Pfizer Jobs

A total of 549 Pfizer jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $83,733
Salary Range: $28,662

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Franchise R D Pain Management2$250kNA
VP Franchise Lead Dietary Supplemen1$250kNA
Chief Executive1$235kNA
Medical Director Endocrine Care2$214k
VP Public Affairs And Policy1$201kNA
Senior Director International Policy2$196k
Head Of Medical And Clinical Affairs Latin America1$196kNA
Research Fellow Head Of Oncology Diagnostics Rese1$195kNA
Senior Director Head Of Metabolism1$188kNA
Senior Director Market Access Leader Launched Product1$187kNA
Director Us Outcomes Research1$185kNA
Director Us Otucomes Research1$185kNA
Head Neuroscience Genetics1$184kNA
Senior Corporate Counsel4$183k
Director Medicine Development Group1$179kNA
Senior Director Head Population Research Cvmed1$179kNA
Medical Director Inflammation Da Specialty Bus1$175kNA
Senior Director Global Bt Quality And Compliance1$175kNA
Director Consumer Strategies And Business Operati1$172kNA
Chief Of Staff1$170kNA
Director Glp Bioanalysis Head1$170kNA
Director Safety And Risk Management1$170kNA
Medical Director World Wide Medical1$170kNA
Director Emerging Markets Strategy1$170kNA
Assistant Corporate Counsel Regulatory Advisor3$169k
Senior Director Business Innovation And Strategy1$166kNA
Senior Director1$162kNA
Director Worldwide Regulator Affairs Qaulity A1$161kNA
Director Team Leader Drug Product Support Europe1$158kNA
Director Drug Product Technical Services1$158kNA
Director Drug Product Support1$158kNA
Sales Manager1$156kNA
Senior Manager Finance1$150kNA
Senior Auditor Information Tech1$150kNA
Associate Director Md Global Medical Monitor1$150kNA
Senior Manager Information Strategy And Architect1$149kNA
Director Good Laboratory Practice2$149kNA
Senior Manager Market Access2$148kNA
Associate Director Clinical Project Manager1$147kNA
Regulatory Advisor1$146kNA
Supervisory Director Us Market Analytics1$144kNA
Senior Manager Cue Operations1$144kNA
Clinical Director2$143kNA
Senior Medical Director Team Leader2$142k
Associate Director Data Integration Architect1$142kNA
General Patent Advisor2$140k
Corporate Counsel Pgp Eucan3$140k
Global Product Director Oral Care1$139kNA
Director Local Clinical Leader1$139kNA
Director Dept Of Clinical Safety Risk Management1$139kNA
Director Molecular And Investigative Toxicology1$139kNA
Executive Director1$138kNA
Natural Science Manager2$138k
Associate Director Clinical Pharmacology2$138kNA
Project Manager Supply Network Planning2$135kNA
Senior Medical Director Diversified Products1$134kNA
Senior Technology Leader Enterprise Architecture1$133kNA
Senior Manager Us Outcomes Research2$133k
Scientist Manager Veterinary Operations1$131kNA
Manager Pricing And Reimbursement1$130kNA
Senior Program Scientist1$128kNA
Director U S Brands Lipitor1$128kNA
European Commerical Director1$128kNA
Senior Analyst Developer1$128kNA
Senior Manager Global Category Management Finance1$128kNA
Associate Director Development Operations1$127kNA
Senior Manager Epm Solution Delivery1$127kNA
Director Science And Medical Media Relations1$127kNA
Director Of Media Relations1$127kNA
Director Diagnostics Marketing Companion Animal1$127kNA
Director Cue Transformation Program1$126kNA
Associate Director Epidemiology6$125k
Medical Director8$124k
Director Oncology3$124k
Business Development Evaluation Generalist1$123kNA
Clinical Protocol Manager2$123k
Director Business Development1$122kNA
Director Safety Lead Worldwide Development2$122kNA
Associate Director Enterprise Performance Management1$121kNA
Clinical Pharmacology Lead Early Development Grou1$120kNA
