Quest Diagnostics Jobs

A total of 115 Quest Diagnostics jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $76,448
Salary Range: $29,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior Staff Pathologist1$210kNA
Senior Executive Operations1$207kNA
Marketing Manager1$178kNA
Director Specialty Marketing1$178kNA
Medical Hematopathologist1$160kNA
Staff Pathologist1$155kNA
Senior Lead Integration Engineer1$122kNA
Senior Enterprise Architect2$119k
IT Six Sigma Black Belt6$117k
Senior Product Manager Cardiology1$115kNA
Director Cytogenetics1$112kNA
Pricing Manager1$110kNA
Application Architect2$108k
Master Black Belt1$108kNA
Information Technology Director1$107kNA
Principal Scientist1$104kNA
Scrum Master1$104kNA
Industrial Engineer1$102kNA
Manager Sales Operations Planning Automated Te1$102kNA
Laboratory Director Forensic Toxicology1$100kNA
Senior Technical Specialist6$100k
Technical Engineer Gazelle1$99kNA
Principal Software Engineer1$99kNA
Senior Test Engineer2$99k
Web Developer Clarity Administrator2$98kNA
Senior Database Administrator4$98k
Lead Software Engineer1$96kNA
Software Developer Application8$96k
Lead Qa Engineer Performance Load Testing1$96kNA
Senior Software Engineer1$95kNA
Manager Application Development2$94kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application8$92k
Senior Developer Analyst1$92kNA
Technical Database Specialist1$92kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$91kNA
Senior Project Manager3$91kNA
Technology Research Specialist1$90kNA
Database Administrator5$90k
Senior IT Test Engineer2$89k
Senior Web Developer18$89k
Idaa Database Administrator2$89k
Project Manager1$88kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$87kNA
Regulatory Affairs Specialist1$85kNA
Software Quality Assurance Engineer And Tester1$84kNA
Black Belt2$82k
Web Developer14$82k
Clinical Laboratory Scientist III5$81k
Senior Programmer Analyst50$81k
Health And Safety Engineer1$80kNA
Regulatory Affairs Specialist II1$79kNA
Scientific Director1$79kNA
Manager External Communications1$78kNA
Manager Hospital Sales Operations1$78kNA
Load Test Performance Engineer2$78kNA
Clinical Correlations Statistics Project Manager1$78kNA
Six Sigma Black Belt7$76k
Computer System Analyst4$76k
Senior Business Analyst1$76kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer1$75kNA
Senior Scientist1$75kNA
Supervisor Corporate Accounting1$75kNA
Programmer Analyst II1$75kNA
Senior Business System Analyst8$74k
Senior Quality Assurance Analyst2$74k
Information Technology Support Analyst3$73k
Senior Financial Analyst Revenue Recognition An1$73kNA
Senior Data Analsyt1$72kNA
System Engineer2$71k
Senior Internal Auditor3$70k
Programmer Analyst5$69k
Manager Central Lab Processing1$68kNA
Qa Analyst II1$67kNA
Lead Performance Testing Quality Assurance Engineer1$66kNA
Quality Assurance Engineer1$66kNA
Technical Specialist Phd2$65k
Genetics Counselor3$64k
Senior Supply Chain Analyst1$64kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist Group Lead1$63kNA
Information Technology IT Support Analyst1$62kNA
Genetic Counselor1$62kNA
Senior Auditor4$61k
Clinical Laboratory Scientist II5$60k
Manager Specimen Processing4$60k
Group Lead Parasitology1$59kNA
Medical And Clinical Laboratory Technologist7$57k
Group Leader Medical Technologist1$57kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist31$56k
Health Informatics Analyst2$55k
Clinical Lab Scientist2$54k
Clinical Laboratory Scientist I16$53k
Internal Auditor1$53kNA
Medical Technologist II Microbiologist1$52kNA
Medical Writer3$51k
Associate Scientist1$50kNA
Associate Medical Technologist1$50kNA
Environmental Health Safety Engineer1$50kNA
Staff Auditor1$49kNA
Test Development Scientist II1$47kNA
Medical Technologist II4$46k
Laboratory Technologist Cytogenetics1$45kNA
Wellness Sales Team Lead1$45kNA
Medical Technologist I2$45k
Medical Technologist6$43k
Industrial Health Engineer4$43k
Industrial Health Safety Engineer1$41kNA
Fixed Asset And Inventory Specialist1$36kNA
Sales Representative I1$29kNA