Schering Plough Jobs

A total of 250 Schering Plough jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $91,122
Salary Range: $39,042

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Group VP And President Eucan Region I1$531kNA
Group VP1$512kNA
Group VP Eucan Region II1$440kNA
Chief Executive1$440kNA
Executive Director Americas Region1$300kNA
Group Director Oncology Research1$195kNA
Group Director1$195kNA
Director Clinical Immunology1$195kNA
Senior Director Marketing1$192kNA
Senior Director International Oncology Manager1$190kNA
Director Chemical Research1$189kNA
Senior Director Pharmaceutical Development1$189kNA
Senior Director Hr1$185kNA
Associate Director Medical Services1$180kNA
Private Sector Executive1$177kNA
Senior Director Commercial Development1$175kNA
Associate Director Hepatology Gastroenterology1$169kNA
Associate Director Medical Svcs Clin Risk Management1$165kNA
Senior Director1$160kNA
Marketing Director4$160k
Associate Director Medical Safety Services1$158kNA
Associate Director2$157k
Marketing Manager2$156k
Senior Director Marketing International Hepatitis1$155kNA
Director Technical Support1$155kNA
Industrial Engineer1$154kNA
Director Global Licensing1$150kNA
Director Analytical Quality System1$148kNA
Product Director Pharmaceuticals1$145kNA
Senior Principal Scientist1$143kNA
Senior Technical Advisor Application1$142kNA
Product Director3$142k
Director Global Staffing Operations1$141kNA
Product Director Avelox1$140kNA
Product Director Speciality Care1$140kNA
Market Research Analyst1$139kNA
Director Validation1$137kNA
Gmp Training Director1$135kNA
Associate Director Marketing1$135kNA
Senior Medical Services Manager1$132kNA
Associate Director Of Clinical Research Operations1$132kNA
Senior Research Pathologist1$130kNA
Senior Veterinarian Pathologist1$130kNA
Medical Science Specialist1$130kNA
Associate Director Project Planning1$130kNA
Medical Services Manager1$128kNA
Associate Director Clinical Research1$127kNA
Supply Chain Process Improvement Manager2$125k
Manager Sol Sceo Operations1$125kNA
Demand Project Manager1$125kNA
Gcs Project Planning Manager1$125kNA
Manager Validation Compliance Technical Services1$124kNA
Director Strategic Market Access1$124kNA
Director Eucan Market Access2$120kNA
Senior Project Manager2$118k
Senior Clinical Project Manager2$118k
Manager Global Internal Audits3$116k
Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs1$115kNA
Senior Manager Global Regulatory Affairs1$115kNA
Sap Business Analyst1$115kNA
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists1$115kNA
Senior Manager Safety Services1$114kNA
Industrial Production Manager1$113kNA
Manager Strategic Planning Analysis1$113kNA
Computer And Information System Mgr1$112kNA
Manager Technology Outside Services1$111kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$111kNA
Clinical Project Manager3$111k
Senior Manager Strategic Planning And Analysis1$110kNA
Manager Latin America Quality And Compliance1$110kNA
Principal Analyst Application2$108k
Technical Assessment Manager1$108kNA
Associate Principal Scientist Chemistry1$108kNA
Manager Biological Technical Transfer1$108kNA
Principal Scientist4$106k
Principal Analyst Project Management1$106kNA
Project Leader Statistics2$105k
Principal Analyst1$105kNA
Associate Prinicpal Scientist1$104kNA
Worldwide Regulatory Quality Assurance Manager1$103kNA
Senior Clinical Scientist1$103kNA
Senior Global Quality Comp System Quality Ass Spec1$103kNA
Manager Safety Services1$103kNA
Product Manager International1$102kNA
Technical Services Manager Animal Health1$102kNA
Comp Bnfts Job Anal Specialist1$102kNA
Associate Principal Scientist Analytical Science1$102kNA
Lead Analyst2$101k
Training And Development Manager1$101kNA
Senior Global Qlty Com System Qlt Assurance Speclst1$101kNA
Quality Compliance And Training Manager1$101kNA
Legal Consultant1$100kNA
Audit Project Manager1$100kNA
Product Manager1$100kNA
Market Research Manager1$100kNA
Principal Process Specialist1$100kNA
Mgr Research Information System1$99kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer1$99kNA
Project Leader Clinical Research1$98kNA
Technical Manager Gts2$97k
Senior Clinical Research Associate2$97k
Senior Scientist Chemical Research2$97kNA
Lead System Analyst Programmer3$97k
Research Statistician Pattern Recognition1$97kNA
Senior Medical Writer3$97k
Senior Compensation And Benefits Consultant1$96kNA
Regulatory Affairs Manager1$96kNA
Senior Research Statistician7$96k
Customer Finance Manager1$96kNA
Project Leader3$95k
Lead Programmer Analyst1$95kNA
Finance Manager2$95k
Principal Pharmaceutical Process Specialist1$95kNA
Associate Principal Scientist24$95k
Lead Application Analyst2$94k
