Saratoga Programmer Analyst Salary, CA

A total of 10,448 real programmer analyst salary data found within 25 miles of Saratoga, CA.

Salary Average: $64,110
Salary Range: $27,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Programmer AnalystSatyam Computer Services$50kSan Mateo, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystInterstellar Technologies$55kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystBrocade Communications Systems$75kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystOak Systems International$55kSunnyvale, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystMarlabs$60kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystIt Trailblazers$45kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystJsmn International$62kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystPeople Com Consultants$70kSunnyvale, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystAuro Systems$46kFremont, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystGlobalways$57kFremont, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystAce Technologies$78kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystDatec$65kFremont, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystProficient Software Solutions$42kMountain View, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystAltera$62kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystSatyam Computer Services$50kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystEtouch Systems$71kFremont, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystTransworld Information Systems$44kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystInterstellar Technologies$65kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystDcm Asic Technologies$56kNewark, CA (01/2003)
Programmer AnalystAarman$50kSunnyvale, CA (01/2003)