Partners Healthcare System Jobs

A total of 117 Partners Healthcare System jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $59,358
Salary Range: $30,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Team Lead II Medication Informatician1$134kNA
Database Administrator1$113kNA
Computer Programmer1$108kNA
Team Leader II3$104k
Assistant Director For Global Program1$100kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software1$99kNA
Senior Licensing Associate1$95kNA
System Programming Specialist2$93k
Project Specialist3$92k
Software Engineer II1$91kNA
Team Leader7$89k
Team Lead1$88kNA
Case Manager II Corp Research Ventures1$88kNA
Team Lead System Designer2$88k
Software Engineer I2$87k
Software Engineer3$87k
System Programmer II3$87k
Purchasing Agents Except Wholesale Retail And Farm Products1$83kNA
Manager Of Market Analytics1$82kNA
Project Specialist Clinical Informatics Research1$81kNA
Senior Financial Analyst1$77kNA
Application Engineer Research Programmer Analyst1$77kNA
Market Research Analyst1$76kNA
Project Manager3$75k
Clinical Fellow Surgery1$75kNA
Senior System Administrator1$75kNA
Sofware Engineer System Software R D1$75kNA
Senior Contract And Payer Analyst1$74kNA
Operations Research Analyst1$74kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application Non R D1$73kNA
System Designer14$73k
Budget Analyst1$73kNA
Lead Human Resources Generalist1$73kNA
Corporate Team Leader I1$73kNA
I Research Analyst1$72kNA
Network Engineer II1$71kNA
Web Developer1$70kNA
Life Scientist All Other1$70kNA
Licensing Associate1$70kNA
Application Analyst II1$70kNA
Human Resources Generalist1$70kNA
Knowledge Management Application Analyst II1$70kNA
Project Manager Quality Management Patient Safe1$70kNA
Senior Revenue Analyst1$68kNA
Service Line Analyst1$68kNA
Senior Financial Contracting Analyst1$67kNA
Resident In Joint Program In Nuclear Medicine1$66kNA
Resident Joint Program In Nuclear Medicine1$66kNA
Research Finance Analyst1$65kNA
Research Finance Specialist III1$65kNA
Project Manager Quality Management1$65kNA
Resident Joint Program Nuclear Med2$62k
Application Analyst I1$62kNA
Clinical Fellow4$60k
Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident1$60kNA
Financial Analyst II2$60kNA
Market Analyst1$60kNA
Case Manager I1$60kNA
Resident Oral Maxillofacial Surg2$58kNA
Research Fellow Phs Telemedicine1$56kNA
Medical Resident Neurology1$56kNA
Resident In Urology1$55kNA
Resident Pgy IV Radiation Oncology1$55kNA
Resident Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery2$54k
Resident Psychiatry1$53kNA
Resident In Psychiatry Pgy41$53kNA
Resident Adult Psychiatry1$53kNA
Resident In Medicine2$53k
Resident Child Neurology1$53kNA
Resident Emergency Medicine2$53k
Resident Oral Maxillofacial Surgery2$52k
Resident Medicine2$52k
Resident Pathology10$52k
Resident Orthopaedic Surgery1$52kNA
Resident Orthopedic Surgery1$52kNA
General Surgery Resident1$52kNA
Resident In Pathology1$52kNA
Treasury Analyst1$52kNA
Programmer Analyst1$52kNA
Resident In Radiology Pgy II IV2$52k
Resident Physician2$51k
Resident Anesthesiology17$51k
Resident Pgy IV Anesthesia1$51kNA
Resident Radiology3$51k
Medical Resident50$51k
Resident Surgery16$50k
Biological Technician1$50kNA
Resident Anesthesia3$50k
Resident Physical Med Rehab1$50kNA
Application Analyst2$50k
Resident Neurology2$49k
Resident Pediatrics1$48kNA
Research Fellow Telemedicine1$48kNA
Psychiatry Resident Harvard Longwood Program1$48kNA
Resident In Anesthesia2$48k
Resident Internal Medicine19$48k
Resident Neurology Pgy II IV1$47kNA
Resident In Radilogy Pgy II IV1$47kNA
Resident Ca I III1$47kNA
Anesthesiology Resident1$47kNA
Intern Resident In Psychiatry1$47kNA
Resident In Medicine Pgy I III1$47kNA
Research Fellow1$47kNA
Resident In Pathology Pgy I III1$47kNA
Surgical Resident Pgy III VI1$46kNA
Clinical Resident In Anesthesia1$46kNA
Resident Pediatrics Pgy II III1$46kNA
Resident Surgery Pgy I III1$45kNA
Intern Resident Pgy I III1$44kNA
Resident In Anesthesiology1$44kNA
Resident Med Peds Program1$44kNA
Resident Med Peds1$42kNA
Resident In Psychiatry1$42kNA
Videoconference Coordinator1$34kNA
Research Fellow Radiology1$30kNA