Group Leader Clinical Programming1$94kNA
Senior Worldwide Quality Informationsystems Specialist1$94kNA
Technical Writer1$94kNA
Senior Analyst1$93kNA
Lead Analyst Application13$93k
Accountant And Auditor1$93kNA
Associate Principle Scientist1$93kNA
Manager Worldwide Research Quality Assur Audits1$92kNA
Sales Manager1$92kNA
Senior Business System Analyst2$91k
Staff Validation Documentation Specialist1$91kNA
Project Specialist1$91kNA
Computer Security Specialists1$91kNA
Manager Marketing Analytics1$90kNA
Project Leader Programming1$90kNA
Manager Safety And Industrial Hygiene1$90kNA
Project Leader Clinical App Designer Developer1$89kNA
Lead Analyst Database2$89k
Associate Product Manager2$88k
Lead Change Control System Analyst1$88kNA
Senior Information Security Specialist1$88kNA
Lead Network Services Specialist2$88k
Computer Software Engineer Application4$87k
Research Statistician3$87k
Computer System Analyst2$87k
Manager Market Research1$87kNA
Shift Manager Production Operations Aerosol1$87kNA
Management Associate6$86k
Project Leader Clinical Data Management1$86kNA
Project Manager Clinical Data Management1$86kNA
Chemical Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Scientist60$85k
Principal Analyst Infrastructure1$85kNA
Senior Software Programmer1$85kNA
Lead System Analyst Programer1$85kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst2$85kNA
Manager Strategic Planning And Analysis1$85kNA
Senior System Analyst2$85k
Senior Auditor Global Internal Audits1$85kNA
Senior Training Specialist1$85kNA
Training And Development Specialist1$85kNA
Senior System Analyst Programmer3$84k
Learning Project Manager1$84kNA
Mgr Global Hr Finance Bus Plan And Pgm Mgt1$84kNA
System Analyst2$83k
Audit Supervisor1$83kNA
Senior System Analytical Programmer1$83kNA
Scientist II Analytical Development1$82kNA
Scientist II11$82k
Senior Auditor3$81k
Scientist II Biotech Development1$81kNA
Senior Scientist Formulation Development Hcp1$81kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$80kNA
Senior Analyst Research Information System1$80kNA
Validation Engineer II1$80kNA
Senior Validation Specialist Process Validation1$80kNA
Senior Financial Analyst2$79k
Clinical Trial Associate1$79kNA
Senior Scientist Analytical Sciences2$79k
Senior Clinical Programmer4$78k
Scientist I Analytical Sciences1$78kNA
Senior Consolidation Accountant2$77k
Training System Analyst1$77kNA
Supervising Senior Auditor2$77k
Process Engineer1$77kNA
Principal Investigator2$77k
Analyst Edc Quality Testing1$76kNA
Associate Project Manager1$75kNA
Investigator Global Quality Operations Div1$75kNA
Investigator Global Quality Operations1$75kNA
Laboratory Investigator1$75kNA
Manager Strategic Market Access1$75kNA
Quality Control System Project Specialist1$74kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Technical Coordinator1$74kNA
Regulatory Documentation Specialist1$73kNA
Statistician System Engineer1$72kNA
Staff Auditor1$72kNA
Senior Analyst Global Analytics1$72kNA
Scientific System Specialist I1$71kNA
Scientist I25$71k
Drug Safety Surveillance Associate1$70kNA
Quality Control Statistician1$70kNA
Senior Training System Analyst1$69kNA
Associate Scientist Chemical Research3$68k
Investigator Worldwide Quality Analytical Sciences2$68kNA
Sap Consultant1$65kNA
Database Analyst2$65k
Associate Analyst3$65kNA
Assistant Scientist Chemical Research1$65kNA
Audit Associate1$65kNA
Associate Project Engineer1$65kNA
Investigator Ww Quality Analytical Sciences1$65kNA
Analyst Application1$65kNA
Ccr Compliance Specialist1$65kNA
Associate Engineer4$64k
Associate Chemist1$64kNA
Clinical Programmer1$64kNA
Sales Representative1$64kNA
Associate Scientist29$63k
Associate Scientist Chemical Development1$62kNA
Professional Sales Representative2$62k
Territory Manager1$61kNA
International Benefits Analyst1$61kNA
Planning Analyst1$60kNA
Equipment Validation Specialist1$60kNA
Financial Analyst II2$59k
International Compensation Benefits Analyst2$58k
Financial Examiners1$58kNA
Associate Scientist II1$58kNA
Global Quality Business Analyst2$58kNA
Assistant Scientist15$56k
Assistant Scientist II13$56k
Packaging Compliance Specialist1$55kNA
Technical Trainer1$55kNA
Analytical Chemist1$55kNA
Professional Sales Repesentative1$55kNA
Laboratory Analyst2$54k
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$53kNA
Chemist Quality Control2$53k
Lab Analyst Worldwide Quality Analytical Services1$53kNA
Laboratory Analyst Ww Quality Analytical Sciences2$53kNA
Global Quality Information Specialist1$53kNA
Market Analytics Analyst1$52kNA
Assistant Scientist Toxicology1$48kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow7$48k
Assistant Analytical Chemist1$42kNA