River Edge Salary, NJ

A total of 34,734 real salary data found within 10 miles of River Edge, NJ.

Salary Average: $66,622
Salary Range: $12,307

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Programmer AnalystQuinnox$60kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Market Research AnanlystMavi America Sportswear$40kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Promotion ManagerOn Cue Management$43kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Senior ProgrammerMatsushita Electric Corporation Of America$74kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Promotions ManagerHazel Zoleta On Cue Management$43kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Associate ProducerMicrosoft$45kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
Associate ProducerMsnbc Interactive News$45kSecaucus, NJ (01/2003)
ArchitectMayo Lynch Associates$40kSecaucus, NJ (02/2003)
Software EngineerCybrid$60kSecaucus, NJ (02/2003)
ArchitectMayo Lynch Associates$40kSecaucus, NJ (02/2003)
Internet Programmer AnalystMatsushita Electric Corporation Of America$72kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Market AnalystZt Group International$35kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Internal AuditorGma Accessories$43kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Fashion DesignerK S Trading$45kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Physical Education Sports InstructorNasc$35kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Media Production Marketing ManagerNasc$47kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Market Research AnalystBernard Chaus$50kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Regional Physical Education Sports InstructorNasc$35kSecaucus, NJ (03/2003)
Business And Production AnalystMavi America Sportswear$47kSecaucus, NJ (04/2003)
Software Engineering ConsultantPremier Consulting Group$95kSecaucus, NJ (04/2003)