Senior Manager Logistics Planning1$120kNA
Medical Director New Product Development Group1$120kNA
Associate Director Regional Medical Research1$120kNA
Regulatory Strategist Emerging Markets1$119kNA
Medical Director New Product Development Npd1$118kNA
Director Global Outcomes Research Lead Cox II Pro1$118kNA
Director Regional Medical Research Specialist2$118k
Clinical Research Platform Lead1$117kNA
Director Team Leader Rmrs2$117k
Principal Scientist Veterinary Pathologist1$117kNA
Senior Manager Medical Information1$117kNA
VP New Products Marketing Business1$116kNA
Director Licensing And Development2$116kNA
Director Worldwide Marketing1$116kNA
Technical Manager Bsg Emerging Markets1$116kNA
Principal Scientist Mathematical Modeler1$116kNA
Study Clinician Associate Director1$116kNA
Manager Product Strategist1$116kNA
Manager Senior Service Support Analyst2$115k
Senior Manager Strategic Planning1$115kNA
Senior Regional Brand Manager1$115kNA
Senior Manager U S Outcomes Research2$115k
Director Clinical Communications2$115kNA
Technical Design Lead Distribution1$115kNA
Medical Director Fragmin2$115k
Manager Bts P Q C Quality Analyst1$115kNA
Associate Director Computer System Qa Validation1$114kNA
Clinical Veterinarian1$114kNA
Manager Of Medical Affairs1$113kNA
Project Statistician1$113kNA
Senior Principal Scientist Immunologist1$113kNA
Clinical Director Ww Med Product Eg Oncology1$113kNA
Clinical Director Ww Med Product Eval Oncology1$113kNA
Director Of Medical Affairs1$112kNA
Senior Manager Latin America Global Poultry Veter1$112kNA
Senior Manager Knowledge Retention1$112kNA
Senior Manager Knowledge Retention And Transfer1$112kNA
Senior Manager Incentive Compensation Solution1$112kNA
Senior Manager Solutions Discovery1$112kNA
Manager Us Outcomes Research1$111kNA
Corporate Counsel3$111k
Manager Global Pricing Oncology Asia Region2$110k
Clinical Pharmacology Manager1$110kNA
Manager Clinical Research Statistics And Pharmath1$110kNA
Senior Project Manager Associate Director1$110kNA
Director Strategic Management Group1$110kNA
Associate Product Manager1$110kNA
Associate Director Wwps Supply Chain Management1$110kNA
Associate Director Clincal Lead1$110kNA
Medical Director Worldwide Medical Cvmed1$110kNA
Senior Marketing Manager Cardiovascular Group1$110kNA
Director Clinical Development1$110kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application1$109kNA
Molecular Cellular Biochemist1$109kNA
Senior Manager Medical Affairs Toddler1$108kNA
Director Worldwide Outcomes Research1$108kNA
Director Portfolio And Decision Analysis Group1$108kNA
Senior Medical Director1$108kNA
Senior Director Worldwide Outcomes Research1$108kNA
Regulatory Submission Lead1$107kNA
Manager Chemistry Manufacturing And Controls1$107kNA
Principal Scientist System Pharmacology1$107kNA
Associate Director Manager3$106kNA
Senior Manager Business Information Analysis1$106kNA
Manager Planning And Forecasting Support1$106kNA
Pharmacometrician System Biologist1$106kNA
Nonclinical Statistician1$106kNA
Manager Clinical Pharmacology Lead2$106kNA
Manager Logistics Research Modeling1$105kNA
Director Global Product Safety Surveillance2$105k
Senior Manager Outcomes Research5$105k
Senior Technical Advisor Business Intelligence1$105kNA
Principal Scientist Researcher1$105kNA
Clinical Research Statistician Phtx Statistics Ne1$105kNA
Manager Clinical Statistician1$105kNA
Manager Global Marketing Research1$105kNA
Director Biologicals Development Process Forml1$104kNA
Worldwide Head Of Sops And Training1$104kNA
Senior Manager Portfolio Decision Analysis Group1$104kNA
Senior Manager Solutions Delivery1$104kNA
Manager Research Informatics1$104kNA
