Pacific Gas Electric Jobs

A total of 128 Pacific Gas Electric jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $98,460
Salary Range: $52,021

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Director Emerging Markets1$180kNA
Director Emerging Products1$180kNA
Cyber Security Assessor Expert2$172kNA
Director Of Wholesale Marketing1$150kNA
Manager Data Delivery Quantitative Analysis1$148kNA
Manager Operations Technology1$146kNA
Operations Technology Manager1$146kNA
Chief Executive1$145kNA
Programmer Analyst Expert1$140kNA
Principal Renewabletransactions1$138kNA
Purchasing Manager1$138kNA
Integrity Management Direct Assessment Engineer P1$137kNA
Manager Gas Business Strategy1$135kNA
Senior Project Manager1$132kNA
Senior Programmer Analyst2$128kNA
Senior Sap Programmer System Analyst5$126k
Computer Software Engineer Application1$123kNA
IT Technical Business Analyst Senior1$123kNA
Senior Documentum Developer1$123kNA
Senior Standards Engineer1$122kNA
Senior Gas Engineer1$120kNA
Organizational Effectiveness Manager1$120kNA
Senior Quantitative Analyst1$120kNA
Finance Supervisor1$119kNA
Senior Gas Engineer Ecda1$118kNA
Supervisor Economic Modeling1$115kNA
Principal Renewable Transactions1$115kNA
Business Support Manager2$114k
Senior Computer Programmer Analyst1$114kNA
Software Developer Application4$113k
Senior Project Manager Computer Info Telecom1$112kNA
Gis Analyst2$112kNA
Principal Business Operations Strategy1$111kNA
Human Performance Coordinator1$110kNA
Mba Leadership Program Associate2$110kNA
Senior Bea Weblogic Programmer System Analyst1$110kNA
Expert IT System Engineer1$110kNA
Gas Engineer1$110kNA
IT Network Specialist2$108kNA
Senior Sap Bw Developer4$107k
Business Operations Analyst1$106kNA
Senior Computer System Analyst1$105kNA
Senior Unix System Administrator1$105kNA
Senior Program Manager1$105kNA
Gis Programmer Analyst1$105kNA
R D Innovation Engineer1$105kNA
Senior Cit Expert1$103kNA
Senior Risk Analyst2$103k
Senior Web Developer1$102kNA
Senior Computer System Analyst Programmer16$100k
Computer System Analyst11$100k
Quantitative Analyst5$100k
Senior Tsm Administrator2$100kNA
Accounting Advice Consultant1$100kNA
Programmer Analyst2$100k
Senior Business Operations Analyst1$99kNA
Senior Oracle Database Administrator3$99k
Business Risk Analyst3$99k
Senior Financial Analyst5$98k
Senior Business Planner2$98k
Senior IT Analyst2$98k
Sap Supply Chain Mm Client Support Counseling1$98kNA
Sap Supply Chain Materials Expert1$98kNA
Senior Oracle Dba1$98kNA
Journey Level Engineer1$97kNA
Bea Weblogic Portal Developer3$96k
Senior Weblogic Tactical Planner3$96k
IT Change Control Analyst2$96kNA
Senior Day Ahead Analyst2$95k
Senior Accounting Analyst3$95k
Market Modeling Analyst1$95kNA
Expert Business System Analyst1$94kNA
Supervisor Data Analytics1$93kNA
Financial Statistician1$92kNA
Application Developer2$92k
Senior Strategic Analyst1$89kNA
Senior Oracle Web Developer1$89kNA
Senior Analyst2$88k
Computer System Analyst Programmer7$88k
Environmental Consultant1$87kNA
Associate Power System Engineer1$87kNA
Senior Business Analyst5$85k
Senior Technical Accounting Analyst1$85kNA
IT Buisness Operations Analyst1$85kNA
Tsm Administrator2$85k
Energy Trading Representative6$85k
Busienss Analyst1$84kNA
Egi Interconnection Manager1$83kNA
Senior Business Project Manager1$83kNA
Program Engineer1$82kNA
Senior Regulatory Analyst2$82k
Industrial Engineer1$81kNA
Project Controls Analyst Esc3$81kNA
Business Analyst1$80kNA
Finance Business Analyst1$80kNA
IT System Analyst2$80kNA
Program Manager1$80kNA
Day Ahead Analyst1$79kNA
License Manager1$77kNA
Senior Risk Control Analyst1$76kNA
Electric Distribution Engineer1$75kNA
Associate Engineer1$75kNA
Business Analysis1$75kNA
Risk Analyst1$75kNA
Esc Environmental Consultant1$74kNA
Ethnic News Media Representative1$73kNA
Associate Gas Engineer2$73k
Recruiting Selection Analyst1$72kNA
Accounting Analyst1$72kNA
Policy Analyst1$72kNA
Environmental Technology Specialist1$70kNA
Environmental Specialist1$70kNA
Associate Transmission Planning Engineer2$70k
Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Senior Analyst1$69kNA
Budget Analyst1$68kNA
IT Project Manager Associate2$68kNA
Capital Accounting Analyst1$67kNA
Transmission Planning Engineer3$67k
Hr Project Manager2$67k
Operations Research Analyst2$66k
Corporate Communications Representative1$65kNA
Application System Testing Analyst1$64kNA
Associate Aquatic Biologist2$60kNA
Ethnic Media News Representative1$53kNA
Product Associate1$52kNA