Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center Jobs

A total of 75 Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $117,317
Salary Range: $38,600

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Pediatric Neurosurgeon1$350kNA
Surgeon Assistant Professor Of Orthopedics1$345kNA
Neuroradiologist Neurointerventionalist1$325kNA
Associate Professor Of Radiology1$300kNA
Assistant Prof Of Radiology Neuroradiologist1$290kNA
Assistant Professor Staff Pediatric Radiologist1$290kNA
Assistant Professor Of Radiology6$283k
Assistant Professor Physician Dept Of Orthopedics1$275kNA
Assistant Professor Orthopedics2$275kNA
Assistant Professor Of Surgery7$238k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Surgery1$225kNA
Transplant Surgeon Assistant Professor Of Surgery3$222k
Visiting Associate Professor Of Surgery1$220kNA
Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology2$217k
Associate Professor Cardiology1$210kNA
Physician Cardiac Electrophysiology1$210kNA
Associate Professor Of Cardiology1$210kNA
Assistant Professor In Orthopaedics3$210kNA
Assistant Professor Of Orthopaedics Staff Physician2$210kNA
Associate Professor Pediatric Otolaryngology1$209kNA
Assistant Prof Of Radiology Body Imaging Radiologist1$206kNA
Neuroradiologist Instructor1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Surgery Staff Physician1$200kNA
Assistant Professor Of Medicine12$181k
Assistant Professor Of Pyschiatry1$178kNA
Associate Professor Of Psychiatry2$177kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pathology1$176kNA
Assistant Professor Of Psychiatry12$175k
Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology4$171k
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics3$166k
Physician Assistant Professor Of Medicine1$165kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics Clinical Physici1$160kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor5$157k
Assistant Professor Of Neurology2$155kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics Pediatric Hospit1$150kNA
Visiting Assistant Professor Anesthesiology1$143kNA
Assistant Professor Of Pediatric Pulmonology1$140kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist1$138kNA
Pediatric Cardiologist Assistant Professor10$138k
Instructor Physician1$138kNA
Staff Physician1$138kNA
Associate Professor Of Cardiology Physician1$136kNA
Assistant Professor Of Cardiology Physician1$136kNA
Assistant Professor4$130k
Visiting Assistant Professor Of Anesthesiology2$130k
Assistant Professor Of Medicine Physician1$130kNA
Medical Physicist1$130kNA
Visiting Associate Professor Of Anesthesiology8$127k
Pediatric Pulmonologist Assistant Professor1$120kNA
Associate Professor1$120kNA
Assistant Professor Department Of Pediatrics1$100kNA
Attending Physician Instructor Rheumatology3$98kNA
Fellow Instructor3$92k
Assistant Professor Psychologist1$86kNA
Physician Instructor2$75k
Physician Instructor Radiology1$75kNA
Instructor Of Pediatrics Staff Physician1$65kNA
Penn State Milton S Hershey Medical Center1$59kNA
Medical Fellow31$57k
Medical Resident Fellow2$55kNA
Pgy IV Fellow1$54kNA
Physician In A Post Graduate Training Program2$54kNA
Resident Physician1$51kNA
Medical Fellow Neonatology2$50k
Medical Resident63$50k
Neurosurgery Resident1$48kNA
Allergy Immunology Fellow1$48kNA
Medical Resident Psychiatry1$46kNA
Medical Resident Internal Medicine1$46kNA
Internal Medicine And Pediatrics Resident1$44kNA
Medican Resident Internal Medicine1$44kNA
Neuropsychology Fellow1$39kNA