Santa Clara Salary, CA

A total of 152,506 real salary data found within 10 miles of Santa Clara, CA.

Salary Average: $92,866
Salary Range: $10,200

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Electronics EngineerStratalight Communications$89kLos Gatos, CA (05/2009)
Electrical EngineerDsm Solutions$98kLos Gatos, CA (03/2009)
Electronics EngineerAmalfi Semiconductor$87kLos Gatos, CA (04/2009)
Senior ConsultantTruedemand Software$99kLos Gatos, CA (07/2009)
Service Oriented Architecture LeadInfogain$95kLos Gatos, CA (07/2009)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$150kLos Gatos, CA (08/2009)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$235kLos Gatos, CA (08/2009)
Microstrategy AdministratorNetflix$140kLos Gatos, CA (08/2009)
Senior Software EngineerInfogain$69kLos Gatos, CA (08/2009)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$172kLos Gatos, CA (09/2009)
Software EngineerGuidedchoice$85kLos Gatos, CA (09/2009)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$104kLos Gatos, CA (10/2008)
Gis SpecialistH T Harvey Associates$70kLos Gatos, CA (10/2008)
Senior Staff System EngineerIwatt$104kLos Gatos, CA (10/2008)
Director Financial Planning AnalysisCalera$109kLos Gatos, CA (12/2008)
Senior Analog Design EngineerAmalfi Semiconductor$101kLos Gatos, CA (12/2008)
Senior Software EngineerHi Fn$74kLos Gatos, CA (12/2008)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$175kLos Gatos, CA (01/2009)
Senior Software EngineerNetflix$155kLos Gatos, CA (01/2009)
Member Technical StaffIwatt$120kLos Gatos, CA (01/2009)