Project Manager Research Informatics1$104kNA
Senior Finance Manager2$103k
Senior Scientist Adc Development Program1$103kNA
IT Program Manager3$103k
Manager Of Biostatistics1$103kNA
Associate Director Phase I And Technical Services1$103kNA
Senior Regional Medical Research Specialist2$102k
Associate Director Business Intelligence Program1$102kNA
Senior Project Manager2$102k
Clinical Programmer1$101kNA
Director Portfolio Decision Analysis1$101kNA
Director Lipitor Global Market Analytics1$101kNA
Quality Operations Manager1$101kNA
Senior Scientist Synthetic Chemist1$100kNA
Senior Scientist Vm Discovery1$100kNA
Principal Scientist Global Biologics1$100kNA
Manager Clinical Pharmacology10$100k
Mgr Business Intelligence Information Manage1$100kNA
Supply Chain Manager1$99kNA
Regulatory Submission Lead Pdm1$99kNA
Associate Director9$99k
Validation Engineer1$98kNA
Manager Worldwide Outcomes Research3$98k
Principle Scientist1$98kNA
Senior Scientist Vaccine Research1$98kNA
Senior Scientist Pk Pd Modeling And Simulation1$98kNA
Director Of Disease Modeling And Economic Analysis1$98kNA
Manager Statistician Nonclinical Pharmatherapeut1$98kNA
Senior Scientist Pharmaceutical Process1$97kNA
Manager Livestock Biologicals1$97kNA
Manager Mobile Application Developer2$97kNA
Senior Director Development Business Operations1$96kNA
Principal Research Scientist2$96k
Senior Scientist In Vitro Pharmacodynamics1$96kNA
Manager Application Engineer1$96kNA
Senior Manager Outcome Research1$96kNA
Medical Director Worldwide Medicine Cvmed1$96kNA
Chemistry Coordinator1$95kNA
Scientist Aic Chemistry1$94kNA
Senior Scientist Vaccines Research1$94kNA
Scientific Data Management Analyst2$94kNA
Senior Principal Scientist21$94k
Senior Scientist System Biology Group1$94kNA
Manager Strategic Planning2$94k
Global Pricing Associate1$94kNA
System Pharmacologist Pkpd1$94kNA
Director Team Leader Drug Product Support1$94kNA
Senior Validation Engineer2$93k
Project Management System Coordinator2$93k
Lead Scientist Organometallic Chemistry1$93kNA
Associate Director Research Informatics1$93kNA
Associate Director Data Center1$93kNA
Associate Business Analyst1$93kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists7$92k
Director Team Leader U S Cattle Marketing1$92kNA
Manager Worldwide Organizational Effectiveness1$92kNA
Manager Head Of Glp Bioanalysis1$92kNA
Statistical Programmer Associate1$92kNA
Senior Director Head Of Development Operations1$92kNA
Patent Information Scientist2$92k
Senior Project Manager System Coordinator2$92k
Global Metadata Standards Manager5$92k
Senior Manager4$91k
Computational Scientist1$91kNA
Senior Principal Scientist Project Leader1$91kNA
Clinical Statistician Neuroscience1$91kNA
Manager Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamic1$91kNA
Medical Director New Product Development1$91kNA
Biostatistician Associate Director1$91kNA
Manager Of Biometrics Veterinary Medicine R D3$91k
Senior Manager Information Technology1$91kNA
Bioinformatics Senior Software Developer1$91kNA
Manager Of Statistician Nonclinical Pharmatherap1$91kNA
Mgr Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics1$91kNA
Senior Associate Director1$91kNA
Senior Scientist Integrative Metabolism1$90kNA
Star Programmer1$90kNA
Technical Lead Manager1$90kNA
Manager Senior Advisor Senior System Analyst1$90kNA
Senior Internal Auditor2$90k
Manager Clinical Programming1$90kNA
Manager Dairy Veterinary Operations1$90kNA
Manager Senior Coordinator Non Clinical Statistics2$90kNA
Senior Scientist Neurodegenerative Disease Resear1$90kNA
Organizational Research Manager1$90kNA
Senior Associate Solutions Delivery1$90kNA
