Pharmaceutics International Jobs

A total of 127 Pharmaceutics International jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $54,910
Salary Range: $27,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Associate Director1$120kNA
Senior Director Analytical R D1$115kNA
Director Of Technical Operations1$110kNA
Chemist Formulation Development1$110kNA
Assistant Scientist1$110kNA
Engineering Manager1$100kNA
Manager Of Aseptic1$95kNA
Director Of Business Development2$89k
Scientist Formulation Development1$85kNA
Director Business Development1$85kNA
Director Project Management5$85k
Senior Scientist1$85kNA
Associate Director Analytical Services1$84kNA
Software Developer Application1$81kNA
Senior Qa Manager1$80kNA
Manufacturing Chemist Lead1$80kNA
Chemical Engineer3$80k
Principal Scientist2$74k
Quality Assurance Manager3$73k
Project Manager2$72k
Manager Quality Assurance2$71k
Senior Formulation Scientist1$70kNA
R D Scientist1$70kNA
Quality Control Specialist1$70kNA
Manager Aseptic Manufacturing1$70kNA
Business Operations Specialists All Other2$70kNA
Manager Manufacturing Operations1$70kNA
Qa Specialist1$69kNA
Natural Sciences Manager4$68k
Associate Formulation Development1$68kNA
Human Resources Training And Labor Relations Specialists All Other1$68kNA
Financial Analyst1$67kNA
Development And Training Specialist2$67k
Group Leader Quality Assurance1$66kNA
Validation And Technology Transfer Analyst2$66k
Senior Quality Assurance Associate2$66kNA
Group Leader5$65k
Formulation Development Scientist3$64k
Physical Scientist All Other1$64kNA
Validation Technology Transfer Analyst1$63kNA
Qa Engineer1$62kNA
Senior Analytical Chemist2$62kNA
Technical Writer3$61k
Database Administrator2$60kNA
Lab IT Associate1$60kNA
Validation Technology Transfer Analsyt1$60kNA
Group Leader Analytical Services2$59kNA
Quality Control Specialist Pharma2$59k
Manufacturing Operations Analyst2$58k
Group Leader Microbiology Lab1$57kNA
Group Leader Chemist1$57kNA
Softgel Group Leader7$57k
Formulation Scientist15$57k
Principle Scientist2$57k
Formulation Specialist1$56kNA
Chemist II Analytical Services Dept1$56kNA
Quality Assurance Associate Inspection1$55kNA
Softgel Production Group Leader1$55kNA
Chemist Pharmaceutical Quality Control1$55kNA
Manufacturing Supervisor1$55kNA
IT Specialist6$54k
Senior Chemist2$53k
Analytical Chemist11$52k
Architect Except Landscape And Naval1$52kNA
Bio Statistician1$52kNA
Research Scientist1$51kNA
Lab IT Specialist4$51k
Microbio Chemist1$51kNA
Production Chemist2$51k
R D Chemist3$50k
Computer Programmer1$50kNA
Mechanical Engineer2$50kNA
IT Associate Laboratory1$50kNA
Qa Associate Production Manager1$50kNA
Qa Associate Aseptic Operations3$50k
Quality Assurance Associate6$50k
Maintenance Coordinator2$50k
Scientist I3$49k
Operations Analyst1$49kNA
IT Quality Assurance Analyst1$48kNA
Research Associate11$48k
Chemist III1$48kNA
Chemist Quality Control1$48kNA
Chemist I3$48k
Electrical Engineer3$47k
Quality Control Microbiologist2$47k
Softgel Production Chemist2$47k
Chemist II2$47k
Training And Development Specialist1$46kNA
Formulation Development Chemist1$46kNA
Quality Assurance1$46kNA
Quality Control Document Specialist1$46kNA
Formulation Scientist I1$46kNA
Architectural Engineer3$45k
Regulatory Affairs Associate1$45kNA
Regulatory Affairs Specialist1$45kNA
Formuation Analyst1$45kNA
Formulation Engineer1$45kNA
Soft Gel Production Specialist1$45kNA
Research Associat1$45kNA
Clinical Laboratory Scientist1$44kNA
Analytical Research Chemist4$44k
Formulation Analyst5$44k
Operations Research Analyst1$43kNA
Lab IT Administrator1$43kNA
Analytical Reseach Chemist1$43kNA
Validation Engineer1$42kNA
Laboratory Scientist1$41kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists1$41kNA
Research Technical Writer1$41kNA
In House Interior Designer Space Planner For Fac1$40kNA
Scientist Chemist1$40kNA
On Site Electrical Engineer1$40kNA
Compliance Officer1$40kNA
Biological Research Specialist1$37kNA
Biological Technician8$36k
Business Analyst1$35kNA
Pharmacist Intern1$31kNA
Satbility Group Associate1$27kNA