Sanofi Aventis Us Jobs

A total of 168 Sanofi Aventis Us jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $99,815
Salary Range: $42,266

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Market Access Global Diabetes Di1$275kNA
Global Medical Product Leader Oncology1$270kNA
Global Medical Leader1$256kNA
Global Product Medical Leader1$250kNA
Clinical Research Director Global Oncology2$215kNA
Senior Director Marketing2$211kNA
VP Global Strategic Unit Biosurgery1$210kNA
Medical Director Oncology7$197k
Director Clinical Trial Operations2$185k
Associate Medical Director Oncology1$175kNA
Senior Director Business Development2$170k
Global Safety Officer2$170k
Director Clinical And Exploratory Pharmacology1$170kNA
Natural Sciences Manager2$158k
Director Fo Marketing Injectibles Marketing1$157kNA
Director Injectibles Marketing1$157kNA
Associate Director I Oncology Business Divisio2$156k
Director Market Access Operations1$155kNA
Associate Director Labeling Neuroscience Regulatory1$147kNA
Director Oncology New Product Development1$146kNA
Senior Director Medical Safety Pharmacovigilance1$145kNA
Senior Manager Evidence Based Medicine1$144kNA
Senior Manager Managed Market Performance Analyti1$143kNA
Director Professional Marketing Oforta1$140kNA
Senior Manager Managed Market Performance Analytics1$139kNA
Associate Director Of Marketing2$138k
Sap Manager Solution Architect1$135kNA
Director Marketing Training3$134k
Director Pricing Analytics1$130kNA
Associate VP2$130k
Senior Manager Health Outcomes3$128k
Senior Product Manager Urology Marketing1$127kNA
Senior Manager Biostatistics1$125kNA
Assistant Director Labeling Therapeutic Area1$125kNA
Assistant Director Labeling Therapeutica Area3$125kNA
Associate VP Good Clinical Practices2$122kNA
Principal Statistician1$118kNA
Market Research Analyst2$117k
Senior Manager Incentive Compensation Forecasting1$116kNA
Senior Manager1$115kNA
Manager Health Outcomes1$115kNA
Manager Biostatistics9$115k
Senior Manager Product Communications1$114kNA
Regional Medical Liaison Cardiovascular2$114k
Marketing Manager2$113k
Senior I Specialist1$112kNA
Hr System Security Specialist1$110kNA
Senior Product Manager2$110k
Senior Manager Market Research3$109k
Senior Market Research Manager1$108kNA
Senior System Analyst2$106k
Manager Enabling Technologies Gs Ariba1$105kNA
Software Developer Application1$104kNA
Senoir Statistical Programmer1$103kNA
Senior I Specialist Solution Leader1$103kNA
Bi Tools Project Manager Global Pharmacovigilance1$103kNA
Project Supervisor1$103kNA
Senior Manager Epidemiology3$102kNA
Manager Client Platform Architecture1$102kNA
Computer System Analyst2$102k
Network And Computer System Administrator2$102k
Human Resources System Security Specialist1$101kNA
Senior Manager Secondary Market Research3$101k
Manager Incentive Compensation Forecasting Mo1$101kNA
Mgr Incentive Comp Forecasting Modeling1$101kNA
Manager Field Force Effectiveness Usmm1$100kNA
Manager Secondary Market Research Area Analytic1$100kNA
Manager Epidemiology1$100kNA
Site Manager Data And Document Processing1$100kNA
Manager Global Strategic Portfolio Management1$100kNA
Computer And Information System Manager3$100k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists4$99k
Senior Programmer Sas1$98kNA
Manager Targeting Resource Optimization1$97kNA
Specialist Cognos1$97kNA
Principal Research Investigator3$96k
Manager Product Communications Group1$95kNA
Pharmacology Immunology Associate1$95kNA
Manager Secondary Market Research1$95kNA
Manager Business Analytics Insights Market Res1$95kNA
Manager Senior Analyst1$94kNA
Market Research Manager3$94k
Medical Director1$94kNA
Director Of Epidemiology1$93kNA
Head Of Epidemiology1$93kNA
Scientist Structural Biology1$93kNA
Operations Research Analyst2$93k
Scientist II Internal Medicine1$92kNA
Bmc Bladelogic Solution Architect Sl Sem1$92kNA
Regional Medical Liaison Oncology2$91k
Senior Principal Research Investigator2$91kNA
Associate Director3$91k
Senior Statistician24$90k
Supervisor Op Support Services1$90kNA
Senior Research Investigator7$90k
Senior Programmer3$90kNA
Manager Incentive Compen Forecasting Modeling1$90kNA
Research Investigator Pharmaceutical Sciences2$90k
Project Leader Project Data Management1$90kNA
Associate Scientist Synthetic Chemistry1$90kNA
Research Investigator Chemical Sciences2$88kNA
Senior Epidemiology Specialist1$88kNA
Supervisor Web Development1$88kNA
Specialist Analyst Web Developer1$86kNA
Scientist I Chemogenetics1$86kNA
Internal Auditor1$86kNA
Research Investigator Bioanalytics1$85kNA
Project Manager4$84k
Biochemist And Biophysicists4$84k
Study Data Manager1$83kNA
Senior Statistical Scientist1$81kNA
Rotation Manager1$81kNA
Senior Statistical Programmer2$80k
Principle Statistician1$80kNA
Clinical Planning Manager1$80kNA
Research Investigator Bio Imaging1$79kNA
Specialist Metrics Sales And Commercial Effectiv1$79kNA
Senior Scientist1$78kNA
Research Investigator17$78k
Asp Specialist Project Supervisor Data Warehouse2$77k
Senior Statistician Mathematician2$76k
Computer Programmer1$76kNA
Scientist II Bioanalysis Dsar1$73kNA
Senior Information System Specialist2$73k
Senior Clinical Investigational Products Liaison1$73kNA
Project Supervisor Data Warehouse Decision Support1$72kNA
Project Supervisor Data Warehouse Decision Suppor1$72kNA
Biostatistics Programmer1$71kNA
Chemical Development Quality Manager1$71kNA
Supply Chain Project Manager1$70kNA
Specialist Incentive Compensation1$70kNA
Senior Analyst Quality Control Technical Services2$70kNA
Medical Writer1$69kNA
Manager Clinical Supply Chain1$69kNA
Dossier Lead Senior Specialist1$68kNA
Senior Programmer Biostatistics1$67kNA
Programmer Analyst Market Research1$67kNA
Senior System Engineer Team Services1$66kNA
Statistical Programmer2$66k
Scientist II3$66k
Postdoctoral Fellow Electrophysiology1$65kNA
Scientist I Biological Sciences1$62kNA
Scientist I8$62k
Global Publisher I4$61k
Specialist Field Performance Metrics1$61kNA
Associate Scientist Biochemistry1$60kNA
Associate Scientist Cancer Biology1$60kNA
Specialist Ic Administration1$59kNA
Specialist Statistical Programmer1$59kNA
Patent Coordinator1$59kNA
Senior Patent Assistant1$59kNA
Scientist II Cloning1$58kNA
Associate Scientist Medicinal Chemistry3$58k
Scientist I Cloning1$57kNA
Associate Scientist4$56k
Postdoctoral Fellow6$55k
District Sales Manager1$52kNA
Sales Professional2$52kNA
Scientist I Bioanalytics1$50kNA
Principal Gcp Q C Specialist1$43kNA
Medicinal Chemist1$42kNA