Manager Outcomes Research2$90k
Senior Gxp Compliance Engineer1$89kNA
Project Leader2$89k
Veterinary Scientist Outcomes Research1$89kNA
Clinical Research Statistician1$89kNA
Project Manager3$89k
Clinical Statistician Manager1$89kNA
Manager Statistician1$89kNA
Medical Director Worldwide Medical1$88kNA
Associate Scientist I1$88kNA
Dairy Production Specialist1$88kNA
Senior Manager Global Market Analytics Lipitor1$88kNA
Manager Business Information Analysis1$88kNA
Production Supply Analyst1$87kNA
Operations Planner1$87kNA
Senior Real Estate Manager2$87k
Principal Scientist88$87k
Senior Compliance Auditor1$86kNA
Manager Project Statistician2$86k
Manager Gxp Engineer1$86kNA
Senior Manager Business Technology1$86kNA
Senior Associate Epidemiology Data Analyst1$86kNA
Senior Scientist Global Safety Pharmacology1$86kNA
Manager Worldwide Regulatory Strategy1$86kNA
Senior Scientist Medicinal Chemistry1$86kNA
Clinical Study Manager2$86k
Full Development Team Leader1$86kNA
Veterinary Specialist3$86k
Senior Manager Incentive Compensation Solutions2$86kNA
Senior Business System Analysrt1$86kNA
Associate Manager Strategic Sales Development1$85kNA
Production Support Analyst1$85kNA
Associate Director Safety Leader1$85kNA
Nonclinical Biostatistics Manager1$85kNA
Manager Veterinary Medicine Research Develop1$85kNA
Senior Research Application Coordinator1$85kNA
Clinical Pharmacologist4$85k
Design Chemist1$85kNA
Senior Support Engineer2$85k
Assistant Sas Programmer II2$85k
Senior Global Product Manager1$85kNA
Senior Scientist Pharmacological Chaperones1$84kNA
Quantitative Pharmacologist Senior Scientist1$84kNA
Cellular Biologist1$84kNA
Computational Chemist1$84kNA
Senior Manager Worldwide Hiv Marketing2$84k
Senior Accountant2$84k
Staff Pathologist1$84kNA
Senior Advisor7$84k
Advisor Associate Scientific App Developer1$84kNA
Senior Scientist Chemistry Department1$84kNA
Clinical Programmer Point Of Contact1$84kNA
Process Scientist1$84kNA
Senior Associate Sas Programmer1$84kNA
Manager Quality Assurance Professional Vendor A1$84kNA
Senior Scientist Culture Process Development1$84kNA
Senior Regulatory Associate2$84kNA
Senior Associate Clinical Study Manager2$83k
Associate Director Global Communications2$83k
Protein Biochemist2$83k
Manager Clinical Programming And Writing2$83k
Senior Director Oncology1$83kNA
Biostatistician Nonclinical2$83k
Senior Manager Data Warehousing1$83kNA
Business Analyst Professional1$83kNA
Biotherapeutic Formulation Development Senior Scie1$83kNA
Operations Support Manager1$83kNA
Senior Scientist Purification Process Development1$83kNA
Synthetic Organic Chemist1$83kNA
Senior Business Operations Analyst1$83kNA
System Architect1$82kNA
Senior IT Auditor3$82k
Senior Scientist153$82k
Process Engineer2$82k
Associate Technical Specialist3$82k
Senior Process Technologist2$82kNA
Clinical Portfolio Analyst4$82k
Senior Scientist I1$82kNA
Scientist III1$82kNA
Research Scientist II1$82kNA
Veterinary Pathologist1$81kNA
Senior Research Scientist9$81k
Fresh Cow Reproduction Manager1$81kNA
Application Engineer3$81k
Formulation Scientist1$80kNA
Business Team Consultant1$80kNA
Manager Global Clinical Data Services1$80kNA
Replenishment Manager1$80kNA
Senior Research Scientist II Biology1$80kNA
Manager Portfolio Decision Analysis1$80kNA
Molecular Database Specialist1$80kNA
Principal Scientist Analytical Research Develop1$80kNA
Analytical Scientist1$80kNA
Senior System Specialist2$80k
Research Associate Consumer Insights Sensory Group1$80kNA
Manager Clinical Pharmacokinetics Pharmacodynamics2$80k
Senior Supervisor Production Operations1$80kNA
Veterinary Operations Reproductive Specialist2$80k
