Polo Ralph Lauren Salary

A total of 303 real salary data listed for Polo Ralph Lauren.

Salary Average: $82,573
Salary Range: $24,650

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Senior VP Design Director Of Women SPolo Ralph Lauren$500kNew York, NY (01/2011)
Fashion DesignerPolo Ralph Lauren$475kLyndhurst, NJ (03/2010)
VP Senior Design DirectorPolo Ralph Lauren$350kNew York, NY (05/2006)
Sales ManagerPolo Ralph Lauren$300kNew York, NY (02/2007)
VP Collection FootwearPolo Ralph Lauren$300kNew York, NY (01/2006)
Senior Creative Director For Women S Collection EvPolo Ralph Lauren$250kLyndhurst, NJ (06/2010)
Vp ArchitecturePolo Ralph Lauren$215kLyndhurst, NJ (12/2010)
President Footwear Women S DivisionPolo Ralph Lauren$200kNew York, NY (03/2007)
VP Creative DirectorPolo Ralph Lauren$200kLyndhurst, NJ (01/2010)
Senior Director Technical DesignerPolo Ralph Lauren$195kNew York, NY (09/2005)
Senior Director Design SweatersPolo Ralph Lauren$180kNew York, NY (04/2006)
Senior Director Creative Director Interactive AgPolo Ralph Lauren$175kNew York, NY (11/2006)
Director Production Lauren AccessoriesPolo Ralph Lauren$170kNew York, NY (06/2009)
Director Technical ServicesPolo Ralph Lauren$160kNew York, NY (04/2008)
Director Technical ServicePolo Ralph Lauren$160kLyndhurst, NJ (06/2008)
Design DirectorPolo Ralph Lauren$156kNew York, NY (04/2006)
Design DirectorPolo Ralph Lauren$156kNew York, NY (05/2006)
Supply Chain Operations Program ManagerPolo Ralph Lauren$150kNew York, NY (03/2007)
Senior Design Director SweatersPolo Ralph Lauren$150kLyndhurst, NJ (02/2010)
Director Technical ServicesPolo Ralph Lauren$150kNew York, NY (08/2005)