Russia Salary, OH

A total of 40 real salary data found within 10 miles of Russia, OH.

Salary Average: $62,893
Salary Range: $28,080

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial OfficerMidmark$74kVersailles, OH (03/2009)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationMidmark$75kVersailles, OH (03/2010)
Director Of Mergers And AcquisitionsMidmark$150kVersailles, OH (03/2010)
Programmer AnalystMidmark$52kVersailles, OH (04/2010)
Programmer AnalystMidmark$43kVersailles, OH (04/2010)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationMidmark$70kVersailles, OH (11/2010)
Director Mergers And AcquisitionsMidmark$97kVersailles, OH (10/2007)
Web DeveloperMidmark$64kVersailles, OH (07/2008)
Design Development EngineerNorcold$47kGettysburg, OH (03/2004)
System AnalystNigasoft$45kRussia, OH (03/2004)
System AnalystNigasoft$55kRussia, OH (02/2005)
Programmer IPatni Computer Systems$37kCovington, OH (08/2004)
Prodcution SupervisorKerry$50kCovington, OH (06/2005)
Electrical Engineer Controls EngineerThe Minster Machine$76kMinster, OH (07/2012)
Financial AccountantThe Minster Machine$63kMinster, OH (11/2012)
Executive Admin Assistant TranslatorThe Minster Machine$30kMinster, OH (05/2012)
Electrical EngineerThe Minster Machine$71kMinster, OH (02/2011)
Financial AccountantNidec Minster$45kMinster, OH (03/2014)
Network Computer System AdministratorOne Way Transportation$40kHouston, OH (04/2006)
Programmer Configuration AnalystNew York Technology Partners$60kOakwood, OH (09/2008)
Programmer Configuration AnalystNew York Technology Partners$62kOakwood, OH (09/2008)
Director Indusrial DesignMaster Industries$68kPiqua, OH (09/2004)
Financial AnalystCrane Pumps Systems$83kPiqua, OH (06/2005)
Plant ManagerCummins$85kPiqua, OH (08/2005)
Psychology InstructorEdison State Community College$28kPiqua, OH (07/2006)
Application DeveloperCrane Pumps Systems$41kPiqua, OH (04/2008)
Financial AnalystCrane Pumps Systems$64kPiqua, OH (07/2008)
Financial AnalystCrane Pumps Systems$64kPiqua, OH (06/2009)
Computer Software Engineer ApplicationCrane$58kPiqua, OH (06/2012)
Quality Engineer IIIndustry Products$57kPiqua, OH (10/2011)
Project EngineerHartzell Fan$57kPiqua, OH (03/2012)
Senior Project EngineerHartzell Fan$87kPiqua, OH (07/2012)
Application DeveloperCrane$50kPiqua, OH (10/2010)
Mechanical EngineerHartzell Fan$87kPiqua, OH (07/2014)
Application Deployment SpecialistCrane$61kPiqua, OH (10/2013)
Business Development Manager MunicipalCrane$96kPiqua, OH (03/2014)
Data And Compliance ManagerCouncil On Rural Service Programs$40kPiqua, OH (02/2014)
Technical And Oem Sales Liaison ChinaHartzell Propeller$53kPiqua, OH (03/2014)
Siop LeaderCrane$95kPiqua, OH (03/2014)
Instructor Of MathematicsEdison Community College$38kPiqua, OH (05/2014)