Pfpc Inc A Subsidiary Of The Pnc Financial Serv Jobs

A total of 56 Pfpc Inc A Subsidiary Of The Pnc Financial Serv jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $47,560
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Exec VP Chief Information Officer1$290kNA
Exec V P And Chief Information Officer1$290kNA
System Integrator II4$98k
Software Engineer IV12$84k
System Integrator I5$84k
Senior Software Engineer1$81kNA
Software Engineer1$80kNA
Alternative Investment Accounting Manager I1$73kNA
Application A P Lead2$72k
Software Engineer III15$70k
Investment Accounting Manager III1$70kNA
Application A P Senior6$64k
Software Qa Tester Senior1$62kNA
Application A P Intermediate2$59k
Alternative Investment Operations Mgr I1$59kNA
Alternative Accountant Operations Mgr I1$59kNA
Software Engineer II3$59k
Fund Acct Admin Nav Ops Investment Acct Supervis1$58kNA
Alternative Investment Operations Supervisor I1$55kNA
Training Specialist Senior4$55k
Legal And Compliance Associate Trade Finance1$54kNA
Investment Accounting Supervisor II5$54k
Alternative Investments Supervisor I1$54kNA
Tax Supervisor I2$52k
Fund Acct Admin Nav Ops Senior Investment Acct1$52kNA
Alternative Investment Accounting Supervisor I2$51k
Investment Accounting Supervisor I21$49k
Tax Supervisor1$48kNA
Senior Tax Analyst2$48kNA
Mutual Fund Administrative Specialist II1$45kNA
Mutual Fund Specialist II1$45kNA
Managed Account Specialist Senior1$43kNA
Alternative Investment Accountant Senior3$42kNA
Conversion Specialist Associate1$42kNA
Performance Report Analyst I4$42k
Senior Alternative Investment Accountant2$41k
Mutual Fund Administrator Specialist I1$40kNA
Tax Analyst8$39k
Reconciliation Specialist1$39kNA
Global Finance Associate1$39kNA
Senior Investment Accountant9$39k
Investment Accountant Senior17$38k
Alternative Investment Accountant II5$38k
Mutual Fund Administrative Specialist I1$38kNA
Senior Marketing Specialist1$36kNA
Software Qa Tester Associate1$36kNA
Investment Accounting Senior1$36kNA
System Support Specialist Associate2$36k
Managed Account Specialist4$35k
Managed Accounts Specialist1$35kNA
Investment Accountant Corp Actions Specialist II2$34k
Investment Accountant II47$34k
Alternative Investment Accountant I6$33k
Investment Accountant I52$32k
Corporate Actions Specialist I1$32kNA
Business Line Support Developer I1$31kNA