135kNA
Front Office Developer2$135k
Financial Engineer7$134k
Manager Of The Sales Analyst Team2$133k
VP Market Risk Advisory1$130kNA
Loan Syndication Financing Officer1$130kNA
Programmer Analyst Associate1$130kNA
Vp Relationship Manager Transaction Originator1$130kNA
Financial Analyst10$128k
Rtma Developer2$128k
VP Relationship Manager3$127k
Junior Emerging Markets Salesperson1$125kNA
Associate Developer1$125kNA
Director Intermediate Salesperson1$125kNA
VP Operations Manager1$125kNA
Financial Specialist1$125kNA
Trader On The Exotics Desk1$125kNA
VP High Yield Arbitrage Group1$125kNA
VP Trader Equity1$125kNA
Business Strategy Development Specialist1$125kNA
Accountant Broker Dealer For The Regulatory Group1$125kNA
VP International Program Sales Trader1$125kNA
Business Strategy And Development Gsd Manager1$125kNA
Chief Operating Officer2$124k
Equity Derivatives Trader1$123kNA
VP Investment Banking1$120kNA
VP Financing Specialist3$120k
Associate Project Manager1$120kNA
VP Salesperson6$120k
VP Junior Trader1$117kNA
Associate Equity Derivatives Developer3$116k
VP Equity Trader2$115k
Head Of Trading Services Team1$115kNA
Arbitrage Trader1$115kNA
VP Quantitative Analyst1$115kNA
Equity Volatility Strategist1$115kNA
VP Structured Asset Sales1$115kNA
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities1$114kNA
Deputy Head Of Exotic Trading Desk2$113k
Computer System Analyst5$112k
VP Structured Products Group1$112kNA
VP Structured Products1$112kNA
Front To Back Application Support Manager1$111kNA
VP Business Analyst1$110kNA
C Front Office Developer1$110kNA
Junior Salesperson7$108k
Director Financial Engineer1$108kNA
Service Coordinator1$108kNA
VP Financial Engineer1$108kNA
Junior Financial Engineer8$107k
Financing Specialist Reporting Manager1$107kNA
Application Support Team Manager4$107k
Associate Business Analyst1$105kNA
Junior Strategist1$105kNA
Deputy Head Of Trading Services Team1$105kNA
Investment Banking Associate4$104k
Managing Dir Head Struct Asset Sales Trad1$103kNA
Junior Trader32$103k
Programmer Analyst12$102k
Software Developer Application1$102kNA
Financing Specialist3$101k
Application Support Analyst12$100k
Junior Quantitative Analyst1$100kNA
Junior Quantitative Trader1$100kNA
Junior Sales Analyst1$100kNA
Research Associate1$100kNA
Associate Basket Trading Group1$100kNA
Senior Developer2$100kNA
Associate Equity Trader Of Credit Default Swaps1$100kNA
Credit Analyst3$100k
Support Analyst6$100k
Service Manager1$100kNA
Associate Media And Telecommunications1$100kNA
Business Analyst8$100k
Trade Support Officer2$99k
Associate Junior Trader14$96k
Quantitative Developer8$96k
Relationship Associate2$96k
Junior Client Relationship Manager1$95kNA
Quant Analyst1$95kNA
Associate Junior Financial Engineer1$95kNA
Junior Trader On The Volatility Trading Desk1$95kNA
Junior Trade Support1$95kNA
Associate Leveraged Finance Department1$95kNA
VP Junior Programmer Analyst1$95kNA
Junior Quantitative Developer1$95kNA
Junior Relationship Manager1$95kNA
Exotic Interest Rate Options Developer2$95k
Application Support Analyst Associate3$94k
Junior Financing Specialist16$93k
Operations Research Analyst2$93k
Hedge Fund Relationship Manager2$93k
Trading Analyst3$92k
Rad Developer1$90kNA
Associate Software Application Developer1$90kNA
Post Trade Application Support Analyst IT Dept1$90kNA
Application Support Analyst IT Dept1$90kNA
Quantitative Analyst2$90k
Associate Junior Salesperson3$90k
Associate Junior Research Analyst1$90kNA
Junior Relationship Associate1$90kNA
VP Junior Salesperson2$90k
Associate Infrastructure And Transportation Grp1$90kNA
Associate For The Infrastructure Group1$90kNA
Senior Merger Acquisition Analyst1$90kNA
Analyst Project Finance Group Associate1$89kNA
Associate Junior Financing Specialist7$88k
Junior Trader Support2$88k
Quality Assurance Analyst2$88k
Fixed Income And Currencies Developer2$88k
