Phillipsburg Salary, OH

A total of 121 real salary data found within 10 miles of Phillipsburg, OH.

Salary Average: $60,432
Salary Range: $26,770

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Swine NutritionistNorth American Nutrition$66kLewisburg, OH (03/2009)
NutritionistThe Iams$79kLewisburg, OH (02/2004)
Poultry NutritionistNorth American Nutrition$66kLewisburg, OH (08/2006)
Research ScientistThe Iams$83kLewisburg, OH (01/2006)
LecturerCornell University$73kArcanum, OH (03/2003)
Postdoctoral AssociateBoyce Thompson Institute For Plant Research$30kArcanum, OH (12/2003)
Visiting Assistant ProfessorCornell University$45kArcanum, OH (09/2006)
Postdoctoral AssociateCornell University$34kArcanum, OH (12/2005)
Postdoctoral AssociateCornell University$36kArcanum, OH (07/2008)
Mis CoordinatorNysarc Nassau County Chapter$30kBrookville, OH (08/2003)
International Outsource Computer Support SpecialisGreen Tokai$33kBrookville, OH (10/2003)
Quality Assurance Management AnalystGreen Tokai$43kBrookville, OH (04/2004)
Animal ScientistProvimi North America$62kBrookville, OH (07/2012)
Rubber Process EngineerGreen Tokai$51kBrookville, OH (03/2013)
Mechanical EngineerIse Technology$51kBrookville, OH (04/2013)
Swine NutritionistProvimi North America$85kBrookville, OH (07/2012)
Injection Process EngineerGreen Tokai$51kBrookville, OH (03/2014)
Computer ProgrammerRna$48kEnglewood, OH (07/2004)
Design Project EngineerJergens Tool Mold$64kEnglewood, OH (04/2005)
Design Project EngineerJergens Tool Mold$64kEnglewood, OH (07/2005)