Scotch Plains Salary, NJ

A total of 66,591 real salary data found within 10 miles of Scotch Plains, NJ.

Salary Average: $65,341
Salary Range: $14,583

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Mortgage Loan SpecialistEmigrant Savings Bank$38kBound Brook, NJ (04/2003)
Product Development ManagerJfc Technologies$75kBound Brook, NJ (04/2003)
Market Research AnalystAxis Staffing$37kBound Brook, NJ (06/2003)
Market Research AnalystAxis Technical Services$37kBound Brook, NJ (06/2003)
System EngineerWide Area Network Design Lab$52kBound Brook, NJ (01/2004)
System EngineerWandl$52kBound Brook, NJ (01/2004)
Occupational TherapistTri State Healthcare Of Somerset Valley$59kBound Brook, NJ (02/2004)
Computer Programmer AnalystEfinger Sporting Goods$72kBound Brook, NJ (02/2004)
Research ScientistJame Fine Chemicals Inc T A Jfc Technologies$60kBound Brook, NJ (03/2004)
Research ScientistJfc Technologies$60kBound Brook, NJ (04/2004)
Clinical Research Data AnalystDzs Computer Solutions$60kBound Brook, NJ (05/2004)
Software EngineerWide Area Network Design Laboratory Wandl$80kBound Brook, NJ (06/2004)
Software EngineerWandl Wide Area Network Design Laboratory$80kBound Brook, NJ (06/2004)
Sas ProgrammerDzs Computer Solutions$72kBound Brook, NJ (08/2004)
System EngineerWandl$50kBound Brook, NJ (12/2004)
Process EnigneerJfc Technologies$54kBound Brook, NJ (02/2005)
Staff AccountantJfc Technologies$56kBound Brook, NJ (04/2005)
Biochemistry Quality Assurance ManagerJfc Technologies$50kBound Brook, NJ (04/2005)
ChemistThe Dow Chemical$84kBound Brook, NJ (11/2005)
Software EngineerQtech Services$108kBound Brook, NJ (11/2005)