Sandforce Salary

A total of 25 real salary data listed for Sandforce.

Salary Average: $102,207
Salary Range: $76,128

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Firmware Design EngineerSandforce$122kSaratoga, CA (07/2009)
Asic Verification EngineerSandforce$125kSaratoga, CA (08/2009)
Senior Staff EngineerSandforce$96kSaratoga, CA (01/2009)
Asic Verification EngineerSandforce$80kSaratoga, CA (05/2009)
Asic Verification EngineerSandforce$90kSaratoga, CA (05/2009)
Asic Design EngineerSandforce$80kSaratoga, CA (05/2009)
Performance Modeling EngineerSandforce$120kSaratoga, CA (09/2010)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerSandforce$93kMilpitas, CA (08/2012)
Electrical EngineerSandforce$123kMilpitas, CA (07/2012)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerSandforce$93kMilpitas, CA (07/2012)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerSandforce$93kMilpitas, CA (09/2012)
Electronics Engineer Except ComputerSandforce$115kMilpitas, CA (03/2012)
Senior Software EngineerSandforce$85kSaratoga, CA (10/2010)
Principal Asic Engineer DesignSandforce$131kMilpitas, CA (11/2011)
Ssd ArchitectSandforce$115kSaratoga, CA (11/2010)
Software EngineerSandforce$95kMilpitas, CA (03/2011)
Principal Asic Engineer Physical DesignSandforce$123kMilpitas, CA (03/2011)
Firmware EngineerSandforce$80kMilpitas, CA (04/2011)
Principal Asic Engineer VerificationSandforce$124kMilpitas, CA (06/2011)
Senior Firmware EngineerSandforce$115kMilpitas, CA (06/2011)
Asic Design EngineerSandforce$110kMilpitas, CA (08/2011)
Senior System AdministratorSandforce$84kMilpitas, CA (08/2011)
Design Engineer Flash QualificationSandforce$94kMilpitas, CA (08/2011)
Asic Design EngineerSandforce$94kMilpitas, CA (08/2011)
Test Automation EngineerSandforce$76kMilpitas, CA (08/2011)