Science Applications International Jobs

A total of 177 Science Applications International jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $80,023
Salary Range: $31,554

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Teacher Language Culture2$210k
Chief Software Design Engineer1$185kNA
Computer Inform System Manager1$157kNA
Senior Rules Architect1$150kNA
Program Manager1$150kNA
Director Of Corporate Leasing2$146k
Software System Architect2$141k
Chief System Engineer International Navigation S1$140kNA
Chief System Engineer Intl Navig System Devel1$140kNA
Operations Management Analyst2$140kNA
Computer And Information System Manager2$127k
Product Manager Human Language Tech Speech Recogn3$125k
Software Engineer Manager1$124kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager1$124kNA
Sustainability Director1$122kNA
Computer Information System Mgrs1$119kNA
Engineering Manager1$118kNA
Oracle System Lead1$116kNA
Computer System Analyst Programmer1$115kNA
Senior Computer Scientist1$115kNA
Senior Tibco Administrator1$112kNA
Senior Software System Engineer1$110kNA
Computer Operations Manager1$110kNA
Director New Orleans Computing Services1$110kNA
Programmer Probation1$108kNA
Software System Engineer IV2$107k
J2ee Software Developer2$103k
Senior Producer1$100kNA
Senior Database Administrator4$100k
Computer Info Scientist Research2$100kNA
Rtdm Engineer1$100kNA
Software Design Engineer III1$98kNA
Business Programmer Analyst III3$98k
Senior Sw System Engineer1$97kNA
Senior System Computer Engineer1$96kNA
Software Application Engineer IV2$96k
Software Developer Application3$95k
Senior Programmer Analyst2$95kNA
Senior Sofware Engineer1$95kNA
Mid Level Java Developer2$94kNA
Computer And Information Scientisits Research1$93kNA
Compuer Software Engineer1$93kNA
Electrical Engineer1$93kNA
Software System Engineer II1$93kNA
Network Engineering Project Manager1$92kNA
Software Project Leader3$92k
Net Software Developer2$92k
Plasma Physicist3$90k
Medical Writer IV1$90kNA
System Architect Eai2$90kNA
Transportation Asset Management Engineer2$89k
Medical Scientist Analyst1$89kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application5$89k
Java Developer4$88k
Computer Programmer Ssa1$87kNA
Gis Software Programmer1$86kNA
Programmer Analyst18$86k
Project Manager3$85k
Project Control Analyst III1$85kNA
Support System Integration Analyst1$85kNA
Field Service Engineer III1$84kNA
Senior Software Engineer5$84k
Hardware Engineer III2$84k
Senior System Analyst1$84kNA
Mechanical Engineer3$84k
Software System Engineer III1$83kNA
Software Application Engineer III7$83k
Computer System Analyst6$83k
Civil Engineer2$83k
Documentum Developer4$82k
Materials Scientist1$82kNA
Business System Programmer1$82kNA
Software Application Engineer Developer1$80kNA
Business Analyst1$80kNA
Project Manager Energy Efficiency Services1$80kNA
Materials Engineer2$80kNA
Chemical Engineer1$80kNA
Software Application Engineer13$80k
Software Engineer8$80k
Atmospheric Space Scientist1$79kNA
System Engineer11$78k
Senior Scientist3$78k
Net Developer1$78kNA
Senior Programmer Scientific Analyst2$77k
Lead Developer Programmer2$77k
Computer Software Eng System Software1$76kNA
Senior Scientific Programmer1$76kNA
Medical Scientist1$76kNA
Software Developer1$76kNA
System Analyst Gis1$75kNA
Support Scientist Ensemble II1$75kNA
Guideline Lead Health Solutions1$75kNA
Industrial Engineer1$75kNA
Information Tech Statistician1$74kNA
Bioinformatics Engineer1$74kNA
Senior Support Scientist3$74k
Petrotechnical Data Management Engineer1$73kNA
Software Engineer II1$73kNA
System Engineer Geomatics2$73k
Health Information Managment Specialist2$72kNA
Web Technologist1$72kNA
Computer Software Engineer2$71k
Information Technology Statistician2$71k
Business Process Analyst2$71k
Atmospheric And Space Scientist1$71kNA
Data Analyst1$70kNA
Senior Web Application Developer1$70kNA
System Analyst4$70k
Operations Research Analyst1$70kNA
Security Engineer1$70kNA
Research Meteorologist1$70kNA
Oracle Dba Specialist1$70kNA
P P Assurance Engineer1$70kNA
Earth System Model Programmer Analyst1$70kNA
Support Scientist Air Quality Modeling1$70kNA
Software Application Engineer II7$69k
Support Scientist19$69k
Senior Network Engineer2$68k
Climate Analysis Prediction Scientist1$68kNA
Data Analyst Sas Developer Sas System Analyst1$68kNA
Data Requirements Analyst1$68kNA
Com And Info Scientist Rrsc1$68kNA
Research Scientist3$68k
Software Application Engineer Support Scientist1$67kNA
System Administrator5$66k
Web Developer1$65kNA
Petrotech Data Management Software Engineer2$65kNA
Biomolecular And Tissue Engineer1$65kNA
Web Application Developer2$64k
Program Analyst1$63kNA
Software Engineer Geoscience Application1$62kNA
International Program Analyst2$61k
Enviromental Scientist IV1$60kNA
Senior Software Developer1$60kNA
Environmental Engineer2$60k
Computer Security Specialist1$60kNA
Hydrologic Modeler1$60kNA
Environmental Scientist And Specialists Including Health1$59kNA
Computer Specialist Web Application Developer2$58kNA
Building System Energy Engineer1$58kNA
Software Application Engineer I1$58kNA
Staff Engineer1$57kNA
Database Administrator1$55kNA
Project Engineer1$55kNA
Environmental Scientist IV2$54k
Information Integration Developer1$53kNA
Scientific Programmer Analyst3$52k
Bea Portal Developer Software Application Engineer1$52kNA
Bea Portal Developer Software Appl Engineer1$52kNA
Gis Net Developer2$52kNA
System Engineer II2$52k
Production Line Supervisor1$52kNA
Support Scientist II1$50kNA
Energy Modeler2$50kNA
Atmospheric Scientist4$48k
Electronics Engineering Technician1$47kNA
Environmental Scientist3$46k
Environmental Scientist Specialist1$46kNA
Scientific Programmer1$45kNA
Statistical Programmer3$42k
Environmental Scientist III2$42k
Radiometric Calibration Engineer1$42kNA
Computer Programmer Analyst1$38kNA
Environmental Scientist II1$36kNA
Environmental Analyst II2$36k
Enviromental Sciemtist III1$36kNA
Enviromental Scientist III1$36kNA
Enviromental Scientist II2$35k