Polo Ralph Lauren Jobs

A total of 192 Polo Ralph Lauren jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $82,573
Salary Range: $24,650

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Senior VP Design Director Of Women S1$500kNA
VP Senior Design Director1$350kNA
VP Collection Footwear1$300kNA
Sales Manager1$300kNA
Senior Creative Director For Women S Collection Ev1$250kNA
Vp Architecture1$215kNA
VP Creative Director1$200kNA
President Footwear Women S Division1$200kNA
Senior Director Technical Designer1$195kNA
Senior Director Design Sweaters1$180kNA
Senior Director Creative Director Interactive Ag1$175kNA
Director Production Lauren Accessories1$170kNA
Director Technical Service1$160kNA
Director Technical Services2$155k
Senior Design Director Sweaters1$150kNA
Supply Chain Operations Program Manager1$150kNA
Senior Director Change Management1$145kNA
Design Director4$141k
Senior Dir Design Men S Outerwear Polo Amer Living1$138kNA
Fashion Designer15$132k
Director Men S Polo Roughwear1$130kNA
Director Product Development Women S Handbags1$130kNA
Senior Designer Black Label1$130kNA
Senior Denim Designer Mens Womens1$130kNA
Senior Director Product Design Outerwear1$128kNA
Director Sweaters1$127kNA
Senior Designer Knits1$126kNA
Director Of Accessories Polo Gents1$125kNA
Director Of Human Resources1$125kNA
Director Woven Division1$120kNA
Senior Designer Denim1$118kNA
Concept Designer3$118k
Senior Director1$117kNA
Senior Data Integration Specialist1$115kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$114k
Senior Designer Men S Outerwear1$114kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$112kNA
Designer Men S Outerwear1$110kNA
Senior Java Developer1$110kNA
Computer Programmer1$110kNA
Accountant And Auditor1$107kNA
Account Executive4$106k
Financial Analyst1$105kNA
Computer System Analyst2$105k
Flash Developer3$103k
Project Lead Analyst1$100kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst3$100k
Senior Conceptual Designer Blue Label Apparel Acces1$98kNA
Etl Developer1$98kNA
Senior Conceptual Designer Blue Label Apparel A1$98kNA
Project Manager New Emerging Media1$97kNA
Outerwear Designer1$95kNA
Senior Manager Design Operation1$95kNA
Developer II Information Technology1$95kNA
Director Global Store Planning And Design1$94kNA
Senior Designer Black Label Women S3$92k
Senior Designer7$92k
Architectural And Civil Drafters1$90kNA
Director Global Store Planning Design2$90k
System Manager Security Officer1$90kNA
Director Of Merchandising Operations1$90kNA
Designer Outerwear Roughwear Rrl1$90kNA
Senior Designer Polo Denim Supply Mens Womens1$90kNA
Sales Executive Collection Footwear1$87kNA
Senior Designer Women S Knits1$85kNA
Java Developer1$85kNA
Senior Technical Designer Women S Outerwear1$83kNA
Designer Women S Wovens1$82kNA
Outerwear Designer Men S1$82kNA
Art Director Web Design1$81kNA
Designer Men S Collection Footwear1$81kNA
Designer Ralph Lauren Collection1$81kNA
Senior Technical Designer Girls1$81kNA
Account Executive Collection Footwear1$80kNA
Technical Designer Women S Wovens1$80kNA
Senior Manager Creative Presentation3$80kNA
Sweater Designer Men S And Women S Rugby1$80kNA
Creative Senior Director1$80kNA
Senior Web Designer2$79kNA
Designer Outerwear1$78kNA
Senior Internal Auditor2$78kNA
Architect Except Landscape And Naval3$77k
Store Development Project Manager1$76kNA
Product Design Development Manager Japan Knits1$75kNA
Associate Designer Men S Roughwear1$75kNA
Web Designer1$75kNA