Business Analyst Project Manager1$87kNA
VP Project Manager Compliance Techn1$87kNA
Trading Application Support Analyst2$87k
Intl Cash Payments Analyst1$86kNA
Associate Financing Specialist6$86k
Accountant Broker Dealer Regulatory Group1$86kNA
Manager IT Programmer Analyst1$85kNA
Junior Saleperson1$85kNA
Application Support Analyst Front Office1$85kNA
Associate Trader S Assistant1$85kNA
Analyst Junior Trader6$85k
Associate Head Indu Trade Events Support Unit1$85kNA
Equity Market Analysis And Certification Analyst1$85kNA
Analyst Stock Option Trading Desk1$85kNA
Quantitative Analyst Index Arbitrage Team1$85kNA
Associate Hedge Fund Sales Group2$85kNA
Trader Assistant3$85k
Sales Analyst1$85kNA
VP Senior Trader Equity1$84kNA
Associate Front Office Developer1$83kNA
Chief Operating Officer Analyst1$83kNA
Analyst Software Application Developer2$83k
Trading Assistant5$82k
Deputy Hd Of Exotics Td Ing Dsk Equity Deriv Dept1$82kNA
Analyst Trader Assistant2$80kNA
Associate Head Of Credit Default Swaps Pricing1$80kNA
Trade Support Analyst2$80k
Associate Marketing Assistant1$80kNA
Business Analyst Assistant Trader1$80kNA
Application Support Analyst Information Tech1$80kNA
Release Manager Application Support Analyst1$80kNA
Market Analyst1$80kNA
Leverage Finance Specialist1$80kNA
Junior Index Trader1$80kNA
Analyst Junior Quantitative Risk Trader1$80kNA
Analyst Junior Financial Engineer1$80kNA
Analyst Hedge Fund Sales1$80kNA
Analyst For The Us Flow Group Equity Derivatives1$80kNA
Junior Cross Commodity Strategist1$80kNA
IT Service Application Support Manager1$80kNA
Information Technology Business Analyst1$80kNA
Senior Associate Advisor1$80kNA
Analyst Junior Salesperson2$80k
Programmer Analyst Information Technology1$78kNA
Analyst Salesperson4$78k
Stock Options Trader Option Market Maker1$77kNA
Associate Operations Specialist3$77k
Associate Accountant1$77kNA
Junior Financial Specailist1$77kNA
Operations Specialist10$76k
Vice Pres Salesperson Eq Deriv Struc Prods1$76kNA
Vice Pres Salesperson Equity Deriv Struc Prods1$76kNA
Marketing Manager Financing Analyst1$75kNA
Analyst Financial Engineer1$75kNA
Client Relationship Associate2$75kNA
Chief Of Staff Analyst For The Hedge Fund Group1$75kNA
Analyst Equity Derivatives Management Team1$75kNA
VP Junior Salesperon Equity1$75kNA
Associate Salesperson1$75kNA
Quantitative Analyst Equity Derivatives Management1$75kNA
Analyst Equity Derivative Flow Sales Analyst1$75kNA
Analyst Application Developer2$75kNA
Associate Financial Analyst2$75kNA
Associate Quantitative Analyst3$74k
Analyst Junior Financing Specialist5$73k
Financial Editor Translator1$70kNA
Relationship Analyst2$70k
Analyst Credit Structurer1$70kNA
Associate Lyxor Department1$70kNA
Direct Market Access Equity Trader1$70kNA
Programmer Analyst Equity Derivatives1$70kNA
VP Junior Trader Equity3$70k
Investment Banking Analyst13$67k
Application Developer1$67kNA
Associate Junior Trader Equity7$66k
Analyst Project Finance Group2$65kNA
Analyst Leveraged Finance1$65kNA
Analyst For The Middle Office Sales Group1$65kNA
Dot Net C Developer1$65kNA
Financing Specialist Warehouse Collateral Manager1$65kNA
Analyst Securitization1$65kNA
Documentation Specialist1$65kNA
Analyst Structured Product Sales1$65kNA
Trader Assistant Analyst1$64kNA
Commodities Index Manager1$63kNA
Operational Specialist2$63kNA
Associate Financial Engineer1$62kNA
Analyst Trader S Assistant1$62kNA
Analyst Operations Specialist5$61k
Analyst Junior Trader Equity2$60k
Trader Assistant Analyst In The Middle Office3$60kNA
Senior Office Coordinator1$60kNA
VP Junior Financial Eng Equity1$60kNA
Associate Relationship Associate2$58k
VP Junior Salesperson Equity3$58k
VP Program Manager1$56kNA
Associate Employee Investment Policy1$55kNA
Financial Analyst Associate1$48kNA
Operations Specialist Analyst1$48kNA
Manager Referential Team1$47kNA