San Francisco Salary, CA

A total of 52,590 real salary data found within 10 miles of San Francisco, CA.

Salary Average: $86,145
Salary Range: $10,000

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior Clinical Research AssociateIcon Clinical Research$58kSan Bruno, CA (01/2003)
Software EngineerGlobal Cross Border Services$75kSan Bruno, CA (01/2003)
Software Development ManagerCayo Communications$90kSan Bruno, CA (02/2003)
Programmer AnalystAce Technologies$45kSan Bruno, CA (02/2003)
Case ManagerRealcare$36kSan Bruno, CA (02/2003)
Computer Programmer AnalystNational Staff Management Group$62kSan Bruno, CA (03/2003)
Research AnalystAmleis$36kSan Bruno, CA (02/2003)
Analyst ProgrammerAjilon Consulting$64kSan Bruno, CA (03/2003)
Market Research AnalystCord Blood Registry Systems$45kSan Bruno, CA (03/2003)
Senior Manager Construction EstimatingGap$77kSan Bruno, CA (04/2003)
Data Warehousing EngineerGap$70kSan Bruno, CA (04/2003)
Market Research AnalystCbr Systems$46kSan Bruno, CA (04/2003)
Management Analyst ConsultantLa Dora$42kSan Bruno, CA (04/2003)
Business AnalystGap$57kSan Bruno, CA (06/2003)
Programmer AnalystIndusa Technical$49kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)
Lead Business System AnalystGap$70kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)
Director Of System IntegrationRealtimeimage Rtimage$113kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)
Project ManagerGap$73kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)
Lead Software Development EngineerGap$86kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)
Forecast ManagerGap$88kSan Bruno, CA (05/2003)