Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Jobs

A total of 109 Regeneron Pharmaceuticals jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $75,058
Salary Range: $35,360

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Clinical Sciences1$300kNA
Head Of Clinical Pharmacology1$270kNA
Senior Director Medical Affairs Immunology And Infl2$222k
Senior Director Red Mill Manufacturing Operations1$190kNA
Director Tactical Operations2$160kNA
Principal Technical Writer Clinical Finance1$152kNA
Director Biostatistics1$150kNA
Director Internal Manufacturing1$145kNA
Associate Director Quality Control Bioassay Development1$140kNA
Associate Director Drug Product Sciences1$140kNA
Clinical Program Manager1$125kNA
Associate Director Marketing Marketing Manager1$121kNA
Senior Manager Drug Product1$120kNA
Senior Manager External Manufacturing1$120kNA
Associate Manager Enterprise Lims1$120kNA
Manager Biostatistics2$120kNA
Senior Biostatistician3$115k
Executive Program Associate1$110kNA
Aegis Discoverant Administrator And Developer1$110kNA
Senior Program Manager1$108kNA
Scientist Pharmacokintetics1$107kNA
Associate Manager1$105kNA
Marketing Manager1$105kNA
Marketing Manager New Biotechnology Products In D1$101kNA
Associate Manager Clinical Trial Management1$100kNA
Program Manager3$99k
Staff Scientist10$97k
Oracle System Analyst1$95kNA
Senior Staff Scientist2$94k
Senior Quality Assurance Auditor1$94kNA
Manager Marketing1$94kNA
Process Development Engineer II1$93kNA
Bioanalytical IT Quality Specialist1$90kNA
Senior Procurement Analyst1$90kNA
Quality Control Lab Information Management Speci1$90kNA
Project Manager2$89k
Network Engineer1$87kNA
Scientist Bioinformatics1$86kNA
Senior Auditor1$86kNA
Senior Qa Auditor1$86kNA
Scientific Software Developer1$83kNA
Biologist Project Manager1$82kNA
Research Associate IV1$81kNA
Marketing Associate1$80kNA
Senior IT Auditor1$80kNA
Bioinformatics Programmer Analyst1$80kNA
Project Analyst2$79k
Senior Scientist1$79kNA
Scientist Biochemist3$79k
Automation Associate3$77k
Network Computer System Administrator1$76kNA
Biological Scientist Quality Assurance1$75kNA
Senior Program Coordinator1$75kNA
Drug Product Development Engineer1$75kNA
Process Development Engineer6$75k
Quality Control Scientist3$73k
Quality Control1$73kNA
Vivarium Operations Associate1$72kNA
Lims Analyst Developer1$72kNA
Statistical Programmer2$71k
Automation Associate III2$70k
Biological Scientist All Other1$70kNA
Flow Cytometry Operator1$70kNA
Analytical Scientist1$69kNA
Regulatory Associate1$68kNA
Associate Lims Analyst1$68kNA
Software Developer1$67kNA
Postdoctoral Scientist10$66k
Quality Control Associate2$66k
Research Associate III8$66k
Patent Liaison1$65kNA
Biological Technician2$65k
Bioanalytical Analysis Associate1$64kNA
Vivarium Associate1$64kNA
Project Associate1$64kNA
Senior Project Analyst1$63kNA
Research Associate Protein Sciences Purification3$63k
Research Associate Protein Sciences2$63kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Scientist2$63k
Automation Associate II1$61kNA
Process Scientist2$60k
Assay Development Associate1$60kNA
Project Associate I2$60kNA
Research Associate105$59k
Research Associate Neural Endocrine Biology3$59k
Research Associate II7$58k
Research Associate I1$58kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists3$58k
Environmental Health And Safety Specialist1$57kNA
Research Scientist1$56kNA
Research Associate Protein Expression Sciences2$56k
Research Associate R D1$54kNA
Research Associate R D Degenerativeorvasculardiseases1$54kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow1$54kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist3$53k
Research Associate Proteinexpressionsciences Choce1$51kNA
Research Associate Muscle Biology Group2$49k
Research Associate Es Cell Production2$49k
Associate Manager Biology1$49kNA
Biologist Manufacturing Associate1$44kNA
Manufacturing Associate1$40kNA
Quality Control Analyst3$38k