Occidental Oil And Gas Jobs

A total of 165 Occidental Oil And Gas jobs with salary information listed. Please note that the following is not opening positions. They are salary information for held positions in the past.

Salary Average: $108,867
Salary Range: $14,000

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Job TitlesCountAverageSalary Range
Manager Drilling1$240kNA
Artificial Lift Engineer1$220kNA
Senior Advisor Reservoir Engineer1$206kNA
Petrophysical Advisor Senior1$205kNA
Advisor Senior Reservoir Engineer1$195kNA
Engineer Advisor Senior Prod Ops1$194kNA
VP International Crude Marketing1$190kNA
Drilling Superintendent1$185kNA
Manager Hes1$182kNA
Emergency Management Director1$180kNA
Hes Training And Development Manager1$180kNA
Senior Hes Consultant Emergency Management1$175kNA
Lead Mechanical Integrity1$175kNA
Reservoir Engineer Advisor4$174k
Senior Reservoir Engineer Advisor1$173kNA
Architectural And Engineering Manager5$171k
Engineer Advisor Production Operations1$170kNA
Senior VP Business Development1$165kNA
Engineer Advisor Drilling1$165kNA
Drilling Engineer Supervisor1$160kNA
Engineer Advisor Reservoir3$157k
Reservoir Engineering Advisor2$155k
Legal Counsel2$153k
Special Project Controls1$152kNA
Engineer Advisor Facilities1$151kNA
Geophysical Advisor1$150kNA
Planning And Evaluation Manager1$149kNA
Senior Engineer1$145kNA
Production Operations Engineer Staff1$145kNA
Production Operations Engineer Esp1$142kNA
Engineering Reservoir1$140kNA
Senior Drilling Engineer9$139k
Geophysicist Senior1$137kNA
Specialist Project Controls1$134kNA
Geological Advisor4$134k
Category Manager1$134kNA
Geologist Senior3$133k
Senior Geologist2$132k
Engineering Manager2$131k
Manager Category3$131k
Engineer Senior Drilling2$130k
Senior Engineer Production Operations3$129k
Senior Production Operations Engineer6$127k
Engineer Senior Reservoir4$126k
Senior Reservoir Engineer20$126k
Engineer Senior Planning1$126kNA
Engineer Senior Prod Ops1$125kNA
Senior Facilities Engineer6$125k
Petroleum Engineer52$124k
Senior Facilities Engineer Mi Qa Quality Control Projects Coordi1$123kNA
Process Operations Engineer1$122kNA
Engineering Consultant Risk1$120kNA
Purchasing Manager1$120kNA
Senior Geological Advisor3$118k
Geoscientists Except Hydrologists And Geographers17$118k
IT Consultant Sap2$116k
Engineer Staff Drilling2$115k
Environmental Consultant1$114kNA
Electronics Engineer Except Computer6$112k
Senior Reservoir Planning Engineer2$112k
Senior Trade Control Risk Analyst1$112kNA
Geologist Staff6$112k
Staff Reservoir Engineer12$112k
Computer System Analyst5$111k
Staff Geologist7$110k
Snr Engineer Production Operations1$110kNA
Analyst Cost And Planning1$110kNA
Reservoir Engineer Staff1$109kNA
Planning Engineer6$108k
Petrophysicist Staff2$108k
Supply Chain Advisor1$108kNA
Mechanical Engineer6$108k
Staff Drilling Engineer2$107k
Supply Chain Category Manager Stimulation1$107kNA
Computer Software Engineer Application2$107k
Engineer Staff Reservoir14$106k
Engineer Senior Facilities3$106k
Senior Development Geologist1$106kNA
Sap Portal Analyst IT Consultant1$105kNA
Engineer Facilities1$105kNA
IT Consultant Oracle1$105kNA
Geophysicist Staff1$105kNA
Engineering Drilling1$105kNA
Staff Production Operations Engineer2$104k
Chemical Engineer1$104kNA
Engineer Staff1$103kNA
Materials Engineer1$103kNA
Electrical Engineer3$103k
Operations Geologist1$103kNA
Staff Facilities Engineer3$103k
Accountant And Auditor1$103kNA
Financial Advisor Senior1$103kNA
Engineer Staff Facilities4$102k
Drilling Engineer9$101k
Engineer Staff Production Operations4$101k
Originator Pacific Northwest1$100kNA
Software Developer Application1$100kNA
Hes Risk Advsior1$100kNA
Process Engineer1$98kNA
Production Engineer12$98k
Reservoir Staff Engineer2$97k
Corrosion Engineer1$96kNA
Maintenance Engineer1$95kNA
Manager Business Development2$95kNA
Engineer Productions Operations1$95kNA
Engineer Production Ops1$95kNA
Reservoir Engineer57$95k
Consultant IT4$93k
Reservior Simulation Engineer1$93kNA
Supply Chain Analyst1$92kNA
Senior Operations Engineer1$92kNA
Production Operations Engineer12$91k
Planning Economics Analyst1$91kNA
IT Consultant14$90k
Automation Engineer4$90k
Senior Geophysicist1$90kNA
Network Computer System Administrator1$90kNA
Staff Maximo Specialist1$90kNA
Management Analyst2$89kNA
Human Resources Generalist1$86kNA
Operations Engineering1$85kNA
Reservoir Geologist1$84kNA
Computer Software Engineer System Software2$84kNA
Petrophysical Engineer1$83kNA
Operations Engineer4$81k
Facilities Engineer8$81k
Economics Planning Analyst2$80kNA
IT Consultant Automation1$80kNA
Staff Geophysicist4$80k
Engineer Reservoir3$79k
Senior Engineer Reservoir1$78kNA
Maximo Specialist Staff1$77kNA
Planning Team Leader2$77k
Server Consultant1$76kNA
Production Specialist Staff1$76kNA
Senior Automation Specialist3$73k
Mechanical Engineering Technician1$72kNA
Facilities And Construction Engineer1$71kNA
Consultant IT Reservoir Modeling1$71kNA
Geological And Petroleum Technician1$71kNA
Facilties Engineer1$70kNA
Reliabilty Engineer1$70kNA
Senior Financial Analyst2$69k
Senior Hes Specialist1$68kNA
Engineering Specialist1$68kNA
Production Engineering Specialist1$67kNA
Automation System Consultant1$66kNA
Chemical And Corrosion Engineer1$66kNA
Facilities Operation Engineer1$66kNA
Financial Accountant1$65kNA
Contract Administrator Senior Specialist3$65kNA
Production Specialist1$65kNA
Automation System Architect1$64kNA
Staff Engineer2$64k
Geoscience Specialist1$64kNA
IT Specialist1$62kNA
Information Analyst1$60kNA
Ecuador Program Coordinator1$55kNA