Oregon Health Science University Jobs

A total of 145 Oregon Health Science University jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $52,087
Salary Range: $24,250

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Professor And Director1$318kNA
Assistant Professor Of Surgery2$313k
Director Mri Research Assistant Professor1$242kNA
Assistant Clinical Professor Pediatric Anesthesiolog1$195kNA
Clinical Radiologist Director Breast Imaging1$190kNA
Director Of Mri Research1$190kNA
Assistant Clinical Professor Anesthesiology2$180k
Assistant Professor Of Medicine2$170kNA
Adjunct Associate Professor1$167kNA
Instructor Clinician Educator1$130kNA
Database Administrator III1$126kNA
Associate Professor4$125k
Pediatrician General3$122k
Assistant Professor Of Pediatrics1$119kNA
Instructor Medical Physicist1$115kNA
Staff Pediatirc Perfusionist1$111kNA
Information System Project Leader Senior1$107kNA
Interim Campus Associate Dean And Assistant Profes1$106kNA
Pediatric Gastroenterologist2$101k
Senior Staff Scientist2$101k
Staff Pediatric Perfusionist2$101k
Health Specialties Teacher Postsecondary5$100k
System Application Analyst Senior1$100kNA
Assistant Clinical Professor Of Anesthesiology1$100kNA
Assistant Professor56$99k
Assistant Scientist1$97kNA
Senior Research Economist2$93kNA
Assistant Professor Interim Chair1$92kNA
Assistant Veterinarian Pathology1$92kNA
Associate Scientist2$92k
Computer System Analyst2$91k
Associate Professor Of Medicine2$90kNA
Assistant Professor Of Endodontics1$85kNA
Manager Research Computing Support Group2$81k
Staff Perfusionist3$81k
Manager Research Computer Support Group1$80kNA
Chm Research Associate1$80kNA
Research Nurse1$80kNA
Periodontist Director Of Pre Doctoral Periodontics1$78kNA
Staff Scientist III1$75kNA
Affiliate Assistant Scientist1$75kNA
Operations Manager1$71kNA
Physician Workflow Analyst System Application Senior1$70kNA
Biomedical Informatics Senior Developer1$70kNA
Biomedical Engineer1$70kNA
Manager Department Of Ophthalmology1$69kNA
Hepatobiliary Fellow1$66kNA
System Application Analyst3$65k
Clinical Leadership Fellow1$65kNA
Visiting Instructor2$64k
Nuclear Medicine Technologist1$64kNA
Senior Research Associate Project Manager1$63kNA
Physician And Surgeon All Other2$61k
Resident Phyisician1$61kNA
Family Planning Fellow1$61kNA
Senior Marine Research Engineer3$60k
Research Assistant Professor24$60k
Speech Language Pathologist2$58k
Senior Marine Engineer1$58kNA
Pgy VIII Thoracic Surgery Resident1$57kNA
Research Associate Biostatistician2$57k
Reearch Associate2$56k
Resident Physician65$56k
Associate Research Scientist1$55kNA
Research Associate Professor1$55kNA
Research Associate Statistician4$55k
Clinical Fellow1$54kNA
Diagnostic Radiology Fellow1$54kNA
Biochemist And Biophysicists3$54k
Research Instructor7$54k
Database Specialist1$53kNA
Computer And Information Scientist Research2$53k
Staff Scientist6$53k
Web Services Engineer Senior Research Assist1$52kNA
Postdoctorate Fellow1$52kNA
Functional And Stereotactic Neurosurgery Fellow1$52kNA
Graduate Endodontic Fellow1$52kNA
Resident Pgy IV1$51kNA
Senior Research Associate63$51k
Pgy V Level Physician2$51k
Pgy V Fellow1$49kNA
Staff Scientist I10$49k
Third Year Resident In Anesthesiology Pgy IV1$49kNA
Resident Pgy III1$49kNA
Epidemiologist Senior Research Associate2$48kNA
Musculoskeletal Fellow Instructor1$48kNA
Financial Analyst1$48kNA
Pgy IV Level Physician1$47kNA
Pgy VII Thoracic Surgery Resident1$47kNA
Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow1$46kNA
Chief Resident1$46kNA
Research Assistant Scientist2$46k
Staff Scientist II2$46k
Medical Scientist Except Epidemiologists3$46k
Transplantation Medicine Fellow1$45kNA
Life Scientist1$45kNA
Postdoctoral Reseacher1$45kNA
Resarch Associate1$45kNA
Chief Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist4$45k
Research Associate118$44k
Pgy4 Training IV1$44kNA
Resident Physician Pgy21$44kNA
Pgy II Resident1$44kNA
Staff Scientist Research Assistant Professor1$44kNA
Pgy V Resident1$44kNA
Chief Electroneuradiodiagnostic Technologist1$44kNA
Pgy IV Resident1$44kNA
Pgy III Resident1$44kNA
Resident Pgy II2$43k
Research Fellow Instructor1$43kNA
Behavioral Sciences Unit Supervisor Research Associate1$43kNA
Software Engineer2$43k
Instructor Research Fellow3$43k
Geriatric Fellow1$42kNA
Postdoctoral Researcher59$42k
Laboratory Animcal Medicine Resident1$42kNA
Postdostoral Researcher1$42kNA
Postdoctorl Fellow1$42kNA
Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow1$42kNA
Pgy I Level Physician2$41k
Postdoctoral Research Fellow28$41k
Training III Post Graduate III1$41kNA
Social Work Specialist Prevention Counselor2$41kNA
Postoctoral Fellow1$41kNA
Senior Research Assistant42$40k
Instructor And Fellow1$40kNA
Pgy I Physician2$40k
Medical Scientist1$39kNA
Postdoctoral Fellow314$39k
Clinical Research Coordinator I1$39kNA
Senior Research Assistant Computer Support Spec1$38kNA
Postdoctoral Fellolw1$38kNA
Post Doctorate Fellow5$36k
Instructor Postdoctoral Research Fellow2$33kNA
Research Assistant12$32k
Research Assistant II46$31k
Research Assistant I4$28k