Rehabilitation Coordinator Employers

A total of 95 rehabilitation coordinator employers with salary information listed.

Salary Average: $50,326
Salary Range: $16,836

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EmployerCountAverageSalary Range
Romyst Home Healthcare1$81kNA
Rehabilitation Masters2$77kNA
Desert View Home Health1$76kNA
Wal Po1$74kNA
Continuum At Cortez1$65kNA
Continuumat Cortez1$65kNA
Precision Home Healthcare1$65kNA
American Medical1$64kNA
Prime Movers Physical Therapy1$64kNA
United Home Care1$62kNA
Diamond Home Healthcare1$62kNA
Better Healthcare Ot Pt Slp1$62kNA
Belinda Dolinsky1$61kNA
Achieve Rehab1$60kNA
A H Physical Therapy1$60kNA
Ability Works Rehab Services3$59k
Great American Home Care1$59kNA
Able Healthcare Services1$59kNA
Therapy Staff2$59k
Pace Rehab1$58kNA
Elite Home Healthcare1$58kNA
Home Therapy Services1$58kNA
Patients S Choice Home Healthcare1$58kNA
Prime Home Care1$58kNA
Unicare Rehabilitation1$58kNA
Healing Touch Home Care3$58k
Patient Choice Home Healthcare3$57k
Reche Canyon Convalescent Center1$56kNA
Healthstaff Employment Services4$56k
Michigan Therapeutic Solutions1$56kNA
Excellent Care Physical Therapy3$56k
Assured Care Home Health Services2$55k
Tenfu Rehab Medical1$55kNA
Healthcare Team1$55kNA
St Mark S Consulting1$55kNA
Caring Therapeutics3$55kNA
Flushing Rehab Medical1$55kNA
Access Plus Rehab1$55kNA
Access Physical Therapy Rehab1$55kNA
Open Arms Home Care1$54kNA
Supreme Rehab2$54kNA
Preferred Rehab Care1$54kNA
Comfort Care Home Health Services1$54kNA
Pointe Physical Therapy1$54kNA
St Marks Physical Therapy2$54k
Care Plus Home Health Services2$53kNA
Golden Age Home Healthcare2$53kNA
Caritas Healthcare1$52kNA
Manish Therapy Services4$52k
Sunshine Rehab Services2$52kNA
Us Rehab Services2$52k
Therapy Experts1$51kNA
St Mark S Physical Therapy1$51kNA
Top Rehab1$50kNA
Total Rehab Physical Therapy1$50kNA
Community Physical Therapy Rehab Center1$50kNA
Neocare Health Systems2$49k
First Michigan Home Healthcare1$48kNA
Doctors United7$48k
Hands On Physical Therapy Of Bayside2$48k
North Flatbush Medical1$47kNA
North Bronx Medical Healthcare2$47kNA
East Flushing Physical Therapy2$47kNA
Hurgada Physical Therapy1$47kNA
Central Home Healthcare1$46kNA
Caring Professionals Health Services4$46k
Hope Rehab P T1$46kNA
Success Rehab P T1$46kNA
Rehab Staffing10$46k
Williamsburg Physical Therapy1$45kNA
Bay Group Healthcare2$45kNA
Oakland Home Healthcare2$45k
Hands On Physical Therapy1$45kNA
Sky Medical1$45kNA
Open Arms Home Healthcare2$45kNA
Therapy Providers Of America1$44kNA
Home Health Of America1$44kNA
Plattsburgh Physical Therapy Sports Rehab1$43kNA
Mission Physical Therapy1$42kNA
Platinum Home Care1$42kNA
Gentle Pro Home Healthcare3$41k
Dimitrios Kostopoulos P T1$40kNA
Nyc Healthcare Staffing1$38kNA
Ace Home Care5$35k
Medwin Family Medicine And Rehab1$35kNA
Genesis Home Care1$34kNA
Rehabilitation Systems1$34kNA
Ace Home Healthcare1$29kNA
Abundant Home Health1$26kNA
Accucare Therapy Services2$25kNA
A Plus Home Healthcare1$25kNA
Fortune 500 Systems1$20kNA
Mcnally Systems1$17kNA