Qualcomm Salary

A total of 7,447 real salary data listed for Qualcomm.

Salary Average: $86,712
Salary Range: $40,539

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior VP General ManagerQualcomm$286kSan Diego, CA (04/2010)
VP Engineering Product ManagementQualcomm$224kSan Diego, CA (10/2008)
Vp Engineering Product Management QchatQualcomm$210kSan Diego, CA (02/2007)
Director Of Hardware EngineeringQualcomm$195kSan Diego, CA (03/2008)
Director Asic EngineeringQualcomm$187kSan Diego, CA (03/2008)
Director Program ManagementQualcomm$180kSan Diego, CA (11/2008)
Senior Director EngineeringQualcomm$178kSan Diego, CA (07/2012)
Senior Director Hardware EngineeringQualcomm$176kSan Diego, CA (04/2011)
Director Of Program ManagementQualcomm$175kPalo Alto, CA (04/2008)
Senior Director Product ManagementQualcomm$173kCampbell, CA (10/2005)
Staff Digital Design EngineerQualcomm$168kSan Diego, CA (10/2007)
Staff System EngineerQualcomm$165kCampbell, CA (04/2008)
Senior Director TechnologyQualcomm$165kSan Diego, CA (04/2012)
Staff System EngineerQualcomm$163kSan Diego, CA (03/2009)
Director Program ManagementQualcomm$162kSan Diego, CA (03/2012)
Director Of Program ManagementQualcomm$162kSan Diego, CA (09/2011)
Senior Director Product ManagementQualcomm$160kCampbell, CA (03/2003)
Patent StrategistQualcomm$159kSan Diego, CA (08/2003)
Engineering ManagerQualcomm$158kSan Diego, CA (03/2012)
Senior Director Technology System EngineeringQualcomm$158kSan Diego, CA (10/2009)