Chemical Information Scientist2$79k
Validation Specialist III1$79kNA
Analytical Biochemist1$79kNA
Manager Clinical Pk Pd2$79k
Technical Expert2$79k
Senior Advisor System Analyst2$79kNA
Clinical Programmer Manager2$78kNA
Research Statistician1$78kNA
Instrument Specialist2$78k
Senior Bioanalyst Scientist2$77k
Middle Tier System Architect2$77k
Director U S Biologicals Clinical Development1$77kNA
Manager Clinical Research Investigator1$76kNA
Manager Clinical Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic1$76kNA
Director Strategic Planning1$76kNA
Senior Software Developer1$76kNA
Scientific Application Developer3$76k
Medical Scientist7$76k
Clinical Pharmacokineticist1$75kNA
Manager Associate Director1$75kNA
Senior Scientist Team Leader1$75kNA
Senior Research Investigator2$75k
Pricipal Scientist1$75kNA
Financial Analyst9$75k
Maintenance Engineer1$75kNA
Quality Assurance Technical Consultant1$75kNA
Scientist Protein Biochemist1$74kNA
Immunoassay Scientist1$74kNA
Regional Medical Service Liaison1$74kNA
Principal Scientist Fermentation Group1$74kNA
Senior System Analyst6$74k
Senior Associate Scientist Hematology1$74kNA
Technical Service Scientist2$74kNA
Technical Services Scientist1$74kNA
Manager Dermatology Department1$74kNA
Clinical Statistician1$74kNA
Manager Information Technology Quality Assurance1$74kNA
Senior Associate Global Clinical Data Services2$74k
Biostatistician Clinical3$73k
Director Project Statistician Biostatistics Report1$73kNA
Life Scientist R2$73kNA
Senior Associate Regulatory Strategy Worldwide1$73kNA
Senior Associate Business Analyst1$73kNA
Validation Specialist1$73kNA
Senior Clinical Research Investigator II1$73kNA
Project Manager Continuous Improvement1$72kNA
Scientific Developer1$72kNA
Senior System Engineer1$72kNA
Research Scientist Bioassay Development1$72kNA
Senior Scientist Pet Radiochemistry Bioimaging C1$72kNA
Research Scientist11$71k
Computer And Information System Manager1$71kNA
Medical Clincial Pharmacokinetics Pharma1$71kNA
Manager Pharmacokinetics2$71k
Statistician Manager1$70kNA
Manager Fresh Cow Reproduction3$70k
Senior Professional Data Analyst1$70kNA
Scientific Appl Developer1$70kNA
Senior Associate10$70k
Senior Principal Pre Clinical Writer1$70kNA
Manager Senior Manager Quantitative Animal Genetics2$69kNA
Senior Validation Specialist1$69kNA
Senior Principal Pathologist1$69kNA
Senior Associate Data System2$69k
Clinical Regulatory Submissions Scientist2$69k
Director Early Clinical Leader Clinical Sciences1$69kNA
Associate Research Scientist1$68kNA
Associate Manager Market Analytics1$68kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Biology1$68kNA
Associate Research Fellow1$68kNA
Senior Business Analyst1$68kNA
Clinical Research Investigator5$68k
Senior Scientist Pat Projects1$68kNA
System Analyst7$68k
Manager Biostatistics And Reporting2$67k
Scientist Assistant Scientist II1$67kNA
Operations Specialist1$67kNA
Bioinformatics Developer Professional1$67kNA
Sas Programmer II1$67kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Biochemist1$67kNA
Quality Assurance Professional5$67k
Financial Analyst Financial System Services1$67kNA
Associate Bioinformatics Developer2$67kNA
Principal Scientist Pathologist1$67kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Rtc1$67kNA
Director Regulatory Affairs1$66kNA
Regulatory Affairs Manager2$66kNA
Manager Business Information And Analysis1$65kNA
Senior Process Engineer1$65kNA
Quality Control Validation Engineer1$65kNA
Process Research Scientist1$65kNA
Finance Manager1$65kNA
Senior Associate Statistical Analyst2$64k
Manager Clinical Biostatistics1$64kNA
Medicinal Chemist2$64k
Quantitative Associate Scientist2$64k
