Rockwell Collins Jobs

A total of 78 Rockwell Collins jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $75,827
Salary Range: $50,043

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Flight Controls Information System Ma1$173kNA
Director Cabin System Marketing1$158kNA
Director International Business Development2$149kNA
Principal Optics Engineer2$146k
Pr Technical Solution Manager1$140kNA
Optical Design Engineer2$130kNA
Principal Mechanical Engineer1$117kNA
Engineering Manager3$116k
Pr Program Engineer1$115kNA
System Architect Database Administrator1$115kNA
Principal Sales Support Manager1$115kNA
Principal System Engineer3$115k
Manager Ecommerce Solutions1$112kNA
Principal Sap Developer1$110kNA
Engineering Manager Metallurgist1$105kNA
Senior Engineering Manager5$104k
Principal Business Integration Analyst6$102k
Senior Programmer Analyst Sap1$100kNA
Pr Business Integration Analyst1$100kNA
Business Integration Analyst Computer System Ana1$95kNA
Senior Computer System Engineer1$94kNA
Senior System Engineer76$93k
Computer Programmer1$93kNA
Computer System Analyst6$92k
Senior Mechanical Engineer3$90k
Programmer Analyst Specialized System1$90kNA
Senior Technical Sales Specialist1$88kNA
Senior Integration Analyst1$88kNA
Senior Business Integration Analyst4$87k
Senior Sytems Engineer1$85kNA
Senior Software Engineer90$84k
Senior Business Integration Analyst Senior Sap Business1$84kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer4$83k
Software Developer System Software21$83k
Senior Softwre Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Data Warehouse Administrator1$82kNA
Mechanical Engineer9$82k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer24$80k
Senior System Engineer Onboard Maintenance Dataloa1$80kNA
Software Developer Application20$80k
Senior Program Manager1$79kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software14$75k
Senior Programmer Analyst Specialized System1$75kNA
Software System Engineer1$73kNA
Computer System Engineer Architect2$73k
Electronics Engineer1$72kNA
Aerospace Engineer5$72k
Computer Software Engineer Application24$71k
Senior Cnc Manufacturing Engineer1$70kNA
Electrical Engineer58$69k
Product Engineer1$69kNA
Flight Control Software Engineer1$68kNA
Junior Software Engineer1$68kNA
Senior Market Research Analyst3$68k
Softtware Engineer1$67kNA
System Engineer151$66k
Avionics System Engineer1$66kNA
Software Engineer185$66k
Product Safety Engineer3$65k
Systmes Engineer1$65kNA
Softwre Engineer2$65k
Senior Hardware Engineer1$63kNA
Test Engineer1$63kNA
Reliability Maintainability Safety Engineer1$63kNA
Test Equipment Engineer1$62kNA
Computer Sytems Analyst1$61kNA
Business Integration Analyst3$61k
Business Integration Analyst Sap2$61k
Project Engineer1$60kNA
Sap Software Developer1$60kNA
Rms Engineer3$60k
Systenms Engineer1$59kNA
State Tax Accountant3$56k
Material Planner Logistics Specialist1$55kNA
System Engineer Intern1$51kNA
Air Transport Statistician1$50kNA