Pfizer Salary

A total of 1,385 real salary data listed for Pfizer.

Salary Average: $83,733
Salary Range: $28,662

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
VP Franchise Lead Dietary SupplemenPfizer$250kNew York, NY (06/2010)
VP Franchise R D Pain ManagementPfizer$250kNew York, NY (07/2010)
VP Franchise R D Pain ManagementPfizer$250kMadison, NJ (07/2010)
Medical Director Endocrine CarePfizer$235kNew York, NY (12/2009)
Chief ExecutivePfizer$235kCambridge, MA (02/2014)
Senior Director International PolicyPfizer$230kNew York, NY (07/2010)
Senior Corporate CounselPfizer$210kNew York, NY (08/2010)
Senior Corporate CounselPfizer$207kNew York, NY (09/2012)
Assistant Corporate Counsel Regulatory AdvisorPfizer$207kNew York, NY (11/2010)
VP Public Affairs And PolicyPfizer$201kNew York, NY (03/2008)
Head Of Medical And Clinical Affairs Latin AmericaPfizer$196kNew York, NY (06/2010)
Research Fellow Head Of Oncology Diagnostics ResePfizer$195kSan Diego, CA (11/2010)
Medical Director Endocrine CarePfizer$192kNew York, NY (11/2010)
Senior Director Head Of MetabolismPfizer$188kNew York, NY (01/2010)
Senior Director Market Access Leader Launched ProductPfizer$187kNew York, NY (01/2011)
Director Us Outcomes ResearchPfizer$185kNew York, NY (11/2005)
Director Us Otucomes ResearchPfizer$185kNew York, NY (11/2005)
Head Neuroscience GeneticsPfizer$184kCambridge, MA (05/2012)
Director Medicine Development GroupPfizer$179kNew York, NY (08/2010)
Natural Science ManagerPfizer$179kNew York, NY (06/2011)