San Carlos Research Associate Salary, CA

A total of 715 real research associate salary data found within 25 miles of San Carlos, CA.

Salary Average: $61,701
Salary Range: $27,165

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Research AssociateBayhill Therapeutics$43kPalo Alto, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateRoche Bioscience$46kPalo Alto, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateCytokinetics$60kSouth San Francisco, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$82kStanford, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateJ David Gladstone Institutes$56kSan Francisco, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateApplera$67kSouth San Francisco, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateMedimmune Vaccines$50kMountain View, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateTularik$52kSouth San Francisco, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociatePalo Alto Institute For Research Education$36kPalo Alto, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateTularik$48kSouth San Francisco, CA (01/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$50kStanford, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateEssential Therapeutics$55kMountain View, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateGenentech$48kSouth San Francisco, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$67kStanford, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$62kStanford, CA (02/2003)
Research AssociateRoche Palo Alto$46kPalo Alto, CA (03/2003)
Research AssociatePharmacia Corporation Sugen$52kSouth San Francisco, CA (03/2003)
Research AssociatePhoenix Pharmaceuticals$50kBelmont, CA (03/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$75kStanford, CA (03/2003)
Research AssociateStanford University$53kStanford, CA (03/2003)