Rbc Capital Markets Jobs

A total of 246 Rbc Capital Markets jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $102,900
Salary Range: $42,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Managing Director Head Us Electronic Sales Tra1$300kNA
Director European Equity Sales1$200kNA
Computer Information System Manager1$200kNA
Head Of Executive Advisory1$200kNA
Financial Manager Branch Or Department4$151k
Computer Information Scientist1$150kNA
Front Office Application Developer1$150kNA
Research Analyst1$150kNA
Financial Examiners1$150kNA
Computer And Information System Manager1$150kNA
Treasurers Controller And Chief Financial Officer2$150kNA
Computer Scientist Global Arbitrage Trading1$150kNA
VP Fixed Income And Currencies1$150kNA
VP Gib1$150kNA
Associate Director Business Transformation1$150kNA
Investment Banker Consumer1$150kNA
Director Global Fixed Income Sales2$147kNA
Risk Framework Leader1$145kNA
Operational Risk Manager1$145kNA
Fixed Income Technical Lead1$145kNA
Senior Unix Developer Technology Operations1$145kNA
Quality Assurance Manager1$139kNA
Operations Research Analyst3$139k
Program Manager Global Arbitrage Trade IT1$138kNA
Senior Developer Gat2$132k
Senior Valuations Associate1$130kNA
Senior Valuation Manager Finance1$130kNA
Manager Quality Assurance1$130kNA
Financial Manager7$128k
VP Global Investment Banking6$128k
Senior Developer Sophis IT1$128kNA
Associate Director1$128kNA
Network Computer System Administrator1$127kNA
Senior Accounting Manager3$125k
Associate Director Senior Developer1$125kNA
Linux Engineer1$125kNA
Quantitative Developer Gat2$125k
Associate Gat1$125kNA
Hedge Fund Relationship Manager1$125kNA
Algorithm Engineer1$125kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$125kNA
Senior Valuation Manager Global Functions1$125kNA
Senior Developer Technology Operations1$125kNA
Computer Software Engineer System1$125kNA
Director Fixed Income1$125kNA
Associate Corporate Finance1$125kNA
Sales Agents Securities And Commodities1$125kNA
Trader Global Arbitrage And Trading1$125kNA
Software Developer Application13$125k
Research Technology Lead1$123kNA
Network And Computer System Administrator2$123k
Sophis Developer Technology Operations1$123kNA
Technical Lead Global Trade Management2$122k
Managing Director Corporate Finance2$120kNA
Director Salesperson Commodities1$120kNA
Director Global Debt Markets1$120kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst Technology Ope1$120kNA
Senior Quantitative Developer Wholesale Technol1$120kNA
Senior Developer Global Markets1$120kNA
Quantitative Analyst1$120kNA
Vp Application Developer Gat1$120kNA
Associate Director Financial Control1$120kNA
Trader Global Equities1$120kNA
Director Arbitrage And Trading2$120kNA
Research Analyst Global Research1$120kNA
Relative Value Analyst1$120kNA
Corporate Finance Associate Gib3$118k
Sophis Developer1$118kNA
Valuations Associate2$118k
Quantitative Analyst Gat4$118k
Senior Product Controller Finance Us Cm Global1$117kNA
Application Support Engineer Technology Operation1$116kNA
Coverage Trader1$115kNA
Director Of International Solutions1$115kNA
Director International Solutions1$115kNA
Vp Investment Banker Communications Media Ent1$115kNA
Vp Event Driven Strategies Desk Analyst1$115kNA
Equity Application Support Engineer1$115kNA
Ui Developer Global Equities1$115kNA
Vp Investment Banker Gibem1$115kNA
Research Analyst Healthcare1$115kNA
Senior Manager International Services1$115kNA
Associate Director Engineer Trade Plant Support1$115kNA
Associate Global Investment Banking3$115k
Financial Analyst Investment Banker1$115kNA
Computer System Analyst11$115k
Senior Application Support Analyst2$113k
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agents2$112k
Financial Analyst23$112k
Application Developer Gat1$110kNA
Senior Developer Gto5$109k
Computer Software Engineer Application10$108k
Computer Information Scientist Research1$106kNA
International Bond Dealer1$105kNA
Programmer Analyst Core Frameworks Bpm1$105kNA
VP Mergers And Acquisition Group1$105kNA
Credit Analyst2$105k
Senior Developer2$105k
Quality Assurance Analyst1$103kNA
Analyst Engineer Tradeplant Support1$102kNA
Corporate Finance Associate5$102k
Quantitative Financial Analyst Equity Arbitrage1$100kNA
Associate Structured Products1$100kNA
Senior Equity Analyst Financial Manager1$100kNA
Client Implementation Specialist1$100kNA
Business System Analyst Central Funding Technolo1$100kNA
Application Support Analyst Technology Operatio1$100kNA
Research Associate Global Markets1$100kNA
Market Risk Manager1$100kNA
Mortgage Products Valuations Associate1$100kNA
Application Support Specialist1$100kNA
Non Agency Rmbs Trader Fic1$100kNA
Business Analyst Back Office IT Wholesale Cm Us2$100kNA
Securities Commodities And Financial Services Sales Agent1$100kNA
Associate Engineer Equity Markets1$100kNA
Senior Trading Assistant Gem2$100kNA
