Palm Jobs

A total of 118 Palm jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $108,212
Salary Range: $60,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
VP Hardware Platform1$250kNA
Design Studio Manager1$190kNA
Computer Information System Manager3$185k
Engineering Manager2$173k
Director Software Product Marketing1$171kNA
VP Finance1$170kNA
Software Development Manager Lead1$165kNA
Cdma System Architect1$157kNA
Hardware Development Engineer1$157kNA
Senior Industrial Designer1$155kNA
Principal Engineer Antenna Design1$153kNA
Principal Engineer2$153k
Principal Software Engineer1$150kNA
Computer And Information System Manager3$148k
System Engineering Manager1$145kNA
Senior Electrical Engineer1$145kNA
Electrical Engineer2$144k
Senior Software Application Engineer1$140kNA
Senior Antenna Design Engineer1$140kNA
Computer Info System Manager1$140kNA
Software Engineer Senior Device Manager3$137k
Electronics Engineer Except Computer3$135k
Senior Rf Design Engineer1$135kNA
Marketing Manager2$135k
Electronics Engineer2$132k
Senior Gsm Umts Protocol Engineer2$131kNA
Manager Wireless Driver1$130kNA
Carrier Program Manager1$130kNA
Senior Platform Software Engineer2$130k
Manager Software Development1$130kNA
Commercial And Industrial Designer1$127kNA
Business Marketing Manager1$127kNA
Mobile Java Server Engineer1$125kNA
Senior Security Engineer1$123kNA
Senior IT Engineer Integrations1$122kNA
Senior Manager Global Reverse Logistics1$122kNA
Senior Developer Windows Mobile1$120kNA
Software System Engineer1$120kNA
Build Engineer Manager1$120kNA
Senior System Engineer1$120kNA
Comp And Info System Manager1$116kNA
System Analyst Supply Chain Manufacturer1$116kNA
Engineering Program Manager2$116k
Whitebox Qa Tools Dev Wireless Dev Supp Eng1$115kNA
System Software Developer Windows Mobile1$115kNA
Product Manager1$115kNA
Hardware Development Lead Mobile Computer1$115kNA
Senior Software Engineer Device Driver1$115kNA
Software Platform Program Manager1$115kNA
Senior Telephony Software Engineer1$115kNA
Partner Alliance Marketing Manager3$111k
Product Line Marketing Manager1$110kNA
Product Manager Engineer1$110kNA
Partner Alliance Manager1$110kNA
Antenna Design Engineer1$110kNA
Senior Human Interface Engineer Software Eng1$110kNA
Senior Software Engineer17$109k
Senior Engineer Software Development4$109k
Computer Software Engineer Application10$109k
Computer Software Engineer Application Software2$108k
Computer Software Engineer System Software15$108k
Multimedia Software Engineer2$108k
Cdma Software Architect1$105kNA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer1$105kNA
Fota Software Lead1$105kNA
Senior Validation Engineer1$105kNA
Product Marketing Manager2$104k
Product Manager Device And Desktop Connectivity1$103kNA
Senior Hardware Engineer1$100kNA
Senior Radio Frequency Driver Engineer1$100kNA
Software Validation Engineer1$100kNA
Market Research Manager2$100kNA
Sw Application Engineer1$100kNA
Computer System Analyst3$98k
Senior Rf Driver Engineer1$98kNA
Wireless Qa Test Engineer1$98kNA
Hardware Engineer Infrastructure Tools2$98kNA
Embedded Software Engineer1$96kNA
Automation Wb Quality Assurance Engineer1$96kNA
Sqa Device Lead1$96kNA
Engineering Product Manager1$96kNA
Senior Call Processing Software Engineer1$95kNA
Localization Software Engineer1$95kNA
Audio System Engineer1$95kNA
Engineer Software Development3$95k
Software Engnieer1$94kNA
Engineer System Software1$93kNA
New Product Material Manager1$93kNA
Software Engineer40$92k
Build Engineer1$91kNA
Sw System Engineer1$91kNA
Telephony Software Engineer1$90kNA
Wifi Validation Engineer1$90kNA
Software Developer1$89kNA
Software Development Engineer2$89k
Computer Software Engineer System8$88k
Senior Engineer Software Qa2$87k
Whitebox Qa Tools Developer3$86k
Computer Sw Engineer System2$86k
Telephony Field Test Engineer1$85kNA
Industrial Designer1$85kNA
Cdma Evdo Protocol Test Engineer1$85kNA
System Software Engineer2$85k
Software Test Engineer4$85k
Financial Analyst1$84kNA
Field Test Engineer Americas1$83kNA
Software Qa Engineer2$83k
Associate Qa Tools Developer1$81kNA
Telephony Software Test Engineer1$80kNA
Carrier Quality Assurance Engineer1$80kNA
Senior Marketing Manager1$80kNA
Market Research Analyst1$80kNA
Automation Qa Engineer1$75kNA
Gsm Umts Protocol Engineer2$75k
Senior Financial Analyst1$75kNA
Engineer Software Qa1$70kNA
Wireless Developer Support Engineer1$63kNA
Enterprise Developer Support Engineer1$60kNA