San Jose System Analyst Salary, CA

A total of 3,370 real system analyst salary data found within 25 miles of San Jose, CA.

Salary Average: $66,144
Salary Range: $20,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
System AnalystSatyam Computer Services$64kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystSatyam Computer Services$51kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystShell Soft$44kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystSatyam Computer Services$60kSanta Clara, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystInspira$60kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystHellosoft$44kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystAccenture$45kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystEpairs$45kCupertino, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystShell Soft$46kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystShellsoft$46kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystSanmina Sci$75kSan Jose, CA (01/2003)
System AnalystBlue Star Infotech America$60kPalo Alto, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystLsi Logic$89kMilpitas, CA (03/2003)
System AnalystIntegrand Information Systems$60kMountain View, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystAdvantech Automation$55kFremont, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystStanford University$77kStanford, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystShiekh$60kHayward, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystEtm Electromatic$42kNewark, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystSatyam Computer Services$64kSanta Clara, CA (02/2003)
System AnalystHexaware Technologies$44kSan Jose, CA (02/2003)