Associate Scientist Chemistry2$64k
Postdoctoral Fellow Genetics Computational Biolo1$63kNA
Supply Chain Project Manager1$63kNA
Quality Assurance Specialist3$63k
Bt Ads Ts Advisor1$63kNA
Advisor Product Quality Comp Site Support1$63kNA
Manager Biologicals Clinical Development1$63kNA
Scientist Chemist2$63k
Research Associate5$63k
Scientist II1$63kNA
Scientist Research Chemist1$63kNA
Manager Technical Services Latin America1$63kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Purification Process De1$63kNA
Manager Portfolio And Decisions Analysis Group2$63k
Senior Procurement Analyst1$62kNA
Database Consultant1$62kNA
Database Administrator1$62kNA
Senior Clinical Research Associate1$62kNA
Scientist Chemistry3$62k
Us Regulatory Affairs Mgr1$62kNA
Senior Associate Scientist II3$61k
Planning Leader For Dietary Supplements3$61k
Group Leader1$61kNA
Team Leader Packaging Operations1$61kNA
Associate Director Global Safety Leader1$61kNA
Engineer Scientist1$61kNA
Director Global Marketing Research1$61kNA
Biointegration Specialist1$60kNA
Decisions Analyst Senior Manager1$60kNA
Quality Assurance1$60kNA
Gloabal Manufacturing Compliance Specialist1$60kNA
Senior Associate Scientist Toxicological Sciences1$60kNA
Operations Support Coordinator1$60kNA
Senior Research Associate5$59k
Senior Associate Scientist119$59k
Operations Research Analyst1$59kNA
Manufacturing Professional1$58kNA
Senior Assistant Scientist3$58k
R II Senior Associate Scientist1$58kNA
Clinical Research Associate1$58kNA
Industrial Postdoctoral Neuroscience1$58kNA
Study Specialist1$58kNA
Global Finance Decision Support1$58kNA
Process Technologist1$57kNA
Animal Scientist1$57kNA
Statistical Analyst1$57kNA
Import Export Customer Service Representative2$57k
Senior Associate Scientist Chemist1$56kNA
Computer Scientist1$56kNA
Team Leader1$56kNA
Manufacturing Coordinator1$56kNA
Associate Scientist24$56k
Postdoctoral Scientist1$56kNA
Research Associate II1$56kNA
Associate Scientist Cvmed Diabetes Bic2$55k
Postdoctoral Fellow Oncology1$55kNA
Clinical Scientist4$54k
Senior Research Specialist1$54kNA
Process Supervisor1$54kNA
System Analyst Senior Advisor1$54kNA
Strategic Alliance Principal I1$53kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Immunology And Autoimmunity1$53kNA
Associate Scientist Ex Vivo Pharmacologist1$53kNA
Associate Scientist Pharmacologist1$53kNA
Research Chemist1$53kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Scientist2$53k
Associate Engineer1$52kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow62$52k
Territory Manager Dairy1$52kNA
Senior Manager Market Research1$52kNA
Senior Principal Investigator1$52kNA
Regulated Bioanalytical Associate Scientist1$52kNA
Associate Clinical Tech Data Management1$51kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Neuroscience Research Unit1$51kNA
Global Finance Decision Support Coe Specialized An1$51kNA
Manager Worldwide Hiv Marketing Team2$51kNA
Quality Assurance Quality Control Professional III1$50kNA
Manager Clinical Progr Repr1$49kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow Neuroscience1$48kNA
Associate Scientist Biology1$48kNA
Associate Scientist II3$47k
Clinical Pharmacokinetics1$47kNA
Postdoctoral Research Fellow2$47k
Chemical Engineer1$45kNA
Software Engineer Automation Engineer1$44kNA
Assistant Scientist2$44k
Assistant Scientist II3$43k
Research Scientist I1$39kNA
Assistant Scientist II Chemistry1$39kNA
Business Analyst And Customer Support1$38kNA
Analysis Reporting Change Control Manager1$37kNA
Electronics Submission Specialist1$37kNA
Laboratory Professional1$33kNA
Project Coordinator Clinical Trial Rel Mang1$29kNA