Office Manager Salary

A total of 325 real office manager salary data listed.

Salary Average: $46,189
Salary Range: $18,720

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TitleEmployerSalaryLocation / Date / Further Info
Office ManagerYantra 119$139kMiami Beach, FL (01/2013)
Office ManagerBradford Katchen$100kNew York, NY (03/2006)
Office ManagerDiversity Dental$97kLouisville, KY (01/2014)
Office ManagerA Z Management$96kAvenel, NJ (08/2005)
Office ManagerMystique Brands$95kNew York, NY (12/2008)
Office ManagerMystique Brands$95kBrooklyn, NY (09/2007)
Office ManagerCohen Gresser$95kNew York, NY (03/2011)
Office ManagerChildren Specialty Care Clinic Of Nw Houston$84kWaller, TX (07/2014)
Office ManagerBryn Mawr Delaware Valley Tennis$83kBryn Mawr, PA (10/2006)
Office ManagerMacquarie Holdings$82kNew York, NY (08/2010)
Office ManagerMacquarie Holdings$79kNew York, NY (01/2009)
Office ManagerVoyager Usa$78kBrooklyn, NY (04/2006)
Office ManagerVoyager Usa$78kBrooklyn, NY (05/2006)
Office ManagerDelaware Valley Tennis Academy$77kBryn Mawr, PA (07/2005)
Office ManagerEnkido$76kHackensack, NJ (08/2003)
Office ManagerEnkido$76kHackensack, NJ (09/2003)
Office ManagerBroadfeet Motorsport Equipment$75kBrooklyn, NY (04/2009)
Office ManagerNagatoshi Produce Usa$74kLos Angeles, CA (02/2011)
Office ManagerQorvis Communications$72kWest Mclean, VA (05/2006)
Office ManagerChang Yong Chi Physical Therapy$72kFlushing, NY (12/2009)