Production Manager2$75k
Project Manager Retail Architecture And Design1$74kNA
Wholesale And Retail Buyer Except Farm Products1$73kNA
Decorative Manager2$72k
Associate Designer Handbags Small Leathergoods1$72kNA
Design Associate Women S Blue Label1$72kNA
Interior Designer1$71kNA
Fabric And Apparel Patternmakers1$71kNA
Project Manager Fixtures Design1$70kNA
Project Manager Design Architect2$70kNA
Product Development Manager2$69k
Project Manager7$68k
Database Marketing Analyst1$68kNA
Designer Men S Polo Knits1$68kNA
Decorative Manager Polo Store Development1$68kNA
Designer Children S Wear1$68kNA
Business Analyst Wholesale Finance1$67kNA
System Engineer Network Security1$67kNA
Print Designer1$65kNA
Associate Technical Designer Girls1$65kNA
Project Manager Polo Store Development1$65kNA
Manager International Customer Logistics1$65kNA
Technical Designer9$64k
Design Associate Collections Sweaters1$63kNA
Associate Buyer3$62k
Product Manager Sweaters1$62kNA
Manager Home Showrooms1$62kNA
Director Creative Services1$62kNA
Product Manager Children S Chaps2$61k
Technical Designer Lauren Knits1$60kNA
Sales Analyst Women S Collection Footwear1$60kNA
E Commerce Analyst1$60kNA
Customs Compliance Analyst2$59k
Raw Materials Manager1$58kNA
Manager Men S Public Relations1$58kNA
Associate Designer Men S Knits1$57kNA
Associate Planner1$57kNA
Cad Designer1$56kNA
Design Assistant Polo Denim2$55kNA
Product Manager Rugby1$55kNA
3pl Operations Analyst1$55kNA
Designer Sweaters2$55k
Director International Store Development1$54kNA
Design Associate4$53k
Technical Designer Pattern Maker2$53k
Furniture Designer1$53kNA
Junior Project Manager3$52k
Associate Designer Rlx Outerwear1$51kNA
Product Manager Childrenswear1$51kNA
Merchandising Coordinator4$50k
Public Relations Coordinator1$50kNA
Merchandising Assistant Japan1$50kNA
Associate Designer6$49k
Product Associate Sweaters3$49k
Employee Communications Coordinator2$48kNA
Illustrator Concept Design Assistant1$48kNA
Fabric Associate Wovens1$47kNA
Design Assistant Lauren Dresses1$47kNA
Product Associate Knits Women S Black Label1$46kNA
Supply Chain Compliance Analyst1$46kNA
Men S Woven Shirt Designer1$45kNA
Production Associate2$45k
Assistant Designer Sweaters1$45kNA
Design Assistant American Living And Chaps1$45kNA
Logistics Analyst1$45kNA
Production Assistant Dresses1$45kNA
Talent Management Analyst1$45kNA
Design Assistant Men S Concept2$45kNA
Graphics Assistant1$45kNA
Account Manager Childrenswear American Living1$45kNA
Web Production Analyst1$45kNA
Product Design Assistant1$45kNA
Associate Materials Manager1$44kNA
Assistant Technical Designer Women S Sweaters1$44kNA
Assistant Designer Women S Sweaters2$44k
Planning Analyst1$43kNA
Associate Designer Men S Women S Denim2$42k
Merchandiser Product Development Coordinator2$42k
Design Executive Trainee1$42kNA
Fabric Assistant1$42kNA
Programmer Analyst1$42kNA
Assistant Designer5$42k
Transportation Analyst1$40kNA
Digital Asset Coordinator1$40kNA
Assistant Technical Designer Women S Knits1$40kNA
Forecast Analyst1$39kNA
Yarn Associate1$39kNA
Executive Trainee1$39kNA
Associate Production Manager1$38kNA
Design Assistant1$37kNA
Designer Mens Sweater1$37kNA
Assistant Designer Children Wear1$37kNA
Application Specialist1$37kNA
Assistant Manager1$36kNA
Associate Product Manager1$35kNA
Manager Of Photography Production1$35kNA
Product Development Coordinator1$34kNA
Associate Graphic Designer1$33kNA
Product Development Associate2$25kNA
Assistant Technical Designer1$25kNA