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Allergist salary

28 salary found! Each salary record reflects a specific person's salary at a specific time.

Salary Average: $141,159
Salary Range: $62,775

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Pediatric AllergistAshok$145kPueblo, CO (07/2005)
Allergist ImmunologistExemplar$150kWeston, WV (04/2003)
Pediatric AllergistAshok Patel$145kPueblo, CO (01/2006)
Allergist ImmunologistWelborn Clinic$163kEvansville, IN (12/2006)
Allergist ImmunologistDeaconess Clinic$116kEvansville, IN (12/2008)
Physician Allergist ImmunologistWelborn Clinic$180kEvansville, IN (03/2006)
AllergistUniversity Of Utah$140kWest Jordan, UT (01/2012)
Molecular Allergist ImmunologistKelly Services$70kBethesda, MD (09/2004)
AllergistKansas Medical Clinic Pa$156kTopeka, KS (11/2013)
Allergist And ImmunologistMontefiore Medical Center$140kBronx, NY (03/2014)
Physician Allergist And ImmunologistGeisinger Clinic$160kKingston, PA (05/2014)
Physician Allergist And ImmunologistGeisinger Clinic$160kHazleton, PA (05/2014)
AllergistRheumatology Allergy Institute Of Connecticut$176kVernon Rockville, CT (03/2005)
Pediatrician Allergist ImmunologistKaza Medical Group$110kDover, DE (07/2005)
General AllergistEntaa Care Pa$133kGlen Burnie, MD (12/2005)
Pediatric AllergistPeninsula Allergy Asthma Associates$140kSalisbury, MD (06/2006)
Pediatrician AllergistAsthma Allergy Sinus Center$140kSandusky, MI (01/2007)
Staff Physician AllergistKansas Medical Clinic$180kTopeka, KS (06/2012)
Staff AllergistAllergy And Asthma Associates Of South Florida$175kMiami, FL (05/2006)
Pediatric Pulmonologist And AllergistMount Sinai Community Foundation$110kChicago, IL (06/2006)
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