Corporate Finance Associate Global Investment Ban1$100kNA
Valuations Associate Finance1$100kNA
Corporate Financial Associate Gib1$100kNA
Desk Sector Strategist Equity Markets1$100kNA
VP Due Diligence Risk Analysis1$100kNA
Credit Analyst Convertible Securities Origination1$100kNA
Senior Risk Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst Global Markets1$100kNA
Developer Programmer1$100kNA
Developer Gto1$100kNA
Quality Assurance Analyst Technology Operations2$99k
Gto IT System Analyst And Developer1$99kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software4$98k
Technical Specialist1$97kNA
Market Risk Manager Us Cn Global Functions1$95kNA
Financial Associate Debt Capital Markets1$95kNA
Analyst Application Production Support Gto1$95kNA
Market Risk Manager Us Cm Global Functions1$95kNA
Associate Financial Services Group1$95kNA
Associate Private Placements1$95kNA
Senior Developer Us Cm Technology Operations2$95kNA
Business Analyst Cm Technology Operations1$95kNA
Corporate Finance Associate Gibem3$95kNA
Securities Sales Fixed Income And Currencies2$95kNA
Associate Debt Capital Markets1$95kNA
Developer Trade Capture1$94kNA
Programmer Analyst5$93k
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst2$93k
Programmer Analyst Wholesale Cm1$92kNA
Trade Plant Support Analyst Engineer T O1$92kNA
Senior Storage Administrator1$92kNA
Risk Associate Global Arbitrage Trading1$90kNA
Senior Valuations Analyst1$90kNA
Salesperson Leverage Finance1$90kNA
Computer Application Support Analyst1$90kNA
Application Developer Gto1$90kNA
Senior Business System Analyst Information Techn1$90kNA
Equity Analyst1$90kNA
Business Analyst Finance IT1$90kNA
Developer Front Office1$90kNA
Junior Cmo Trader1$90kNA
Product Controller Finance Us Cm Global2$89k
Fixed Income Operations Controller1$88kNA
Relationship Manager1$88kNA
Business Analyst Wholesale Cm Us1$88kNA
Statistical Arbitrage Analyst1$85kNA
Senior Analyst Market Risk2$85kNA
Senior Risk Analyst Market Risk1$85kNA
Associate Direct Market Access1$85kNA
Trading Analyst Global Arbitrage Trading1$85kNA
Programmer Analyst Fidessa1$85kNA
Tax Analyst Specialist1$85kNA
Quantitative Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Business Analyst1$85kNA
Corporate Finance Associate Financial Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Structured Products Business Support1$84kNA
Developer Global Technology Operations1$83kNA
Senior Technical Service Analyst1$82kNA
Analyst Corporate Banking1$80kNA
Associate Single Stock Options Trading1$80kNA
Research Associate Health Care1$80kNA
Corporate Finance Analyst Gib1$80kNA
Risk Manager Financial Analyst1$80kNA
Derivatices Analyst Fixed Income Currencies1$80kNA
Associate Global Debt Markets1$80kNA
Senior Risk Analyst Group Risk Management Us Cm1$80kNA
Software Developer2$80kNA
Software Engineer Production Support1$79kNA
Senior Accountant1$79kNA
Developer Wholesale Cm Us1$78kNA
Junior Business Analyst Finance1$77kNA
Analyst Technology4$77k
Engineering Associate1$75kNA
Application Engineer Global Equity1$75kNA
P L Budget Analyst1$75kNA
Algorithm Engineer Gibem1$75kNA
Research Associate Global Research5$75k
Senior Structured Products Analyst Grm1$75kNA
Risk Analyst Group Risk Management Us Cm1$75kNA
Senior Production Support Analyst3$74k
Analyst Global Markets3$73k
Analyst Operation Financial Control1$72kNA
Senior Business Analyst Global Administration Financ1$71kNA
Developer IT Liquid Products1$70kNA
Analyst Municipal Finance2$70kNA
Financial Associate Global Markets1$70kNA
Analyst Global Arbitrage And Trading1$70kNA
Analyst Global Investment Banking1$70kNA
Analyst Gib1$70kNA
Analyst Gat1$70kNA
Analyst Municiple Finance1$70kNA
Associate Global Arbitrage Trading1$70kNA
Senior Accountant Financial Control1$70kNA
Senior Accountant Finance Uscm Global1$70kNA
Business Analyst Emerging Markets Sales1$70kNA
Securities Data Business Analyst1$70kNA
Corporate Finace Analyst Global Investment Bankin1$70kNA
Research Associate2$70kNA
Mortgage Trading Desk Assistant1$70kNA
Business Analyst Finance Group1$70kNA
Risk Analyst2$69k
Computer Programmer1$68kNA
Associate Client Implementation Team2$68k
Analyst Global Debt Markets2$68k
Municipal Finance Analyst2$66k
Accountant Auditor1$65kNA
Analyst Financial Control1$65kNA
Operational Risk Analyst Financial Analyst1$65kNA
U S Equities Analyst1$65kNA
Corporate Finance Analyst8$64k
Sales Strategy Assistant1$61kNA
Equity Research Associate Oil Gas1$60kNA
Equity Research Associate1$60kNA
Assistant Sales Analyst Equity Markets1$60kNA
Analyst Finance2$57k
Portfolio Strategist Fixed Income1$56kNA
Analyst Operations2$56k
Financial Analyst Associate1$55kNA
Accounting Analyst Finance1$55kNA
Portfolio Strategist1$53kNA
Technical Services Analyst I Infrastructure1$52kNA
Financial Analyst Rbc Daniels1$50kNA
Senior Investment Associate2$48kNA
Junior Financial Analyst1$42kNA