Scott Depot Salary, WV

A total of 137 real salary data found within 10 miles of Scott Depot, WV.

Salary Average: $86,314
Salary Range: $17,576

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Human Resources SpecialistNippon Thermostat Of America$36kFraziers Bottom, WV (02/2014)
Sales ManagerOkaya Usa$45kHurricane, WV (08/2004)
Sales Marketing AnalystOkaya Usa$35kHurricane, WV (01/2005)
Medical OncologistArea Health Systems$150kHurricane, WV (02/2005)
Marketing AnalystOkaya Usa$35kHurricane, WV (03/2005)
Market Research AnalystOkaya Usa$35kHurricane, WV (03/2005)
Therapy CoordinatorKanawha Valley Physical Therapy Center$40kHurricane, WV (06/2006)
Obstetrician GynecologistWomencare$220kHurricane, WV (03/2006)
Home Care PractitionerHome Helpers$24kHurricane, WV (11/2006)
Home Care PractitionerHome Helpers$25kHurricane, WV (08/2007)
Finance DirectorInternational Cultural Exchange Services$60kHurricane, WV (08/2009)
Maids And Housekeeping CleanersJonathan Zuniga$19kHurricane, WV (03/2013)
Athletic TrainerQuantum Sportswear$36kHurricane, WV (11/2011)
Office ManagerQuantum Sportswear$45kHurricane, WV (06/2011)
Office ManagerQuantum Sportswear$63kHurricane, WV (07/2011)
Electronics Engineer Winding SpecialistDiamond Electric Mfg$53kEleanor, WV (03/2010)
Manufacturing SpecialistDiamond Electric Manufacturing$35kEleanor, WV (09/2004)
Business Expansion Support Specialist GeographerDiamond Electric Mfg$31kEleanor, WV (09/2004)
Cost AccountantDiamond Electric Mfg$40kEleanor, WV (03/2008)
Science TeacherPutnam County Schools$47kWinfield, WV (09/2010)